Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Do you bend your beliefs to “sell”? Penetrate? What is the love s ituation of female artists!?

Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Do you bend your beliefs “to sell”? Penetrate? What is the love situation of female artists!?
“I suddenly got excited” Broadcast on Saturday, October 29, 2022 from 23:30 to 23:55

A new kind of romance variety show “Fukukuni ni Kyun Kita” dramatizes the true love stories of women living in various industries. The 13th is a true love story of a “female artist”! Tetsuya Morita (Saraba Seishun no Hikari) wonders, “What kind of people (for female artists) are popular?” What is the content of the reproduction drama that Hikorohi Sakurai praised as “the best in the past”? ?
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This time, the program will focus on “female artists.”
Hikorohi predicts that there are many unique female artists. Sakurai also says, “I have an image of going my own way.” A studio that gets excited when female artists can’t imagine a man who falls in love. [Image 2

When I actually interviewed her, there were people who went out with men who wore pink clothes, and people who went on dates at the “Parasite Museum”. Hikorohi is surprised, saying, “It’s unique that I think it’s good.” Furthermore, when asked if they would give priority to romance or art, all interviewees chose “art.” Artist-like comments appeared one after another, making Morita groan, “There are so many good words today.”
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In the second half of the program, the romance of a female artist is dramatized. Kensuke Momozawa, a popular young skit master, Kin no Kuni, plays the male counterpart.
It is said that “artists who do not sell well are just
self-satisfying,” and she is at a crossroads between sticking to her own style and bending her style to sell. When I see my boyfriend stepping up towards his dream, I try to bend my style, but I’m not satisfied. A boyfriend encourages such a hero in a certain way. [Image 4

Sakurai evaluated the drama, saying, “Maybe I like it the most in the past.” Hirohito agrees. In the story of the young entertainer era who had a hard time to sell in the studio. What is Hikorohi’s “worn out” experience? ?
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“If you turn that neighborhood into a romantic drama…I’m suddenly squeamish” Chukyo TV October 29th (Sat) 23:30-23:55 broadcast (TVer, Locipo missed delivery)
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[Drama] I suddenly felt tight

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