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Com2uS Japan Com2uS Holdings, updated in the abandoned game “Walking Dead: All Stars” in the post-apocalyptic world! New character “Yumiko” appears!

Com2uS Japan
Com2uS Holdings updates the abandoned game “Walking Dead: All Stars” in the post-apocalyptic world! New character “Yumiko” appears!
Com2uS Japan Co., Ltd., which provides mobile game services for smartphones, has updated the post-apocalyptic game “Walking Dead: All Stars” (hereafter referred to as Warstar), including the
implementation of a new character “Yumiko”. We will let you know. New character “Yumiko” appears!
Content addition, GET “gold bar” and various items in the “survival support 7 days” campaign!

Download the game first!
▼Apple Store
▼Google Play In this update, “Yumiko” has appeared as a new character. “Yumiko” is a spectator-type character who uses a bow as her weapon. In addition to basic attacks, he possesses a variety of attack skills, such as poison arrow attacks and skills that deal great damage to the weakest opponents.
In addition, the special skill that attacks 3 powerful arrows 3 times is useful for both long-range and short-range attacks.
A new “VOL.9 Promise Part.1” has been added to the “Survival Records” content. “Survival record” content is content that advances through a maze-like map, repels enemies hidden in the fog, and finds supplies. “VOL.9 Promise Part.1” will be released when you clear “Stage: 19-4” in “World”, and you can earn various rewards such as “Technical Documents” mainly used to level up your character’s skills. . In addition, personal equipment for spectator type characters has also been added. Personal equipment can be equipped when the character is [UR] rank or higher, and various additional abilities can be obtained depending on the enhancement level of personal equipment.
To commemorate this update, we have prepared a login campaign. In the “Survival Support 7 Days” campaign, when you log in to the game, you can earn “general recruitment tickets” and “gold bars” that can scout survivors. By all means, do not miss this opportunity! ■ What is “The Walking Dead: All Stars”?
This work is a collectible neglected RPG based on the original comic of “The Walking Dead”. Set in a world where walkers are rampant, the battle between survivors is reproduced with vibrant graphics. In addition to the original characters of “Walking Dead”, the original characters of “Warsta” will also appear in the game.
It is being distributed in 170 countries around the world, and it supports 10 languages ​​such as Japanese, English, and German so that users around the world can easily enjoy the game.
[Reference site]
▼Com2uS Holdings official website
▼ “Walking Dead: All Stars” Official Community
Please play “The Walking Dead: All Stars”.
We look forward to your continued support of Com2uS Holdings. Details about this release:

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