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Continuing collaboration with a new menu due to its popularity! Offering original dishes using “Reuteri Yogurt” at “Japanese Cuisine Enka” in Shirokane, Tokyo

Ohayo Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.
Continuing collaboration with a new menu due to its popularity! Offering original dishes using “Reuteri Yogurt” at “Japanese Cuisine Enka” in Shirokane, Tokyo
A new collaboration menu will be available from Saturday, October 1st
Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Group Ohayo Dairy Products Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Motohiro Nozu) and Ohayo Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which is developing business in the healthcare field. , President: Motohiro Nozu), from October 1st (Sat) to October 31st (Mon), dishes using “Reuteri Yogurt” will be served at “Japanese Cuisine Ennichi” in Shirokane, Tokyo (location: Tokyo) Minato Ward).

The menu collaboration with “Japanese Cuisine Ennichi”, which started in early September this year, was well received by customers and has been extended until October 31st (Monday). From October 1st (Sat), we will be offering a new collaboration menu. As with the last time, through cooking using “Reuteri Yogurt”, you can learn about self-care (brushing teeth at home) + professional care (examination at a dental clinic) + bacteria therapy*, which are “health habits starting from your mouth”. It is an effort to take.
Mr. Yuichi Sato, the owner of “Japanese Cuisine Ennichi,” has come up with a new menu that brings out the flavor of “Reuteri Yogurt” and combines it with seasonal ingredients. “Steamed Sweet Potato and Sesame Yogurt” using sweet potato, which is a seasonal ingredient, is offered in the course. Even in this recipe, there are three points: 1. No sugar is used 2. No heat processing of yogurt 3. Ingredients that are easy to try at home and easy to make, so you can enjoy oral care at home. It contains the idea that I want you to be an opportunity to work on it.
Ohayo Dairy Products and Ohayo Biotechnologies will continue to conduct educational activities to convey the importance of oral care that contributes to overall health.
*Bacteria therapy… “The idea of ​​using the power of good bacteria that are beneficial to the human body to help improve the health of the whole body.” By taking in live good bacteria from the outside (mouth) through food (ordinary meals, supplements, etc.) and using the characteristics of the bacteria, there is no need to worry about side effects, and everyone from babies to the elderly can work with peace of mind. .
[Image 1d32621-50-07168d12140268a2cd04-0.jpg&s3=32621-50-d0b6496f6b33a9e063073c902952d7c2-3500x2333.jpg
Original dish
-Steamed sweet potato and sesame yogurt-
*Available as a course menu.
[Image 2d32621-50-3b024b64e17c37cc9b09-1.jpg&s3=32621-50-01373691b112ca0fdb1b846974951d3f-2233x2358.jpg
-Reuteri yogurt-
Food with function claims (Notification number: C130)
A food with functional claims that contains live bacteria of Lactobacillus reuteri that improves oral flora. L. reuteri strain DSM 17938 has been reported to have the ability to keep gums strong and healthy.
[Image 3d32621-50-6c7ef7277fd029a9d877-3.jpg&s3=32621-50-ac7f09a2b113e5b0a876187456f3778f-3500x2334.jpg
– Inside view of “Japanese Cuisine Ennichi” –
[Image 4d32621-50-ba00237fd8f1ca393638-2.jpg&s3=32621-50-ab56052e5cb795e59e77f5da92c35d46-1801x2700.jpg
-“Japanese Cuisine Ennichi” Owner Yuichi Sato-
Trained at “Gora Kadan” from the age of 18. Experienced as a Japanese restaurant and head chef. In 2006, he opened a Japanese restaurant “O” in Ebisu and became independent. In 2021, in the 17th year, the store will move from Ebisu to Shirokane, and the store name will be “Ennichi”. Appeared on TV programs such as “Shokusai no Oukoku” and NHK “Asaichi”. Since 2014, Ibaraki Ambassador and Food Ambassador. -Outline-
-Implementation period-
From October 1st (Sat) to October 31st (Mon)
-Implementation location-
“Japanese Cuisine Ennichi”
(Firage Shirokane 1F, 1-25-26 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
-Implementation content-
The 16,500 yen (tax included) course offers dishes using “Reuteri Yogurt” – Contact information –
Inquiries from the general public regarding this initiative
◆ Ohayo Biotechnologies Customer Service Office
0120-810-787 (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
◆ Inquiries from the general public regarding the store
Japanese Cuisine Ennichi
090-5246-7878 (18:00-23:00, irregular holidays)
― Ohayo Dairy Products Co., Ltd. / Ohayo Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. Company Information ―
Ohayo Dairy Products and Ohayo Biotechnologies, as members of the Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Group, have set a 10-year vision of “changing the balance between medicine and food” to extend the healthy life expectancy of Japanese people and realize a rich life. I’m here. Ohayo Dairy Products Co., Ltd. will contribute to the healthy life of everyone through the development and production of dairy products that make the most of the ingredients, and Ohayo Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. through the Reuteri business.
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