Columbia “GRAND TREK (TM) II DOWN HOODED JACKET” equipped with super reflective heat storage technology “OMNI-HEAT INFINTY”

Columbia Sportswear Japan Co., Ltd.
[Columbia] “GRAND TREK (TM) II DOWN HOODED JACKET” equipped with super reflective heat storage technology “OMNI-HEAT INFINTY”
Gold makes all winter a playground.

Since its founding in 1938, “Columbia” (Columbia Sportswear Japan Co., Ltd., 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 7th floor, Representative: Massimo Lazzari), which continues to provide highly original and innovative outdoor wear, has the latest reflective heat storage technology. We will release “GRAND TREK (TM) II DOWN HOODED JACKET” equipped with “Omniheat Infinity”.
“GRAND TREK(TM) II DOWN HOODED JACKET” is a down jacket equipped with a unique reflective heat storage function “OmniHeat Infinity”. Gold reflective dots on the lining efficiently reflect body heat, providing instant warmth. In addition, the waterproof and breathable function “Omni Tech” is used to prevent the decrease in heat retention of the down due to getting wet. In addition, the crimped baffle structure eliminates cold spots and prevents heat loss.
Packed with heat retention, waterproof and breathable, baffle structure and Columbia’s outdoor technology, this jacket is
comfortable for a variety of occasions, from winter camping, traveling to snowy areas, and everyday use.
Since its debut in 2010, OMNIHEAT technology has been used by outdoor specialists as well as everyday cold weather wear, such as being adopted for Everest expedition wear. “OmniHeat Infinity”, which has further updated the technology, turns everything in winter into a playground with its heat retention effect.
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RDS (Responsible Down Standard) means that feathers are collected from live birds, forced feeding and unfair treatment of animals are not performed, and all processes are clear through traceability. It is an international accreditation standard that guarantees
omni heat infinity
[Image 3d75300-73-af91af8e961d8299291f-2.jpg&s3=75300-73-8116079306656f4c9431d51749423662-195x130.jpg
First-class body heat reflective structure
Provides instant warmth
Highly breathable for comfort

[Image 4d75300-73-13cb7dd205248d8ff26c-3.jpg&s3=75300-73-af981a8fac95758c6a6a730e89c3e38f-441x357.jpg
OmniHeat Infinity is a reflective heat storage technology that has evolved further. The newly designed gold dots in the printed pattern provide instant warmth by reflecting body heat more efficiently without sacrificing breathability.
[Image 5d75300-73-55be99e81f5bda1b0a47-4.jpg&s3=75300-73-50b4f6540b6c3d045da0cbf6ab1c2d11-1058x353.jpg
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