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Compatible models are greatly expanded We will start selling “Nums on the numeric keypad just by pasting”!

ADZUKI Trading Co., Ltd.
[Compatible models are greatly expanded] We will start selling “Nums on the numeric keypad just by pasting”!
10/12 17:00-Sales start from Green Funding (up to 55% OFF)

A trackpad cover “Nums” that allows you to use “numeric keypad, launcher, calculator” just by pasting it on the trackpad of a notebook PC. Until now, it was only compatible with macbook and surface, but now it can also be used with lenovo/huawei. At the same time, we will also start selling Nums compatible with the macbook air13/M2 series! A chance to purchase up to 55% off with Green Funding, including the current model. Sales start from 17:00 on Wednesday, October 12th. [Green Funding]

[Image 1

Until now, everyone who wanted to try Nums, but didn’t support their own PC, has kept you waiting.
Just stick it on the trackpad, the PC model that supports the popular series Nums has been greatly renewed.
In addition to the conventional Macbook and surface series, new models compatible with PCs such as LENOVO and Huawei will appear this time. In addition, we have greatly expanded the compatible models of the Macbook / surface series, such as Macbook air 13/M2 models, surface laptop go & laptop go 2, surface book3 and laptop4.
[Nums compatible models so far]
[Image 2

[Additional compatible models]
[Image 3

Please check if it is compatible with your PC!
[Image 4

For those who have not used Nums yet, “What is Nums?” and “What can you do with Nums?”
I will answer your questions.
[Image 5

[Image 6

By simply attaching Nums to the trackpad of your PC and setting it up, you can use functions such as numerical input in numeric keypad input mode and launcher mode that smoothly launches applications and software.
Until now, everyone who carried a numeric keyboard.
With Nums, you no longer need to carry around a numeric keyboard. Of course, since it is “just stick it on”, there is no need to charge it. [Image 7

[Image 8

The thinness of Nums is 0.26mm.
With a smooth texture, the touch of the trackpad does not change even if you wear it, and you can close the screen while it is attached. Since it is made of ultra-thin glass called “aluminosilicate mineral glass”, which is also used for NASA’s space shuttle, it plays the role of “protecting the trackpad” while the trackpad is not in use. It is waterproof, fireproof, and scratch-resistant, so even a knife won’t scratch it.
It is also very hygienic as it can be easily wiped clean.
[Image 9

[Image 10

Details about this release:

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