Created by an active monk entrepreneur! ? The EC site “Oterano Market (TM)” for temples opened on October 17, recruiting companies to open stores.

AVENIL Co., Ltd.
[Created by an active monk entrepreneur! ? ] The EC site “Oterano Market (TM)” for temples opened on October 17, recruiting companies to open stores.

AVENIL Co., Ltd. (head office: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; representative: Mitsuaki Mori (maiden name: Toshima)), which operates Japan’s largest temple network of over 268 temples, “Otera no Madoguchi”, operates an e-commerce site for monks called “Oterano Market (TM)”. )️” will be opened.
With the demand for Internet due to movement restrictions due to the corona wreck, we will meet the needs of consumers with essential items such as Buddhist altar fittings and Buddhist robes necessary for temples. We also welcome the participation of companies that have never been involved in the temple industry. It is also useful for new entrants to the temple industry.
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■ Purpose of this project
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Japan, the demand for Internet mail-order sales is increasing, so we will open “Oterano Market (TM) ️”.
We will provide new sales channels to raise the level of the temple industry and related industries.
In addition, it is possible to match companies (retailers) that want to enter the temple industry with temples through the network of “Otera no Madoguchi”, with the aim of increasing the number of new temple customers.
■Plan overview
(1) Name: “Oterano Market”
(2) Opening date: October 17, 2020 (Monday)
⑶ Products handled: General products related to temples, such as Buddhist altar fittings, robe, sandals, chairs, desks, books, consumables, etc.
⑷ URL:
Click here for companies wishing to open a store
(1) URL:
■ What is the window of the temple?
~ Help with maintenance management ~
In the past, temple culture had a close relationship with the lives of Japanese people and had a great influence on Japanese culture. Unfortunately, that relationship is currently fading, and the population decline is accelerating in the future, so it is expected that the maintenance and management of the temple will become more difficult.
Under such circumstances, in 2016, Mitsuaki Toshima (of the Shinshu sect Otani sect Kyoganji) opened the “temple window” with the aim of fulfilling the former “what the temple should be and its role”. The primary purpose of the “temple window” is to inform many people about the culture of temples and the state of mind. In addition to mall management, we are also developing “counseling and human resource development projects” in collaboration with companies.
■ Producers of “Otera no Madoguchi” and “Oterano Market”
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Mitsuaki Toshima
Deputy chief priest of Shinshu Otani sect Kyoganji Temple (Sapporo, Hokkaido) and representative of the temple window.
In 2016, feeling the delay in the progress of the computerization of temples, he opened the temple voluntary registration site “Otera no Madoguchi”.
In 2018, he participated in the thanks economy platform of OKWAVE Co., Ltd., which operates Japan’s largest Q&A site “OKWAVE”.
Buddhist instruction for the 2020 NHK morning TV novel “Ochoyan”. 2022 Panasonic Ramdash advertising tower selected.
[Company profile of AVENIL Co., Ltd.]
Operation of temple media (optional portal site) “Otera no Madoguchi”. Representative Director: Mitsuaki Mori (maiden name: Toshima) Established: April 2016
Location: 21 Kamishinoji, Shinoji-cho, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido Contact: 050-3395-0427

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