CHINTAI Co., Ltd. Turn the feelings of fans into outdoor visions! CHINTAI started the first support advertisement “Oshi Fan”

Bring the feelings of the fans to the outdoor vision! CHINTAI started the first support advertisement “Oshi Fan”

CHINTAI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President Shigeru Sato, hereinafter CHINTAI), a leading company in finding rooms, will start the support advertising service “Oshi Fan” on Monday, October 17th. The first project will be a collaboration project with the Hanshin Tigers.
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What is a “push fan”?
“Oshi Fan” is an advertisement jointly funded by fans for the purpose of supporting individuals and groups. This is CHINTAI’s first support advertisement service that allows you to convey your passion. [Image 2d3782-42-6b825f50473af870c37b-1.png&s3=3782-42-ec9cfadc77f72fe1f1061f1ecb3d050b-427x216.png
CHINTAI Roppongi Vision
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Overview of Hanshin Tigers Approved 3 Player Birthday Celebration Project A project in collaboration with a professional baseball team will start on Monday, October 17th. The first one will be approved by “Hanshin Tigers”, and you will get comments to celebrate the birthdays of three players, “Koji Chikamoto”, “Yuki Nishi” and “Kento Itohara”, and Hanshin Tigers original goods. We are looking for a support menu that can be done.
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▼ Purchase period
Monday, October 17, 2022 to Sunday, October 30, 2022
▼Minimum implementation amount
1,000,000 yen (each player)
* If the above amount is not reached, there will be no advertisement broadcast. In that case, the price of the purchased menu will be fully refunded. ▼Publication place
CHINTAI Roppongi Vision
Address: 5-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
▼ Notes on application
Please check the “How to Support and Celebrate” in the URL below for application notes. [Image 5d3782-42-e6f19fb17a3283baecbe-4.png&s3=3782-42-d9795c78d062b1df65a6e6c1ac074a85-1079x600.png
Company Profile
・CHINTAI Co., Ltd. A leading company for searching for rooms. We operate a variety of media to enrich your life based on “home” and “room”.
・Hanshin Tigers Co., Ltd.
Hanshin Tigers Official Website:
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