CRUSH KITCHEN ENTERTAINMENT VOL.3 “Saturday Night Special” Tickets on sale at Confeti just before the opening

Long Run Running Co., Ltd.
CRUSH KITCHEN ENTERTAINMENT VOL.3 “Saturday Night Special” Tickets on sale at Confeti just before the opening

Sponsored by Hisshigumi Project, CRUSH KITCHEN ENTERTAINMENT VOL.3 “Saturday Night Special” will be held from October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) to October 9, 2022 (Sunday) at Rikkoukai Hall (2-32 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). -3) will be performed.
Tickets are on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kurematsu).
Tickets on sale at Confetti
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A noisy Saturday night. Suddenly, two gunshots rang out.
Then the body of a vagrant is found. The man who was killed was a man with a criminal record.
Detective Mamoru Fuwa (Fuwamamoru) of the Meguro Police Station, who has begun an investigation, ends up working together with a magazine reporter, Akira Sorasaka (Akira Sorasaka).
The present is built on the accumulation of the past.
What is the truth of the incident that the two arrive at…
opening comment
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[The role of Mamoru Fuwa: Amane Sumika]
One incident where each life intersects and connects.
After watching it, I think it’s a work that will give you vitality for tomorrow. I would be happy if you enjoyed it.
The stage is only possible if there are customers who come to see it. We will take care of each and every one of you.
I’d love to! looking forward to!
[Image 3

[The role of Akira Sorasaka: Yume Shinjo]
It’s finally the first day!
I am happy to welcome you safely.
We have all worked hard to prepare for this day.
I started with a lot of anxiety due to my lack of stage experience, but with the help of the staff performers, I am able to stand on stage with confidence.
I will do my best so that everyone who comes to visit can enjoy the story. Thank you for your continued support!
[Image 4

[The role of Akira Sorasaka: Kazuki Ishiga]
First of all, I am really happy that the rehearsals have progressed so far, that everyone involved in this work has carefully and carefully created it, and that this work will be delivered to everyone soon. All that’s left now is to cherish each and every day as a role and live on stage so that it reaches everyone! I hope it reaches you.
[Director: Mototaka Ishige]
From the rehearsals, the performances by the wonderful actors have gone very well, and the staff who have worked together many times have worked well together. I hope that the audience will be able to enjoy it at the theater. Also, watch the “Saturday Night Special” and do your best from tomorrow! Let’s step into a new life! I hope everyone will take the courage to say that.
Performance overview
“Saturday Night Special”
Performance period: October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) -October 9, 2022 (Sunday) Venue: Rikkoukai Hall (2-32-3 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) ■Performers
Amane Sumika
Yume Shinjo
Kazuki Ishiga
Rei Kobayashi
Reo Hotta
Aya Akane
Yoshiki Mioda
Hikari Saito
Tatsuya Higashi
Ryuto Fujimura
Ayaka Okada
Shigeyuki Nakamura
-Guest on the day-
Misa Kubota (October 5)/Ayuya Kumazawa (October 6)/Sho Ishikawa (October 7)/Tomohiro Waki ​​(October 8)/Shinichiro Kamio (October 9) ■ Staff
Lighting: Yukihide Otsuka (Otsuka group), Asami Futagawa (Otsuka group) Sound: Shinya Tanaka, Rina Hirose
Costume: Anri Kuruma
Stage Director: S-CASE
Production Assistant: Kazumasa Kurokawa, Ayaka Okada
Advertising art: Mizuki Tachibana
Photo: Kazuhiro Watanabe
Shooting hair and makeup: Mao Onuki
Ticket: Kazane Miyano
Operation on the day: Rui Shiota
Production: Ai Tanaka, Mizuki Nakayama
Production cooperation: Masahito
Casting cooperation: Satomi Miura
Delivery agent Theater company 25, 6 hours
Planning: Akiko Kanda
Organizer: Hisshigumi Project
■ Performance schedule
Wednesday, October 05, 18:30
October 6th (Thursday) 18:30
October 7 (Friday) 14:00 / 18:30
October 8th (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00
October 9th (Sun) 12:00 / 16:00
★=Weekday discount
*Reception opens 60 minutes before the start of the performance, and doors open 30 minutes before the start of the performance.
* The main performance time is scheduled to be about 100 minutes. ■ Ticket price
S seat: 7,500 yen *With cast bromide benefits
A seat: 6,500 yen (rear reserved seat)
[Weekday discount]
S seat: 7,000 yen *Benefit of cast bromide included
A seat: 6,000 yen (rear reserved seat)
(All seats reserved, tax included)
*Tickets on the day will be sold for +500 yen

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