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Coachette Co., Ltd. “CoachEd” has been renewed as an “interactive training service” that accompanies c orporate human resource development. Launched “Training/Coaching Program for Leaders” and “Interactive Program for On-site Teams”

Coachette Co., Ltd.
“CoachEd” has been renewed as an “interactive training service” that accompanies corporate human resource development. Launched
“Training/Coaching Program for Leaders” and “Interactive Program for On-site Teams”
At the same time, a special campaign limited to October will also be held
Coachet Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Mari Sakuramoto, hereinafter “Cochet”), which provides coaching services for leaders, based on the philosophy of “creating a society where everyone can live and nurture each other”. In addition to strengthening programs for leaders to improve their management skills and leadership, we will start providing new interactive programs for on-site teams. We are pleased to inform you that we have renewed.
At the same time, we will also hold a special campaign for October only, with the aim of making it easier for companies to experience interactive training for leaders/sites.
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Background of renewal
In recent years, in a business environment where it is difficult to predict the future, such as globalization and the corona crisis, interest in non-financial information and intangible fixed assets has increased, and as a result, human capital management has come to be taken up. While it has become essential to formulate and implement a human resources strategy that supports its realization in a way that is consistent with management strategies and business models, the increase in the difficulty of recruiting has also had an impact, leading to the shift to “human resource development” within companies. is growing in interest.
However, in terms of human resource development, in addition to the difficulty of setting goals and measuring effects, it is difficult to systematize and homogenize training skills, and to secure man-hours due to excessive workload of leaders. It is difficult to judge, implement, and review whether to proceed based on the role and content, and it is difficult to obtain the ideal effect by falling into formal group training and OJT.
Service contents
Therefore, in the two and a half years since its founding, Coachet, who has accompanied more than 600 managers and leaders through coaching and has faced the challenges of human resource development at companies, has developed the idea of ​​“developing leaders” and “developing members of the field”2. With two approaches, we have renewed the service to effectively support “human resource development that suits your company” according to the purpose and situation of the company and leader.
Leader training/coaching program “CoachEd for Leaders”
The training/coaching program “CoachEd for Leaders” for leaders designs and provides personalized programs according to the purpose and situation of the company and leaders, and effectively supports “leader development that suits your company”.
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▼ We will meet various needs such as the following.
・ I want to improve the management ability of the leader
・ I want leaders to learn communication that draws out the autonomy and independence of members
・I want to solve excessive micromanagement and laissez-faire for members of the leader
・ I want to be able to use 1on1 time effectively
・I want to strengthen horizontal cooperation between leaders ・ I want all leaders to think about the ideal leader image for their company. ・ I want to establish a culture of dialogue as a culture
First of all, if you want to organize your company’s human resource development issues, we will carefully listen to you, so please come for a free consultation. (URL:
In addition, for leaders and HR personnel who want to experience the effects of coaching, we are offering a campaign limited to October that allows you to experience coaching normally worth 25,000 yen for 30 minutes free of charge, and a program price if you apply during October. We are running a campaign to offer 10% OFF, so please experience it. (URL: [Image 3

Interactive program “CoachEd for Teams” for on-site teams
“CoachEd for Teams,” an interactive program for on-site teams, is a program that supports visualization, learning, dialogue, and experiential learning of the state of the team. Through this process, each member will have a “team perspective”, and by making it easier for the leader and the team to face growth issues, the team’s strength will be drawn out.
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Through CoachEd’s original survey “Team Awareness Survey”, we will visualize the 8 factors necessary to bring out the “power of the team”. Based on the results of the survey and the leader’s sense of challenges, we will provide the best accompaniment and interactive program for each team/leader/member.
In addition, CoachEd for Teams aims to be a service that can be easily implemented by field leaders with the team’s budget, and has a great price plan with no initial cost and starting from 50,000 yen per month per team.
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▼ We will meet various needs such as the following.
・I want to grow as a team and achieve high goals
・I feel that I can become a better team, but I don’t really know what my challenges are as a leader.
-Difficulty in team communication
・The number of people in the team has increased, and the sense of unity has weakened
We will help you sort out your own challenges as a leader and the challenges of your team. Please feel free to visit us for a free trial session. (URL:
Coachet will continue to expand its programs to accompany the company’s ideal human resource development.
Coachet Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Couchet’s vision is to create a society where all people can live and nurture each other. To do.
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