Core Technology Co., Ltd. Released “Core Energy FIT” developed by a supporter manufacturer loved by over 500 professional athletes

Core Technology Co., Ltd.
“Core Energy FIT” developed by a supporter manufacturer loved by over 500 professional athletes
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Core Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi
Prefecture; Representative Director: Takanao Yokoi), which boasts a wide share of the baseball belt “Core Energy”, will pre-release the new product “Core Energy FIT” on October 21, 2022. It will start at Makuake from (Friday).
What is “Core Energy FIT”?
It is a “stretch supporter” newly developed by Core Technology Co., Ltd., which developed the “Core Energy” series of belts loved by more than 500 professional athletes.
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Characteristics of “Core Energy FIT”
– “Core” support –
“Core Energy FIT” supports the “core” which is the starting point of all movements.
The material that fits like the skin expands and contracts according to your movements, following every movement.
By stabilizing the trunk, not only sports but also activities such as “standing for long periods of time”, “driving”, and “posture during desk work” are supported, and the quality of daily life is also improved.
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[Image 3d91956-4-c6d1c10e1a80d42981d0-2.gif&s3=91956-4-a36852777300edf50023375305032bbd-650x410.gif

-Original “Core Stretch Mechanism”-
Core Energy’s specialty is “shrinkage”. By stacking flexible stretchable fabrics and using a single belt, it provides unique support performance that is both strong and comfortable.
[Image 4d91956-4-87ae55f3d4c16c4c756b-3.png&s3=91956-4-611e5fb71cd1421dcf6b08d17781f81e-750x459.png
-Mechanism of Trunk Support-
[Image 5d91956-4-afb0cf9d08d545cf4c2d-4.jpg&s3=91956-4-86402411f0c303c5121668ed5432208a-650x946.jpg
-Patented Double Belt Structure-
Strong and flexible support performance is achieved by adopting double belts with different contraction rates. The built-in belt structure is a unique patented support method that stabilizes the body by applying pressure evenly from the center of the back through the hipbone to the abdomen.
-Bone plate that supports posture-
It is essential to acquire the feeling of “standing the pelvis” to improve sports performance and create beautiful posture. Core Energy has a built-in plate with a thickness of 1 mm or less to support the pelvis. Supports correct posture and posture keeping. The plate has excellent flexibility and does not interfere with movement.
[Image 6d91956-4-8691ac75e4b0a0be8f5d-5.gif&s3=91956-4-d1cc8862f9a0fe3a553a5b9d7924e0b8-800x450.gif

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Product Summary
Available in sizes S to LL for both men and women. made in Japan. Company Profile
Company name: Core Technology Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Takanao Yokoi
Address: 121-1 Yayoicho, Minami Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Business description: Development and sales of sporting goods and health equipment products
Details about this release:


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