Company supporting women I want to solve PMS! Women’s personal gym “UNDEUX SUPERBODY” introduces online pill prescription “Smarna for Biz” as a welfare program

Fit Crew Co., Ltd.
[Company supporting women] I want to solve PMS! Women’s personal gym “UNDEUX SUPERBODY” introduces online pill prescription “Smarna for Biz” as a welfare program
Care for issues specific to women. Providing new options for welfare programs for hard-working female employees

Fit Crew Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Hiroki Kashima), which operates the women-only personal training gym UNDEUX SUPERBODY, offers “Smaruna for Biz”, which makes online pill prescription the main service. We decided to introduce it as
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■ Welfare contents
You can receive a prescription for the pill for free in welfare programs Gynecological consultation with midwives and pharmacists on
smartphones 365 days a year
Medicines prescribed by a doctor are delivered regularly every month [Image 2d53452-27-63c61602c98ca9569447-0.png&s3=53452-27-4d66fe48f9e42b5261047bfbf85e81e3-2352x720.png
■ About “Smarna for Biz”
For female employees who suffer from PMS* and menstruation, the price of pills prescribed by the online pill prescription service “Smaruna” can be used as a welfare program. In addition to consultations with doctors, midwives and pharmacists who work with Smarna can also provide medical consultations online.
*Not all PMS can be solved with a pill, but a fundamental solution requires lifestyle habits and a correct diet.
“Smaluna for Biz”

■ About Nequino Co., Ltd.
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Established in June 2016 by gathering human resources with knowledge in the medical and related legal fields, such as doctors, pharmacists, and lawyers. We are creating a medical environment that can be used selectively according to each individual’s lifestyle and health condition, such as online medical examinations using ICT, health management support, and pre-symptomatic measures. As a medical communication company that “redesigns medical spaces and experiences around the world,” we raise the perspective of the world with the power of technology and dialogue, and promote social implementation of innovation.
In June 2018, we released “Smarna”, an online medical examination platform specializing in the field of gynecology.
Smaluna Official Website:
Company name: Nekino Co., Ltd.
Location: Midosuji Frontier WeWork, 1-13-22 Sonezaki Shinchi, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Representative Director: Kenichi Ishii
Established: June 3, 2016
■ About Fit Crew Co., Ltd.
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Based on the philosophy of “Brightening society with fitness”, we at Fit Crew help you achieve your goals for diet and body make-up through correct exercise and correct eating methods, and support you to bring out your natural beauty. I hope so.
Fit Crew Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-13-9 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0004, Central Building 1F
Representative Director: Hiroki Kashima
Established: January 15, 2015
Business: Operation of personal gym UNDEUX SUPERBODY, personal trainer training school | Operation of professional gym, operation of Dr. plus Fit

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