Cosmo Women’s Event 4th virtual space trip! Experiencing space on a jet plane ~ Sub-orbital girls’ party ~

Kanatta Co., Ltd.
[Cosmo Women’s Event] 4th virtual space trip! Experiencing space on a jet plane ~ Sub-orbital girls’ party ~

“Cosmo Girls” operated by Kanatta Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Megumi Iguchi) held a virtual space trip on Wednesday, September 21st.
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This event is the fourth installment of the popular project “Virtual Space Travel”, which was featured on NHK’s “Hirumae Hot” and NHK World Japan’s “TOKYO EYE 2020”.
This virtual space trip is a virtual event where you can enjoy a “sub-orbital trip” in the near future of 2030, traveling in a jet plane at an altitude of about 100km.
The images used in the virtual space trip include images of an actual jet plane flying up to an altitude of about 100km, allowing you to experience a truly realistic space travel experience.
This time, a total of 20 people from all over the country
participated, and it was a time to feel more familiar with space travel.
■ Report details on the day
● About Cosmo Girls
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A women’s community launched with the theme of “making the universe familiar”. We regularly hold special study sessions on space and events that even beginners who are a little curious about space can enjoy.
We aim to support women who are interested in space in their career development and vision realization, and to increase the number of places where many women can play an active role in the space industry. The Cosmo Women’s Amateur Radio Club, which was established by Cosmo Women, plans to launch a satellite in 2023.
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● About Kanatta Co., Ltd.
Kanatta was founded in 2016 with the mission of contributing to the realization of gender equality. We are developing a “community management business” and a “crowdfunding business” that operate women’s communities such as “Drone Joplus” and “Cosmo Joshi”, and support women who freely express what they want to do and work. increase.
“Drone Joplus” is a women-only community that spreads the appeal of drones. Currently, there are about 80 female drone pilots who are active as Drone Joplus. Drone piloting experience sessions have been held all over the country, and the total number of participants so far has exceeded 10,000. He has also appeared in numerous media such as “Hirunandesu”, “Gaia no Yoake”, “Sukkiri”, and “FNN Live News It!”. “Cosmo Joshi” is a women’s community with the theme of “bringing space closer to you.” Numerous projects such as virtual space travel have been launched and are underway. The activity was featured on NHK World “TOKYO EYE 2020” and was broadcast in about 160 countries and regions. “Crowdfunding” is a purchase-type crowdfunding service to make women shine even more and to drive ethical drafting in Japan.
[Corporate Profile of Kanatta Co., Ltd.]
[Image 3d45411-219-3ea69b32f79d30166a96-1.png&s3=45411-219-c7a1980b017fea6d50248e524fac6fd2-974x152.png
Mission: We contribute to the realization of “Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” of the SDGs.
Company name: Kanatta Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th floor, Nakameguro FS Building, 3-6-2 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2016
Representative Director: Megumi Iguchi
Business description: Community management business
Operation of the drone exchange community “Drone Jo Plus”
Management of the women’s community “Cosmo Girls”
( involved in space
Operation of crowdfunding service business (

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