Colowide Introduced “advance order” and “advance payment” on smartphones for the first time in the emp loyee cafeteria

Introduced “advance order” and “advance payment” on smartphones for the first time in the employee cafeteria
~ Time-saving, cashless, contactless “new normal” specification, starting from the Bank of Yokohama head office ~

Dining Ale Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Prefecture, President: Yusuke Watanabe), a group company of Colowide Co., Ltd. (President: Kohei Nojiri, Securities Code: 7616), is responsible for the food service business.
We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a so-called mobile order system that allows you to “pre-order” and “advance payment” from your smartphone on the occasion of the new management contract of the office lunch, and we have started full-scale operation. The introduction of the mobile ordering system into the employee cafeteria, which is linked with in-store cashless ticket vending machines and POS, is unprecedented. *1
[Image 1

Conceptual diagram of the system
This time, the mobile ordering system was introduced at the head office cafeteria of The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. (total of 2 facilities, 446 seats), and Dining Ale has started full-scale operation at both facilities by September this year. . In a mobile environment, users of the employee cafeteria can, for example, complete the “advance order” and “advance payment” at the head office of the bank, and the cooking order will be passed as soon as they enter the store. There is no need to worry about waiting at the cash register or waiting for food even during busy lunch hours.
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smartphone screen image

Dining Ale responds to user needs symbolized by “time saving”, “cashless” and “contactless”, which are the requirements for employee cafeterias after the corona disaster, and promotes further efficiency in store operations through DX. . With this, we will continue to pursue a new employee cafeteria that is suitable for the new normal, user satisfaction, and the maximization of experience value. [Features of the cafeteria at the Bank of Yokohama head office] Dining Ale is entrusted with the operation of the Bank of Yokohama head office employee cafeteria, and is working to provide a
“comfortable place where employees want to stop by.” The main features are as follows.
1) Stick to serving hot rice
In order to cook rice in small lots and frequently using a
small-volume rice cooker, we completely redesigned the rice cooking line.
2) Stick to “freshly made”
Introduced a part of the standard menu that is cooked after the order is placed (= two-order).
3) Commitment to restaurant-quality set meal style and health value Reproduce the tastes and menus supervised by popular business categories such as the set meal “Otoya”, “Steak Miya”, and Italian “La Pausa”. Pursuing the quality of eating out, such as providing healthy menus supervised by registered dietitians.
4) Stick to the use of the central kitchen
In addition to maintaining stable product quality, it also contributes to shortening cooking time (reducing consumption of electricity, gas, and water) and reducing waste (disposal loss and generation of scraps during preparation).
5) Stick to sustainability
In line with the intentions of the Bank of Yokohama, which is focusing on sustainability initiatives, and in order to contribute to the realization of sustainable office lunches, we have prepared menus using ASC-certified marine products*2, which were previously offered at the head office cafeteria, and We will continue to provide the TFT*3 menu.
[Image 4d42434-33-82e7fa1ac1bd5c623d58-5.jpg&s3=42434-33-e538b221e5dfbbd49698c4626950f048-618x465.jpg
Bank of Yokohama head office staff cafeteria “Minatoya” counter [Image 5d42434-33-f3a34dee91473897aab4-4.jpg&s3=42434-33-6f32beadf5b3362affa253ec0c7aadcc-341x255.jpg

In conjunction with this announcement, Nojiri, President and Representative Director of the Company, commented as follows. “In Kanagawa, where our company was founded, we feel a connection with the Bank of Yokohama, which has been working together with the community for 100 years. In order to live up to that trust, we will continue to improve our products and services, make unremitting efforts for DX and sustainability, and always listen to the voices of our users. I will grow it into a staff cafeteria that I can become.” *1 System vendor, researched by Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd. The mobile ordering system uses the company’s “GOEAT! Order”.
*2 ASC certification
A certification system for environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture managed and operated by the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).
[Image 6d42434-33-6ba9f76256d9d5911410-6.jpg&s3=42434-33-f75293556d0c79a8f420e2b6e762197b-445x215.jpg
*3 TFT (TABLE FOR TWO) program
In developed countries, 20 yen will be donated from the cost of one meal from a menu that helps prevent obesity and lifestyle habits, and through TFT, one school lunch will be delivered to children in developing countries.
[Image 7d42434-33-2c8e52dea546e12d194b-7.jpg&s3=42434-33-53b0dd9693ce559272802fb383e63af3-590x109.jpg
that’s all
Colowide’s sustainability initiatives can be found here
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