Ciena Releases Global Study on Metaverse Utilization

Ciena Communications Japan Co., Ltd.
Ciena Releases Global Study on Metaverse Utilization
– More than half (56%) of Japanese respondents are reluctant to participate in meetings in the Metaverse –

Tokyo – October 3, 2022 – A new global survey conducted by Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) reveals people’s perceptions of doing business in virtual environments. Two-fifths (44%) of Japanese business professionals want to participate in a more immersive Metaverse-like experience compared to current video conferencing, with 78% of respondents using the Metaverse This result is significantly different from the global average, which is positive about
29% of respondents in Japan said that existing virtual meeting tools are sufficient as the reason for the lack of collaboration in the workplace using virtual reality. Twenty-seven percent cited the lack of ready access to the technology and 28 percent said their company lacked the know-how needed to migrate to a virtual work environment. Only 36% of business professionals in Japan answered that the metaverse could be added to existing work practices, compared to the global average of 71%. Furthermore, 26% of respondents in Japan have no intention of using the Metaverse at all, compared to the global average of 4%.
However, it does not mean that there is no possibility of using the Metaverse in Japan in the future. The survey of 15,000 business professionals in 15 countries found that more than half of Japanese respondents (57%) were reluctant to conduct HR applications, such as job interviews, in a virtual environment. I also found out that they don’t think so. Convenience (42%) and cost savings (37%) were the top benefits of video conferencing compared to face-to-face meetings in Japan.
Kazuyasu Takahashi, President and CEO of Ciena Communications Japan Co., Ltd. said: “The key to deploying the Metaverse is a robust network infrastructure that is at the core of Ciena’s business. Although still reluctant to take advantage of it, Japanese business professionals clearly recognize the potential that this new
application will bring. This technology must be deployed, and at the same time, Japanese service providers must continue to invest in a robust underlying network. The latest and highest quality to meet high bandwidth needs with ultra-low latency
technology will be required for future networks. ”
[Editor’s Note]
The survey was conducted with a total of 15,000 business
professionals, 1,000 each from the UK, Germany, Norway, Middle East, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Colombia, India, US, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Singapore. Censuswide was commissioned by Ciena in June 2022.
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