Current Motor Co., Ltd. How did the old car rider come to like the old car? A big investigation by the old car king!

Current Motor Co., Ltd.
What made an old car rider fall in love with an old car? A big investigation by the old car king!
~ Old car king surveys the voices of users who like old cars ~
Current Automobile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Daisuke Egashira), which operates the “old car king” purchase service specializing in old cars, targets 150 people who are interested in old cars. We have conducted a survey on why you fell in love with , so we will inform you of the survey results.
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Survey background
People have different reasons for falling in love with something, but old cars give the ultimate impression even within the large category of automobiles. It may be difficult for the general public to understand that you keep driving an old car that is expensive and heavily taxed.
Therefore, in the old car king, why did old car lovers fall in love with old cars? I asked!
Survey target
・Survey period: In-house survey
・ Survey target: 150 men and women who are interested in old cars ・ Survey period: September 29, 2022 to October 10, 2022
・Survey method: Internet survey
・Survey content: Q1. What made you fall in love with old cars? *Cars made before 2010 are defined as old cars Q2. What is the body type of the old cars you own (or had)? *Cars made before 2010 are defined as old cars.Please tell us what made you choose the body type of Q3.Q2. Survey outline
Q1.What made you fall in love with old cars? * Vehicles made before 2010 are defined as old vehicles.
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When asked about the reason why they liked old cars, the most common answer was “other” at 36.0%.
There were a lot of unique answers, so I would like to introduce some of them. 40 years ago, I saw it in a used car information magazine and liked the styling. It’s been a dream car since it was released.
I liked him since he was active
From memories of youth
Because it’s a car from when I was young
What I saw in the city and a factory tour when I was in elementary school When I got my license in 1963, I saw it running and thought it looked cool. At that time (41 years ago), I fell in love with my current car when I saw it in a used car information magazine.
When I was young, I saw a car magazine and thought it was the car I wanted to drive when I got older.
The latest cars that I liked from that time have become old cars as time has passed
It must have been a very strong impression, and it seems that there are many people who say that it was a car that they remembered from their youth, and that they fell in love at first sight at the time of its release and could not forget it.
Nowadays, you can easily search for used cars on the internet, get information, and listen to engine sounds on video without going to a car shop, but at that time, it was mainstream to look at used car magazines and go directly to the car shop. did.
In other opinion,
Because there are many well-made cars with extravagant development costs I don’t like the design of the new model
Because there are no attractive new cars
There were some opinions that the new cars that are currently on sale are not appealing.
It seems that there are not a few people who prefer old-fashioned designs. The second most common answer was “Because I thought it would be nice to see it at an event or on the street”, with a result of 18.0%. Is this also a feeling close to love at first sight?
The encounter with an old car may come suddenly.
Q2.What is the body type of the old car that you own (or had)? * Vehicles made before 2010 are defined as old vehicles.
[Image 3d35350-74-c0aba7ef343be695efe0-2.png&s3=35350-74-427660680ca4639dc984541a28cc7113-3196x1946.png
1st place: Coupe 38.0%
2nd place: Sedan 21.3%
3rd place: Open 11.3%
4th place: SUV 10.0%
5th place: station wagon 8.0%
* Excerpt from top 5
When we asked old car enthusiasts about the body type of the old car they owned (used to have), the most common answer was “coupe” at 38.0%.
After all, sports cars generally have an image of a coupe, so many people choose a coupe.
Second, why did you choose that body type? I asked him about the reason for this.
Please tell us the reason why you chose the body type of Q3.Q2. When I asked why I chose the body type that I answered in Q2, I gathered opinions with each characteristic, so I will introduce some in order of ranking.
1st place coupe
style and aesthetics
Fashionable endure
It looks like a sports car
Because it was sporty and cool
The car happened to be that shape
It’s the supercar generation
light weight
It was the car that the main character of the cartoon was driving. Second place sedan
Combined with practicality
Considering the convenience of everyday use
Sedan is the mainstream of old cars
Because most of the existing vehicle body types are 4-door hardtops Because I thought it was convenient for riding for a long time because the degree was good
The car is decided to be a sedan
for family
3rd place open
because it feels refreshing
My dream since I was young, to ride a SPORTSCar
longed-for car model
Because it is easy to wave to people along the road at events I wanted to drive with a beautiful woman next to me like in the movie 4th place SUV
Because there is a ruggedness that doesn’t exist now
For towing a camping trailer
Convenient for leisure, mountain and sea. Because it’s 4WD
5th place station wagon
Because the coupe was inconvenient after the birth of a child Because it is practical because it can carry luggage
Convenient for families
interior space
It seems that there are many reasons why the coupe is sporty and has a beautiful body shape, the open car is exhilarating, and the desire to drive an open car is the reason.
Some people answered that sedans are also practical, but when it comes to old cars, sedans! There was also a hot opinion.
On the other hand, SUVs and station wagons had the impression that many people chose old cars that also served as practicality. Camping and sleeping in the car are popular these days, so it might be possible to try that as well!
Survey summary
In this survey, we found that some people want to drive a car that they couldn’t drive when they were young, and that the reason they fell in love with old cars is because they have long admired them. In addition, there were also harsh opinions that the new cars that are currently on sale are not appealing.
If you like old cars, you may feel that modern high-tech cars are a little different.
There are various reasons why I chose an old car with that body type. Of course, the car I wanted just happened to have that body shape, but I was able to feel everyone’s passion for cars.
You can check past survey results from our corporate website▼
What is the old car king
Old Car King specializes in old cars and has been specializing in buying old cars for over 21 years. In addition to making an assessment based only on the model year, mileage, and grade, we also check all kinds of information, such as engine condition, suspension condition, underside rust, steering condition, chassis number and engine number. We have realized expensive purchase of old cars by. We are especially good at sports cars, special models, and rare cars.
◆ Old car king:
What is a current car
Current Motor Co., Ltd. has a vision of “becoming an automobile remanufacturer with car tech”, and is engaged in the business of repairing and restoring valuable used cars, increasing their value, and redistributing them to the market. Since 2000, we have specialized in cars that are difficult to handle in the automotive aftermarket industry and have diversified our peripheral businesses. Our strength is that we can complete everything from purchases to parts supply, repairs, and sales (wholesale/retail) in-house. We are also strongly promoting this automobile remanufacturing business using IT, another of our strengths. The hyper-consumption era of buying new cars and scrapping them is coming to an end, and the world is about to change to a recycling-oriented society. We will continue to work so that the use of used cars will spread further and society will improve. ◆ Current Motor Co., Ltd.:

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