Collaboration between “maison KOIWAI”, a farmer that does not use pesticides, fertilizers, compost, and herb icides, and “global meets LLC,” which operates VEGAN convenience store and family restaurant “VEGAN STORE” opene d in 2019

Maison KOIWAi
Collaboration between “maison KOIWAI”, a farmer that does not use pesticides, fertilizers, compost, and herbicides, and “global meets LLC,” which operates VEGAN convenience store and family restaurant “VEGAN STORE” opened in 2019
Environmentally friendly farmer’s crops x plant-based daily food factory = fresh processed food? ! started selling

On October 26, 2022, maison KOIWAI (Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture) announced its own 3rd batch of natto, which was selected as the strongest natto in the 2021 TBS affiliated TV program “Before and After”. We will start selling “Mamelto”, a new sensation yogurt using soy milk from seed beans (black soybeans, red soybeans, soybeans). Farmer “maison KOIWAI” (Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture) cultivates without using any pesticides, fertilizers, compost, or herbicides. EC site:
Since we mainly use abandoned farmland, we mainly produce soybeans that are easy to coexist with root nodule bacteria that enrich the soil, and we process and sell them.
Because it is cultivated naturally, the processing is done in a simple way to maximize the taste of the material.
This time, the first “Mamelto” in the “Mame Milk Series” *
*Mameraku was created as a brand of processed fermented beans. [Image 1

It is a new sensation yogurt, but what is the new sensation? A thick and rich flavor created by a unique manufacturing method that draws out the flavor of each soybean.
“Mamelto” is made by fermenting the thick soy milk over a long period of time. Fermentation changes the color of black soybeans from gray to dark pink, red soybeans to pinkish beige, and soybeans to a yellowish color.
Since it does not use any additives or preservatives, it has a short shelf life of one week.
Most processed foods these days rely on additives and preservatives in order to minimize changes in taste, color, etc. Mamelto may be a ‘fresh processed food’, which is the opposite of food that has a long expiration date and does not change its condition.
Natural food with deliciousness as the main premise.
We entrusted the production of mamelto to the VEGAN STORE operating company global meets LLC (Tokyo head office, Kijimadaira factory), which has shared the opinion that it is best to leave everything natural, from cultivation to processed product manufacturing. In February 2022, the shop will be closed in secret, and a new business will be started as a plant-based daily food factory, and maison KOIWAI’s mamelto will be manufactured as the first product. [maison KOIWAI Atsushi Koiwai (cultivation and sales)]
“Isn’t it possible to make food that is kind to people because it’s eco-friendly agriculture? I think it’s because vegetables are carefully made with time and effort that they can be passed down.” With the advent of agriculture, agriculture that does not rely on human hands has also begun, and its development has solved the problem of aging farmers, promoted the increase of large-scale farmers, and above all, the productivity of agricultural products has increased in an instant.
“Vegetables that are inexpensive and seasonal” are always available. In addition, the use of pesticides and herbicides is also necessary for efficient cultivation of crops.
Certainly, I think that productivity will increase, but some people are concerned about the dangers of these chemicals in various places. Personally, I wonder if new technology is sustainable agriculture for the global environment and the human body. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think there are many people who have doubts about modern agriculture. Agriculture using new technology can be expected to improve people’s lives. increase.
[Image 2

[maison KOIWAI (cultivation and sales)] (Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture) The cultivation method of maison KOIWAI is very simple.
・Do not use pesticides, fertilizers, compost, or herbicides. ・We do not use genetically modified seeds, and use mostly self-collected seeds. In terms of productivity, it is low, but we put a lot of time and effort into each process, so you can feel that it is not just an agricultural product but a “traditional craft”.
Regardless of the heat of summer or the cold of winter, he goes to the fields and does the necessary work in a matter-of-fact manner. We will consider the environmental changes from time to time and take countermeasures. When I was just starting out, I had a bad reading experience and was wiped out.
While repeating such failures, the amount of harvest is gradually increasing. I would like you to eat the best masterpiece of this year, and the food made without adding unnecessary things such as additives and chemical seasonings so as not to spoil the taste.
At maison KOIWAI, we grow, process, and sell various vegetables, mainly beans (black soybeans, red soybeans, soybeans) through natural farming. Finally, although the way it is conveyed varies from person to person, I hope that this feeling will be conveyed to as many people as possible through the product.
[global meets LLC (manufacturer)] (Shinjuku, Tokyo, Kijimadairamura Factory, Nagano Prefecture)
・May 29, 2019 Company establishment
・December 03, 2019 Opening of VEGAN specialty convenience store & family restaurant “VEGAN STORE” in Nishi-Asakusa, Tokyo
・September 26, 2021 Concluded comprehensive cooperation agreement with Kijimadaira Village, Nagano Prefecture
・February 28, 2022 VEGAN STORE closed
・April 1, 2022 Appointed as “Food Advisor” in Kijimadaira Village, Nagano Prefecture
・November 1, 2022 Plant-based Daily Food factory “DAILY PLANTS” starts full-scale

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