Cultureville LLC Live movie “Duran Duran: Hollywood High” to be released in Japanese theaters from 11/3 on the same day worldwide

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Live movie “Duran Duran: Hollywood High” will be released in Japanese theaters from 11/3 on the same day worldwide
Duran Duran’s live movie “Duran Duran: Hollywood High”, which has already been announced to be released in cinemas around the world from November 3, is a Japanese movie including “Dolby Cinema” where you can experience the best sound and image. Open to the public at the museum!
The movie “Duran Duran: Hollywood High” will be released at Dolby Cinemas and others, which provide the best movie viewing environment with seven theaters in Japan. Some theaters have one-day limited screenings, so don’t miss it on the screen during the screening period.
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(C)️ 2022 Duran Duran A Hollywood High
The movie “Duran Duran: Hollywood High”, which consists of a documentary and a live performance that they talk about themselves, will be released on the same day as the world release at Japanese movie theaters, including “Dolby Cinema”, where you can enjoy movies with the best sound and images. It has been decided to publish from It was created to celebrate Duran Duran’s 40-year career, the release of his latest studio album, FUTURE PAST, and the start of his global world tour. Filmed on a rooftop in Los Angeles, with the iconic Capitol Tower in the background and the Hollywood sign in the distance, this exclusive venue features award-winning industry stars Gavin Elder, Vincent Adam Paul and George Scott. Directed by three veterans.
Duran Duran: Hollywood High recalls Duran Duran’s prolific and diverse songwriting, capturing their boundless live energy. The film also highlights the band’s deep and enduring relationship with Los Angeles through exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and never-before-seen archival footage, making the band one of the most influential and successful groups of all time. It depicts the process up to Everyone will be dancing from start to finish.
Experience Duran Duran’s precious live work at “Dolby Cinema”, which combines Dolby Vision with the sharpest images and Dolby Atmos with clear sound. On October 27th, the world premiere will be held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. In addition, regular theaters other than Dolby Cinema will join the public theaters in Japan. Enjoy it at a theater near you.
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(C)️ 2022 Duran Duran A Hollywood High
【set list】
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(C)️ 2022 Duran Duran A Hollywood High
[Work basic information]
Title: “Duran Duran: Hollywood High”
Starring Duran Duran
Director: Gavin Elder, Vincent Adam Paul, George Scott
Executive Producers: James Belsham, Ian Brenchley, Wendy Leister Production Company: Lastman Media
Year of production: 2022 Country of production: USA Worldwide distributor: Abramorama
Format: 24fps DCP, 5.1ch DCP or Dolby Cinema DCP
Running time: about 75 minutes
World official website: Japanese movie information site: [Image 4

(C)️ 2022 Duran Duran A Hollywood High
[Public theater / release date]
-Dolby Cinema Theater-
Marunouchi Piccadilly/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only T Joy Yokohama / November 3 (Thursday/holiday) to November 10 (Thursday) MOVIX Saitama/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only
Midland Square Cinema / November 3 (Thursday/Holiday) *One day only Umeda Burg 7/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) to November 10 (Thursday) MOVIX Kyoto/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only
T Joy Hakata / November 3rd (Thursday/holiday) – November 10th (Thursday) 11/3 (Thursday/holiday) – 11/10 (Thursday)
-Normal Theater-
Shinjuku Piccadilly / November 3 (Thursday/holiday) to November 10 (Thursday) Namba Parks Cinema / November 3 (Thursday/holiday) to November 10 (Thursday) MOVIX Sendai/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only
MOVIX Isesaki/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only
MOVIX Utsunomiya/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only MOVIX Kashiwa-no-ha / November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One-day only MOVIX Shimizu/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only
kino cinema Kobe International / November 3rd (Thursday/holiday) *One day only MOVIX Kurashiki/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only
Kumamoto Piccadilly/November 3 (Thursday/holiday) *One day only [Viewing fee] 2,200 yen (flat rate) *Seats are usually sold on the website of the viewing theater
*Additional fees apply for screenings of the Dolby Cinema version. *Additional charges apply when using Premier Box Seats and Premier Luxury Seats. [Image 5

(C)️ 2022 Duran Duran A Hollywood High
[Image 6

(C)️ 2022 Duran Duran A Hollywood High
[What is Dolby Cinema]
Dolby Cinema(R)︎ combines powerful video and audio technology with outstanding theater design to transform the movie theater into a space that delivers the most compelling cinema experience.
The Dolby Vision projection system, which employs cutting-edge optical and image processing technology, surpasses other imaging technologies to realize high dynamic range (HDR) images that express vivid colors and a wide range of contrasts in a wide color gamut.
Dolby Atmos fills the theater with realistic sound like never before, and by moving freely around the space, you can enjoy an immersive experience you’ve never experienced before.
In a space created by combining these two technologies with the sophisticated theater design of Dolby Cinema, you can enjoy a dramatic experience that will make you feel as if you have entered the world of a movie by delivering surprisingly vivid and realistic images and sounds. We will deliver a cinema experience that has evolved. *Dolby, Dolby Cinema, and the double D symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories in the United States and/or other countries.
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