Cookpad Cookpad and Aeon Kyushu collaborate to start selling “National Goods Selected by Cookpad” at 4 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture

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Cookpad and Aeon Kyushu collaborate to start selling “National Goods Selected by Cookpad” at 4 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture

Cookpad Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Aeon Kyushu Co., Ltd., will set up dedicated shelves to introduce the products of the Cookpad Alliance partner companies at four Aeon stores in Fukuoka Prefecture operated by the company and online supermarkets operated by the target stores. The installation period is about one month from October 5, 2022 to November 1, 2022.
On the dedicated shelf, there are 4 products titled “Good food selected by Cookpad from all over the country” that are delicious, safe, and healthy for your body. We will develop about 30 kinds of products in categories.
[Image 1

During the period, the first 30 people who visit each store and purchase Cookpad Alliance products for 1,600 yen (1,728 yen including tax) or more will receive a “Cookpad Original Tote Bag” (excluding online supermarkets). .
Enjoy cooking with ingredients recommended by Cookpad.
Cookpad has set up shelves dedicated to the Cookpad Alliance at four Aeon stores in Fukuoka Prefecture, Yahata Higashi, Chikushino, Sasaoka, Kashiihama, and online supermarkets operated by the target stores.
Installation period is about one month from October 5th to November 1st, 2022 During the campaign period, the first 30 customers who purchase 1,600 yen (1,728 yen including tax) or more from Cookpad Alliance products will receive a “Cookpad Original Tote Bag”.
■Overview of this collaboration
[Conduct stores]
Yawata East store, Chikushino store, Sasaoka store, Kashiihama store * Conducted at each store’s online supermarket
[Installation period]
October 5-November 1, 2022
[Examples of products handled]
“Protein Intake”
Shimozono Satsuo Shoten: Hungry sardines, traveling round dried Provence style, charred shrimp with soy sauce
“Anshin ingredients (additive-free)”
Kokonoe Mirin: Mirin-age and mirin lees made by a mirin shop Minemura Brewery: Dashi Dashi
“Delicious bowel activity”
Kokonoe Mirin: Kokonoe Sakura (300ml)
Minemura Shoten: Aspergillus and lactic acid fermented Amazake W, reprinted Echigo miso
Nari: Natural Fermented Nukadoko
“Gluten Free”
Nakano Sangyo: White sorghum millet noodles
Nari: Rice flour pancake mix, bread crumbs made from rice
■ What is the Cookpad Alliance?
“Cookpad Alliance” is a marketing solution service that utilizes our diverse data and know-how to help solve the problems faced by food and cooking-related manufacturers. You can utilize the know-how cultivated through the advertising business and the network with retail companies, including the utilization of home-cooking big data such as usage trends of about 55 million monthly users of the recipe service “Cookpad”. We provide multifaceted business support from upstream to downstream of the value chain, including product development that is essential for expanding sales.
“Cookpad Alliance” Official Website: [Image 2

■ Inquiries about media publication and coverage
Please use the inquiry form below to send us your details (project theme, question items, desired interview date, etc.). A PR
representative will contact you directly.
Public Relations Inquiry Form: ■ Reference information
[About Cookpad]
Cookpad Co., Ltd. is a cooking and technology company whose mission is to make everyday cooking fun. “Cookpad”, a cooking recipe posting and search service that is used by about 55 million people monthly in Japan and is available in 32 languages ​​in 74 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, “Cookpad Mart” that makes shopping more flexible, and creates a healthy mind and body. We operate food education picture books for young children, such as “Oryoriehon by cookpad.” Through our cuisine, we aim to create a prosperous future for people, society, and the earth.
Company name: Cookpad Inc.
Head office location: 〒220-0012 3-7-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture WeWork Ocean Gate Minatomirai 7F/9F
Representative: Rinpei Iwata, Representative Executive Officer Capital: 5,286,015,000 yen (end of June 2022)
Date of establishment: October 1, 1997
Number of employees: 437 (as of the end of June 2022, consolidated basis) Main Business : A business that enjoys cooking every day

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