‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ BTS and Kingdom story web variety ‘The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom’ will be released for the first time on the 8th!

‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ BTS and Kingdom story web variety ‘The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom’ will be released for the first time on the 8th!
・A collaborative web variety show that gives a glimpse of the charm of BTS members and the creative power of content is about to begin. ・You can see how each member’s beloved dessert is used to draw their own kingdom.
・”RiddleKingdom Challenge”, an online/offline collaboration event for global fandom, has become the center of attention with its unusually large scale challenge!
・The 3D outdoor advertisements that are being held simultaneously in Japan, South Korea, and the United States are also attracting attention from fans.
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October 7, 2022 (Friday)-Dev Sisters Co., Ltd. (Co-representatives Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jung-hoon)’s character collection RPG game “Cookie Run: Kingdom” will be released on the 8th. ‘ will release the collaboration content ‘The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom’ with global superstar BTS through the official YouTube channel.
■ BTS releases variety content on the web where each member envisions their own kingdom!
“Cookie Run: Kingdom” and “BTS” collaboration content “The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom (hereinafter referred to as Kingdom Fairy Tale)” offers a glimpse of both the extraordinary charm of BTS members and the planning ability of content.
In the first episode, which will be released on the 8th, BTS members will use their beloved desserts to create a one-of-a-kind kingdom. “Cookie Run: Kingdom” is a game that has a good reputation for its well-crafted story and unique world view, so this content is also free to imagine your own kingdom with each member’s personality. I included the contents to sketch.
In fact, in a studio that perfectly recreates the cookie house in the game, you can see the attractive appearance of BTS members who are passionate about creating the kingdom’s appearance, characteristics, abilities, and behind-the-scenes stories. I can do it.
BTS Kingdom Fairy Tale will release the final story through the second episode on the 11th (Tue), following the first episode on the 8th (Sat).
■ The “Riddle Kingdom Challenge”, an online/offline collaborative event for global fandom, is the center of attention!
The participatory event “RiddleKingdom Challenge”, which is shared by the global fandom of “BTS” and “Cookie Run: Kingdom”, has also become a hot topic. The RiddleKingdom Challenge is an online/offline collaboration event for global fandoms that seeks out hidden keywords in cities around the world such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Canada, etc. based on pictograms released through official SNS and solves the mystery. is.
The RiddleKingdom Challenge started on the 6th with a message mentioned by a BTS member while filming Kingdom Fairy Tale.
Participants will first find keywords through outdoor advertisements in or around places that can be guessed by emojis posted on the official ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ social media. If you collect all the keywords and complete one code, you can use it to get various in-game rewards.
On the other hand, based on the quizzes released two days after the start of the RiddleKingdom Challenge, authentication shots and hints from participants all over the world seem to be spreading rapidly on SNS. The unity of a global fandom for fans residing in other countries and regions has been demonstrated and expanded into a global challenge of unprecedented scale. The RiddleKingdom Challenge quiz will be open every day until the 13th.
■ BTS collaboration cookies occupying the center of New York… Focus on 3D outdoor advertisements in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York
[Image 2d22228-28-16d6e744fdb7c089d2fe-1.jpg&s3=22228-28-db604835e94b90ce75ea7632437a40b5-2048x1152.jpg
In addition to the challenge, 3D outdoor advertisements that are being held simultaneously in three cities, including COEX in Seoul, Times Square in New York, and Cross Shinjuku Vision in Tokyo, are also attracting the attention of fans.
Through 3D outdoor advertisements in three major cities to commemorate this collaboration, BTS members who have become cookies will perform dynamic choreography of their representative song ‘Dynamite’ with Cookie Run’s main character ‘Brave Cookie’. I showed off.
Fans who stopped by the appearance of BTS Cookie, which made a surprise appearance on a large-scale 3D screen in each city, shared various authentication shots on SNS and expressed their expectations for this collaboration.
For more information on “Cookie Run: Kingdom” and “BTS” collaboration, please visit the official Twitter (https://twitter.com/CRKingdomJP) and YouTube official channel (https://www.youtube.com) of “Cookie Run: Kingdom”. /channel/UCEuT6jIew3QugxFjrzDJ0BQ).
◼︎Overview of the game◼︎
[Image 3d22228-28-d0c1303635b5c267db06-2.png&s3=22228-28-800221b66a6f79a8f6c36d0c3df311d1-156x156.png
・ App name: Cookie Run: Kingdom
・ Genre: Character collection social RPG
・Price: Free (with item charge)
・ Service start date: January 21, 2021
・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/CRKingdomJP
・ YouTube official channel:
・Development/Operation: DEVSISTERS Corp.
・Copyright notice: (C) 2020 Devsisters Corp. All Rights Reserved. *DEVSISTERS and the DEVSISTERS logo are registered trademarks of DEVSISTERS Co., Ltd.
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