Cubic Co., Ltd. Paid internship program for working adults aiming to become web marketers from inexperienced will start in October

Cubic Co., Ltd.
Paid internship program for working adults aiming to become web marketers from inexperienced will start in October
Cubic, which employs more than 100 student interns, has expanded its intern program for students for 16 years since its establishment to working adults

Cubic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidehito Seiichi, hereinafter referred to as “Cubic”) has a mission of “challenging insight and definite progress for people.” We are promoting initiatives to encourage each person to advance by multiplying “ability” and “motivation”, but this time we will further expand the targets for promoting progress, and will enable people with no experience in digital marketing to acquire digital marketing skills through practical work. We are pleased to inform you that we will start a full-fledged “paid internship program for working people” attached to.
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The spread of the Internet has blurred the boundaries between the “sender” and “receiver” of information in various media, which used to be clearly separated. It is so huge that it is estimated to double to 70,000 (according to data released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). As a result, information that is valuable and useful to many people and information that is not is intermingled on the Internet, making it difficult for individuals to properly access the information they seek.
At Cubic, in order to improve and solve these two social issues of “disorderly mixture of information” and “difficulty in reaching useful information”, we use cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to “identify reliable and useful information”. We believe that
“development and structuring of routes leading to useful information” is essential. Therefore, in addition to providing these functions on the Internet, we are developing a digital media business that forms know-how for people to face their own essential values ​​(insights) through interaction with information. Cubic will continue to contribute to society by improving the environment for people to access useful information through the re-editing and reconstruction of information in the digital world.
■ What is the “paid internship program for working adults”?
This is a reward-based internship program for working adults who are inexperienced in digital marketing and want to become web marketers. You will acquire practical digital marketing skills through practical work such as web media operation and web advertisement operation. Since its founding in 2006, Cubic has introduced long-term internships and has continued to grow with its students. Even now, more than 100 students, mainly university students, ranging from high school students to graduate students, are enrolled as interns and play a role in business expansion.
This program was created based on Cubic’s 16 years of experience and know-how in training people with no experience in digital marketing. In order for participants of the program to acquire skills through practical work, not only will they receive a salary, but they will also be provided with transportation expenses to the office. As an intern, it is a fixed-term employment for a maximum of 9 months, but we also have a path to full-time employment depending on the performance during the period.
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The trial version has been in operation since April 2022, and as of September 2022, a total of 9 working interns have joined the company. Two adult interns, who have been half a year since the start of their internship, have been appointed as full-time employees without incident. Based on these results, we will officially release this “paid internship program for working adults” and start full-scale operation.
■ Background to the start of paid internship programs for working adults Internet advertising expenditures are rising year by year even during the corona crisis, and according to a survey by Dentsu Inc., “Internet advertising expenditures in 2021 will be 121% compared to the previous year.” (Source: Dentsu Inc. “Advertising Expenses in Japan in 2021” The Internet advertising market is growing by more than 110% every year. In 2021, it will exceed the total advertising expenditure of the four mass media. As SNS and video posting platforms have become mainstream, it can be said that the market is expected to grow significantly in the future.
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Along with this, the demand for web marketers is also increasing. The average annual income of web marketers remains at a high level compared to other occupations. A web marketer, who not only works for a company but also has clients as a side business, is a job that allows a variety of options. (Source: For job change, doda
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However, the current situation is that the number of ready-to-work personnel has not caught up with demand. Therefore, efforts centered on training are important in order to increase the number of capable web marketers. However, looking at the current situation as an inexperienced person aiming to become a web marketer, you can see that there are high hurdles. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to go to a marketing school with the aim of becoming a web marketer, but considering that the tuition costs 300,000 to 700,000 yen, the number of people who can choose that path will be limited.
We want to do our best to support people who want to learn digital marketing and contribute to society and work as web marketers. Don’t give up on your career as a web marketer because of the financial burden. With this in mind, Cubic has decided to start a program for working adults who have no experience in digital marketing, by providing a place where they can learn digital marketing practically while working for a salary, and to make sure progress toward career change. did.
■ Voices of those who actually took a paid internship program for working adults [Image 5d12817-95-b1234b7c6d57d917f15e-3.png&s3=12817-95-d0f1530647d401ac839989bd20c05822-2124x1166.png
■ Recruiting participants for a paid internship program for working adults If you are interested in participating in this program, please apply from the page below.
■ About Cubic Co., Ltd.
Cubic is a company that advances business through human-oriented marketing and design, with the mission of “Challenging insight and making sure people move forward.” We are engaged in digital media business centered on comparison sites, comparison site “your SELECT.” for finding new value, Forex comparison site “F-Pro” for beginners https: // , Water server comparison site “Mizucom” that makes life delicious and convenient , Job change support site for those looking for “better jobs” We operate “HOP! Navi (Hop Navi)” etc. Emphasis on fieldwork, accurately grasping insights (deep psychology) rather than superficial needs, and making people smarter
It leads to a smooth problem-solving experience.
■ Cubic Co., Ltd.
Trade name: Cubic Inc. (English name: CUEBiC Inc.)
Established: October 24, 2006
Representative: Hidehito Seiichi, Representative Director
Head office: 16th floor, Shinjuku Front Tower, 2-21-1 Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0074
Business description: Digital media business Website: ■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Cubic Co., Ltd. PR team: Ogasawara, Hirayama
Phone: 03-6908-9765
Fax: 03-5338-3560
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