Curio Co., Ltd. A new proposal for choosing a stroller, CURIO, a domestic stroller, has started a “Curio Tri al Service” that allows you to try it for a week before purchasing.

Curio Co., Ltd.
A new proposal for choosing a stroller, CURIO, a domestic stroller, has started a “Curio Trial Service” that allows you to try it for a week before purchasing.
Operability, ease of pressing, feeling of size, eliminate anxiety that you do not know unless you try it before purchasing

CURIO, a domestic stroller brand born in Japan Manufacture and sales: Curio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; CEO: Yosuke Takahashi) operates a CURIO stroller that you cannot understand unless you try it before purchasing. The CURIO online store (https://”, and we have started the “Curio Trial Service” that allows you to try it at your home, etc. for a week only by paying the return shipping fee. All customers who use this service will receive a “WELCOME Coupon ¥3,000*” that can be used when purchasing the main unit and is equivalent to the shipping fee when returning.
Background and purpose
[Image 1d56621-20-020c4fd0c7e85e931d52-5.png&s3=56621-20-d7456c58980fae1532ea4d06cecd43c0-1440x1080.png
The Curio Stroller, which was launched in 2009 with the idea of ​​“not just a tool for transporting children, but a vehicle that can be played with children,” has been continuously improved and developed to this day, and is both durable and safe. “Easy-to-use and comfortable strollers” loved by families with children are sold at department stores nationwide, baby product stores, and the brand site “CURIO Online Store (”. I have been doing it.
However, from people who live outside of major cities, who find it difficult to visit a store, or who do not have the time to go to a store to take a closer look, we have received requests such as “I want to see the actual product before purchasing” and “I actually want to buy it.” We were unable to respond to individual requests such as “I want to use it when I go out” or “I want to buy it after experiencing the comfort of using it because it is an expensive purchase”. In addition, amidst the spread of new infectious diseases, we have often heard the voice of the baby stroller brand, “I’m worried about shopping in a crowded commercial facility with a small child.” Based on such a background, we will eliminate concerns about the operability, ease of pushing, size, etc. of the Curio Stroller, which you do not know until you use it before purchasing, and end-user customers will be able to understand the value and quality of the product before purchasing. In order to have a wide range of
experiences, you can apply on the brand site “CURIO Online Store (” and use “Curio Online Store” for free for one week at home. Trial service has started.
We hope that you will use it not only for those who are already considering purchasing a Curio stroller, but also as a means of choosing the best stroller.
Curio trial service:
Curio Trial Service Overview
■ It’s easy to apply.
The procedure is easy. Simply check the details from the “CURIO Online Store (”, fill in the special form, and send a photo of your identity verification document by email. Since the stroller will be delivered to your home in about a week at the earliest, you can feel free to use it even if you are pregnant or your child is too young to go out. Easy to assemble. Available immediately. After the trial, please wrap the product in the outer box and packing material as it was delivered and return it to us within 1 week after receiving it. The sum of the three sides of the cardboard box is 200 cm.
[Image 2d56621-20-2517be9ffcb927502e0b-1.png&s3=56621-20-371a22bf6bb16de9b33bd1598d4658e7-960x960.png

■ All users will receive a coupon equivalent to the shipping fee when returning the main unit, which can be used when purchasing the main unit.
All customers who use this service will receive a “WELCOME Coupon ¥3,000*” that can be used when purchasing the main unit at the CURIO online store and is equivalent to the shipping fee when returning. *WELCOME coupons can only be used at the CURIO online store. It can be used only once per person and is valid for one year.
■ We deliver safe products whose quality has been confirmed. All strollers that you try out will be serviced, disinfected, and cleaned on a regular basis, and will be sent in a condition that you can use with peace of mind in terms of quality and safety.
*Please note that we may ask you to complete a questionnaire when renting out the item.
*For other details and precautions regarding application and handling, please refer to the link below.
*This service is for individual customers only. If you are a corporation, group, or other group, we will respond separately, so please contact us.
Curio trial service:
CURIO Customer Service
Telephone 058-271-7430/FAX 058-213-5388
Business hours 10:00-17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays, weekends and holidays)

Features of the domestic stroller CURIO stroller
[Image 3d56621-20-7ae2ce58f61102efb584-3.jpg&s3=56621-20-c661d48765361a082ba62a41dfb3f2a8-1440x1920.jpg

