Crispy texture in the microwave! Authentic pie dessert delivered to your home

Suzette Holdings Co., Ltd.
Crispy texture in the microwave! Authentic pie dessert delivered to your home Introducing new products from Henri Charpentier that cannot be found in stores
A new autumn product has appeared from the official online shop “Chef’s Counter” of the Western confectionery brand “Henri
Charpentier” developed by Suzette Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture; President: Goki Arita). did. Aroma and texture realized by delivering freshly made frozen. We will deliver sweets that cannot be purchased at stores.
An authentic dessert of a freshly made pie just by heating it in the microwave at home
Inspired by the traditional French confectionery tarte tatin, the new “Kodama Apple Pie” is a pie crust filled with seasonal Kodama apples. using fabric. It is delivered frozen and just warmed in the microwave at home for 1 minute and 20 seconds to create the crunchy texture of an authentic pie. The apple caramelized that overflows when you break the pie uses only seasonal ruby ​​apples, whose sweetness and flavor increase when heated. The brandy jelly hidden in the center of the pie becomes a sauce when heated in the microwave, bringing out the flavor of the apples.
“Kotama Apple Pie” will be sold only at the official online shop until the end of December. Please enjoy the flavorful taste that overflows from the crispy pie crust at home.
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Kodama Apple Pie 2,592 JPY (incl. tax) for 4 pieces
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When warmed in the microwave, the brandy jelly will overflow as a sauce. ■Friend of working woman. Authentic crispy pie in 1 minute and 20 seconds in the microwave
Simply heat the frozen pie in the microwave for 1 minute and 20 seconds, and you can enjoy an authentic pie with a crispy texture that looks like it was freshly baked. Originally, pie crust absorbs moisture easily, making it difficult to maintain a crispy texture. This time, in order to easily enjoy freshly baked authentic sweets at home, we have developed a special pie crust that is unique to this cooking method, realizing a crispy texture. The number of dual-income households has doubled in 40 years, and the number of working women is increasing. We want to contribute to women’s further social
advancement by recreating authentic sweets in a short time and providing a blissful time. I think.
■ “Chef’s counter” developed only for mail order
Created by the chefs of Henri Charpentier, the “Chef’s Counter” is a place to offer the best hospitality to our valued customers who have patronized us on a daily basis. By delivering frozen, we have achieved the ideal aroma and texture. We will deliver the chef’s sweets that can only be met here.
Please check Henri Charpentier’s official online shop for details on new products and limited products. “Kotama apple pie” will be sold until the end of December.
[Image 3d28015-101-e23a63ca1de8763f8117-2.jpg&s3=28015-101-cfac778fb7c6f00ff8f84c58100ee6aa-800x200.jpg

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