Corporate training free Programming learning “Recursion” starts advance reservations for 50 companies

Recursion, Inc
[Corporate training free] Programming learning “Recursion” starts advance reservations for 50 companies
Learn computer science to develop engineers. Efficiently improve skills with teaching materials based on American university curriculum
Recursion, Inc. (Headquarters: California, USA, Co-founders: Shinya Tajima, Jeffry Alvarado, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which provides the computer science learning platform “Recursion”, announced on October 3, 2022, the corporate training plan “Recursion Business”. Beta version released. Limited to the first 50 companies that are considering software engineer training materials such as prospective employee training and new employee training, you can use it free of charge for one month.
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▼ Background of corporate plan release
Computer science is a prerequisite for working as an engineer in the United States.
On the other hand, in Japan, there are many engineers who find employment without having the opportunity to learn computer science, and the need for learning is increasing.
Computer science is the study of programming, algorithms,
hardware/software development, computational theories such as data processing, and information processing.
By learning computer science, you can acquire the “basic skills” necessary for all software engineers, and you will be able to design your own solutions to problems.
This time, Recursion has decided to release the beta version of the corporate training plan after receiving a lot of feedback from users who are using it. Why don’t you study computer science systematically at Recursion, which is based on the curriculum of American
universities, and develop highly applied software engineers? ▼Assumed use scene
Based on the use cases so far, we believe that it is suitable for the following uses.
・ Part of the training program for prospective employees and new graduates hired as engineers with no experience
・Training materials for employees who are already working as engineers, but who have not studied information engineering at university and want to relearn from the basics
*Recursion materials are recommended as training for those who work as engineers.
▼About online computer science learning platform “Recursion” Recursion is an output-based online learning service created by active engineers at Meta (formerly Facebook) based on computer science courses at American universities.
・ The one and only programming learning service that allows you to learn from computer science
We provide a curriculum of about 1000 hours, starting from the basics such as data and functions, and also supporting advanced contents such as algorithms, data structures, OOP, and design patterns.
Comprehensive study of computer science that can be applied to any language.
・”Output learning” to maximize learning efficiency
We have prepared more than 500 questions for output. In a step-by-step method, input knowledge is output and learning is progressed. Since you can work on it like a game, you can maintain team motivation and improve your skills.
・Manage your team’s progress on the dashboard
You can see the progress, login status, timeline, and ranking of each team member. You can always check for discrepancies between the plan and the actual situation, and achieve your goals by the deadline. ▼Professional results (partial)
Users of Recursion have obtained job offers as software engineers at companies such as:
·Nintendo Co., Ltd
・Yahoo Japan Corporation
・SoftBank Corp.
・Visional Co., Ltd.
・Hey Co., Ltd.
・Yumemi Co., Ltd.
・Sansan Co., Ltd.
▼ How to apply for advance reservation
1. Visit
2. Fill out the form from the button on the page
3. The following information is required for pre-booking:
・Name of person in charge
·email address
·phone number
・School or company name
・ Number of people considering use
After completing the application, we will reply within 1-3 business days. ▼About Recursion
[Image 2d62466-14-5ec66d843d6e6b1fbf64-1.jpg&s3=62466-14-2a083d440d7bbafbf2e5647e2aafbd99-3600x2400.jpg
Recursion is a platform where you can learn computer science by output, launched by a Japanese living in the United States and an engineer in Silicon Valley. With the philosophy of “cultivating world-class engineers”, we are focusing on output-oriented curriculum development. Recursion is not a short-term education, but a long-term learning that provides the know-how to become a software engineer with high development ability from a beginner.
Recursion, Inc. Company Profile
Representatives: Shinya Tajima, Representative Director (joint management), Jeffry Alvarado
Head office location: 2640 Wagon Wheel Road, Apt#302, Oxnard CA 93036, United States
Site URL:

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