Colopla “Shironeko GOLF” prize money up to 100,000 yen! “Cash Tournament” Starts!

“Shironeko GOLF” prize money up to 100,000 yen! “Cash Tournament” Starts! There is also a campaign where you can win up to 100,000 yen of “Selectable Pay” just by participating in the qualifying!

COLOPL Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Miyamoto, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “COLOPL”) is an in-game tournament “Cash Tournament” where you can win up to 100,000 yen every week in the new smartphone game “Shironeko GOLF”. ” has started. At the same time, we will also carry out a limited-time campaign where you can win up to 100,000 yen worth of “Selectable Pay” if you participate in the “Cash Tournament” qualifying.
[“White Cat GOLF” Official Website] [Image 1

From today, October 31st (Monday), we are holding the first “Cash Tournament” with a prize. Cash Tournaments are in-game events held every week for one week. In this tournament, the ranking will be decided through 4 stages from the first qualifying to the final. Participation conditions for the 1st 1st Qualifier are to reach the rank “Silver 1” by 12:00 on November 2 (Wednesday). Please check the in-game notice for details. There is a chance to win 100,000 yen every week, so please proceed with the “Golf Tour” and participate in the tournament.
In addition, only for the 1st and 2nd rounds, the “White Cat GOLF Jumbo Campaign 2nd” will be held, where you can win up to 100,000 yen in “Selectable Pay” just by participating in the qualifying rounds. In addition, now you can get 1,250G jewels equivalent to 50 gachas, including pre-registration achievement rewards and release
commemorative login bonuses, so please take this opportunity to start the “Cash Tournament” by playing “Shironeko GOLF”. Try it. * The login bonus will be available until December 1, 2022 (Thursday).
In addition, various campaigns commemorating the start of the service are still ongoing. Please join us.
[Chance to get up to 100,000 yen every week! Overview of “Cash Tournament”] A “Cash Tournament” is an in-game tournament with a prize in which you play a course under specified conditions, compete with other players for scores, and aim for the top of the rankings.
All 4 stages from the first qualifying to the final will progress for one week, and if you rank in the TOP 10 in the final stage, the final, you will be presented with a “prize” of up to 100,000 yen.
In addition, 2nd place and below can win prize money according to their ranking, and there is also a “lucky prize” where players who have advanced to the semi-finals will win 10,000 yen by lottery. Holding time: Scheduled to be held every week from 16:00 on Monday, October 31, 2022
*The deadline for accepting entries for the 1st 1st preliminary round is 12:00 on November 2nd (Wednesday).
Participation conditions: Those with a rank of “Silver 1” or higher at the time of the event
● Clubs that can be used: Characters and clubs designated for each stage can be organized and used.
*You can use costumes, accessories, and stamps that you already have. *For details on the “Cash Tournament” event, please check the in-game notice. *Event period and contents are subject to change without notice. “Shironeko GOLF” Introduction Video -Cash Tournament-:
[Video 2:]

[“Shironeko GOLF Jumbo Campaign” 2nd Implementation Overview] [Image 2

To commemorate the holding of the “Cash Tournament”, we will carry out the second “White Cat GOLF Jumbo Campaign” where you can win up to 100,000 yen in “Eraberu Pay” just by participating in the first qualifying round. If you meet the participation conditions, you will receive an individual message from the campaign secretariat in the game. Please participate in the lottery from the URL described in the message.
●Campaign period
1st time: October 31, 2022 (Monday) 16:00 to November 4 (Friday) 11:59 scheduled 2nd time: November 7, 2022 (Monday) 16:00 to November 11 (Friday) 11:59 scheduled
*You can participate once in each of the above periods.
● How to participate in the campaign
1st time: Those who participated in the first qualifying round of the “Cash Tournament” held from 16:00 on Monday, October 31, 2022 to 11:59 on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 and left a record. can participate. 2nd time: Those who participated in the first qualifying round of the “Cash Tournament” held from 16:00 on November 7, 2022 (Monday) to 11:59 on November 9 (Wednesday), 2022, and left a record. can participate.
* Please check the official Twitter for other details.
● “Shironeko GOLF” Official Twitter: [Overview of friend invitation double chance campaign]
[Image 3

Campaign period: October 26, 2022 (Wednesday) to November 25, 2022 (Friday) 23:59 scheduled
During the period, if you invite your friends to “Shironeko GOLF” using the friend invitation function, we will hold a campaign where 100 people will win an “Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen” by lottery. The probability of winning increases according to the number of people invited, so please invite many people and enjoy “Shironeko GOLF” together.
[Overview of video posting & viewing campaign]
[Image 4

A video posting and viewing campaign will be held on “YouTube” and “Mirativ”. In this campaign, we will give in-game items to those who post and distribute videos of “Shironeko GOLF” without exception. Also, there is a present for those who watch the posted / distributed video. The more you watch, the more rewards you can get, so both video distributors and viewers are encouraged to participate.
* Please check the special site for details of the campaign. Special site: [“Shironeko GOLF” basic information]
[Image 5

[Image 6

“Shironeko GOLF” is a golf game in which unique characters from “Shironeko Project NEW WORLD’S” appear as golfers. Aiming to provide a new game experience that is different from “Shironeko Project NEW WORLD’S” and “Shironeko Tennis”, it is a golf game with a new sensation that allows you to have a “real golf experience”.
◆ App name: Shironeko GOLF
Genre: Golf game
◆ Delivery date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
◆ Supported devices: iOS, Android (TM)
◆Price: Basic play free (with item charge)
◆ Download:
◆ Official website:
◆ Official Twitter:
[Coropl Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: Colopl Co., Ltd.
Location: Midtown East 6F, 9-7-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 1, 2008
Capital: 6,587 million yen (as of June 30, 2022)
Representative: Takashi Miyamoto, President and Representative Director Business description: Provision of mobile game services for domestic and overseas markets centered on smartphone applications Provision of services for VR (virtual reality) devices Investing in domestic and overseas unlisted companies and managing funds
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Colopl’s mission is “Entertainment in Real Life”, and we will continue to focus on expanding smartphone applications, and provide
entertainment that makes “daily life”, which is almost all of people’s lives, more enjoyable and wonderful.
(C) COLOPL, Inc.
* The screen is under development. It may differ from actual. * Colopl and the Colopl logo are registered trademarks of Colopl Co., Ltd. *iOS and Appstore are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.
*YouTube, Android, Google, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
*All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
*Purchase of compatible smart devices and communication charges are the responsibility of the customer.
※It is an item billing system.
*For those under the age of 18: When purchasing items, please obtain consent from a guardian or purchase together.
Details about this release:


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