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CREST Co., Ltd. From the original reading drama , the long-awaited drama CD will be released in advance at AGF2022!

CREST Co., Ltd.
From the original reading drama -Time (never) comes back!?-, the long-awaited drama CD will be released in advance at AGF2022! ~ Takahide Ishii, Yuki Inoue, Sho Kano, Yusei Kikuchi, Masatomo Nakazawa, Chiharu Shigematsu, Takumi Mano, Tomohiro and others will appear ~

The women’s brand “TRYSTAR” developed by CREST Co., Ltd. will produce the first drama CD of the original reading drama -Time (never) comes back!?- (commonly known as Nevercam). The drama CD will be pre-sold at the Animate Girls Festival (AGF2022) to be held in November 2022. At the same time, we will inform you that in addition to the regular version of the drama CD, a deluxe special edition with Blu-ray and booklet will be sold at the same time.

What is the original reading drama “Nevacam”?
Nevacam is TRYSTAR’s original media mix content for women, written by Ayumi Sekine and character designed by Risa Miyatani, depicting the struggles of video distributors.
Synopsis of the recitation play
Four video distributors who were called to the affiliated office after a certain trigger.
Awaiting advice is dismissal or… social xxx!?️!?️!?️
“Uh! Go back to before the flames!”
When the four of them strongly wished for it, time was greatly rewound, and before they knew it, there was no internet or streaming!? The video distributors’ self-will, vanity, and time-consuming creative story begins…!
Introduction PV
[Video 2:]

Nevercome World, which has been exciting with fans
This work has adopted a cast replacement system (multicast system) for all performances as an “unprecedented reading drama in which the combination of performers changes each time”. Starting with the performance held in January 2022 at the Ikebukuro Theater Green BIG TREE THEATER, additional performances will be held in March, and real-time video distribution of all performances will be performed in May with new elements added. We delivered a power-up work for each. Nevacam mainly develops content mainly on SNS, and serializes one-frame comics to raise awareness of works and characters. In addition, various measures such as displaying illustrations solicited from viewers (a general term for fans in Nevercam) in the reading theater venue are being developed. We worked together with the viewers to bring excitement to Nevercome World, so that not only the recitation theater venue but also those who could not come to the venue could enjoy it together.
Decided to exhibit at AGF2022 & started full-scale media mix project Nevacam’s “Media Mix Project” will start in earnest. Decided to exhibit at the Animate Girls Festival (AGF2022) to be held on November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022. As a highlight of the exhibition, we have decided to produce a drama CD, which was requested by many fans. Even in the drama CD, different voice actors are appointed for the same story, taking advantage of the cast replacement system of Nevercam. It is planned to be a specification that can be enjoyed twice in one work, the January performance group and the May performance group. In addition, the deluxe bonus edition includes a bonus video by the performers and a booklet with newly shot photos. This is a must-have item for Nevacam fans.
Drama CD overview
-Release form-
・Luxury bonus board
·Normal Edition
・Luxury bonus edition: Drama CD / Blu-ray (video taken by the cast) / booklet ・Normal Edition: Drama CD
[Performance in January 2022, selected cast]
Takahide Ishii (role of Ryota Momoyama), Yuki Inoue (role of Michiru), Yusei Kikuchi (role of Amane Kazuki), Takumi Mano (role of Eric Toyotomi), Tomohiro (role of Seiichiro Tachibana) *Titles omitted
[Performance in May 2022, selected cast]
Yuki Inoue (role of Michiru), Sho Kano (role of Ryota Momoyama), Issei Kikuchi (role of Amane Kazuki), Chiharu Shigematsu (role of Seiichiro Tachibana), Masatomo Nakazawa (role of Eric Toyotomi) *Titles omitted Distribute a digest video of the recitation drama review
Prior to the AGF2022 exhibition and the release of the drama CD, we will release a digest of the 16:15 performance on Sunday, May 22, 2022, which was very popular among the performances.
・ URL:
・Public period:
・ Cast: Tsubasa Kaito (role of Michiru), Sho Kano (role of Ryota Momoyama), Chiharu Shigematsu (role of Seiichiro Tachibana), Masatomo Nakazawa (role of Eric Toyotomi), Masaaki Suzuka (role of Amane Kazuki) *Titles omitted
Reading drama “Time [never] comes back!?”
YouTube: Note:
One-frame manga and projects are being implemented on the official Twitter. Please follow us and check it out!
Exhibition overview
Event name: Animate Girls Festival 2022
Organizer: Animate Girls Festival Executive Committee
Date: November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022
Holding time: Main venue 8:45-17:00 (16:30 new final entry)
* In addition, the holding time varies depending on the project. Please see each project page for details.
Venue: Ikebukuro, Sunshine City, etc.
Booth location: Red AREA [R-14]
Exhibitor name: CREST/TRYSTAR
Animate Girls Festival 2022 Official Website:
About CREST Co., Ltd.
Company name: CREST Co., Ltd.
Location: 4F, ​​JRE Nishi-Shinjuku Terrace, 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Official website:
Representative: Masataka Mikami, Representative Director Toshimo Liang, Representative Director
When posting information or images, please display the following copyright. (C) CREST Inc./TRYSTAR
Details about this release:

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