The production of the Japanese-born Curios Roller, which was launched in 2009 with the idea of ​​“not just a tool for carrying children, but a vehicle that can be played with,” was supported by the designers and craftsmen who support Japanese manufacturing. I’m here. Through continuous development and improvement, we have grown into a domestic stroller brand that is loved by families with small children as an easy-to-use stroller that is both durable and safe.
Reference article: Business + IT “Why are CURIO’s luxury strollers popular with ikumen?” ”
■ Product overview
Product name: Curios Roller A
Size: Width 52 cm Height 99 cm Depth 71 cm (when used), Width 52 cm Height 99 cm Depth 38 cm (when folded)
Weight: 7.9kg
Target age: 3 months after birth (after sitting on the neck) to around 3 years old (weight 15 kg)
Standards and safety standards: EN1888 (European safety standards) certified, PL insurance subscribed
■ Design, design, operability
[Image 4d56621-20-78d36d04eac8fae25a33-4.jpg&s3=56621-20-21468cde4346dd04d5f8ca24a0901d52-1920x1440.jpg
◯ A high seat where you can put a shopping basket under the seat. The design makes it easy for children to get on and off without being affected by glare from the ground or cold weather.
◯ When folded, it does not take up space and stands on its own, so you don’t have to worry about where to put it in the entrance or in a limited space. If you remove both the front and rear wheels, it becomes even more compact, making it very convenient for storage and carrying in a car.
◯The suspension and large tires absorb rattling vibrations even on bumps and bumpy roads, making it easy to push without having to hold the steering wheel. I will give it to you.
◯The Curio Stroller is so maneuverable that it is surprisingly easy to navigate through automatic ticket gates, in elevators, and in busy shops. The wheelbase (the length from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel) has been designed to be as short as possible, and by adopting a single tire for the front wheel that moves smoothly in the direction you push, it has excellent operability with a tight turn. realized.
[Image 5d56621-20-d4be431fc00e2cdc9c71-7.jpg&s3=56621-20-45c985175bcc5c0dbccc02edd20f2ef4-1080x1440.jpg
◯ Shopping in the park. Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and BBQ. Responding to seasonal changes in weather and temperature. We offer genuine accessories that allow you to choose what you need according to your application and purpose.
◯The frame is the same high-strength aluminum alloy with an outer diameter of 22 mm as a sports wheelchair. Since it is the same size as mountain bikes and road racers, it is possible to equip it with bicycle parts such as grips, handle extension bars, LED lights, and various holders.
◯The seat has a hammock structure with no board in the back. With a shape that gently wraps around the child’s body, it can be reclined by opening and closing the zipper on the back of the seat. In addition, it can be easily put on and taken off with a zipper without the use of tools, so it can be washed completely, so you can keep the areas that your child’s skin touches clean.
[Image 6d56621-20-501936281b78e06cbeb4-8.jpg&s3=56621-20-694c120e28199fb84162f4cbfeebcec8-1920x1440.jpg
■ Domestic quality
[Image 7d56621-20-3cf1b6b8aacb43afa198-2.png&s3=56621-20-5d5282582ca65ca1e0577930f89e06fe-1920x1440.png
◯The production of Japanese-born curios rollers is supported by the hands of designers and craftsmen who support Japanese manufacturing. Welding and polishing for bending of high-strength and durable aluminum frame. The beauty of the finish and the baking finish of the frame that makes it last longer. Three-dimensional seat sewing that affects the comfort of sitting. And all the parts that have been strictly checked are carefully assembled one by one. Furthermore, the completed stroller is carefully inspected by maintenance staff who repair and maintain it before shipping.
Because it is the first ride for children, the curio stroller is particular about domestic production, and we would like to deliver safe and reliable products to everyone who enjoys raising children all over the country.
◯ By using the repair and maintenance service (charged), the Curio Stroller can be maintained so that it can be transferred to multiple children, including siblings, relatives, and friends. All parts other than the durable frame are designed to be replaceable, so you can restore the same running performance as when you bought it.
Vision “Sustainable domestic stroller brand”
The average lifespan of a typical stroller in Japan is said to be about 2 to 3 years, and it is often positioned as a “consumable item”. However, at CURIO, it is precisely because each product is
manufactured by professional craftsmen with the utmost care that we provide overhauls and maintenance services so that our customers can use our products for a long time.
Strollers that are no longer needed and returned to our company after their role has been overhauled are donated to public facilities such as museums and art galleries, where they can be used in other situations. We hope that many customers will use recycled products for the Curio Trial Service.
[Image 8d56621-20-5e9f0f0d3020a2b608ce-6.jpg&s3=56621-20-9695069aa5864e91ec529e51697b4ad7-1920x720.jpg
“Not only for the first child, but also for the second and third children”, “Not only for children but also for grandchildren”, “Not only for strollers but also for other uses”. We will continue to develop new products and businesses, including this service, aiming to become a “sustainable domestic stroller brand” that will be handed down and loved for a long time beyond such generations and uses. Curio Co., Ltd. Yosuke Takahashi
Curio trial service:
Details about this release:


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