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Cyberlink Video editing software PowerDirector 365 / Photo editing software PhotoDirector 365 October 2022 content update

Video editing software PowerDirector 365 Photo editing software PhotoDirector 365 October 2022 content update
Add videos, decorative stickers for photo editing, and fonts
Taipei, Taiwan (October 21, 2022) CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW): CyberLink, which develops multimedia software such as video playback and video/photo editing, has the No. 1* domestic sales share for seven consecutive years. Additional content for video editing software “PowerDirector 365” and photo editing software “PhotoDirector 365” is now available.
-Common to PowerDirector 365 / PhotoDirector 365-
■Halloween stickers
14 types of stickers that are fun but a little scary to liven up Halloween. [Image 1d5271-178-986773ae8c915b461f6e-0.png&s3=5271-178-166f741df9168ebae9ae00b21e447387-1307x752.png
▷ Sample video
■ Autumn stickers
15 types of stickers that make you feel the arrival of autumn. [Image 2d5271-178-0d48dac08986a73f4320-1.png&s3=5271-178-176c9407334ada3f617743a328d5785b-1336x775.png
▷ Sample video
■ Added new fonts
19 new fonts that allow you to create works full of beautiful typography. [Image 3d5271-178-543ebc5785289662c8fe-2.png&s3=5271-178-777de602963824727480ee7cc42024a0-1178x821.png
■ BGM Prelude
Just like the names Prelude and Overture, there are 10 types of royalty-free BGM that excite the beginning of the work with light melodies.
▷Sample -PowerDirector 365-
■ Fisheye transition
10 transitions with a fisheye effect.
[Image 4d5271-178-7e38ad81e984b0cabcb9-3.png&s3=5271-178-06ce41a0342422a801044a5ee620d12c-1275x731.png
▷ Sample video
■Social Media Video Templates
10 video templates to make your social media posts look even better. [Image 5d5271-178-595e182f789b5ba3ce90-4.png&s3=5271-178-d7c5a69c8cac6df0ea93e45fa40ec09d-1322x785.png
▷ Sample video
■ Fashion video template
8 video templates that will make you feel like a model.
[Image 6d5271-178-7013b5bd733626103286-5.png&s3=5271-178-a2594876a1c463c92ce824891e19d59e-1320x781.png
▷ Sample video
▷ Sample video

*See below for supported content packs for PowerDirector 365 Mac version.
* BCN AWARD 2016 ~ 2022 Video related software category Best award -Link list-
Power Director:
Photo Director:
PowerDirector Official Instagram: PhotoDirector Official Instagram: Cyberlink official blog
We deliver the know-how of video editing and photo editing.
Introducing the basics of editing useful for YouTube, SNS posting, business, etc. and advanced techniques.
■ About Cyberlink
Cyberlink was founded in 1996. A world leader and pioneer in digital multimedia that runs on personal computers. Our talented software engineers own a number of patent-backed technologies, especially codecs. CyberLink has built its reputation on providing the world’s leading PC manufacturers with advanced technology and speedy time-to-market. Our business partners are PC makers, drive makers, graphics card makers, etc., who are leaders in the IT industry. ■ Cyberlink software
CyberLink has four themes (concepts) in order to provide software that can handle digital media with simple operation, from those who use PCs for the first time to experts.
l Create – Enables professional-level video editing using footage captured with a video camera. (PowerDirector series)
l Play – Play any media such as Blu-ray(TM), DVD, video files. (PowerDVD series) l Mobile – We develop and provide playback and editing apps for Android(TM), iOS(R), Windows(R) 11 and 10.
l Cloud – Sync videos, photos and music between your PC and your smartphone or tablet, and securely backup your video and photo editing projects and templates.
■ About this news release
The content and product information described in this news release may change in the future due to changes in market trends, social conditions, management policies, etc. CyberLink Corporation does not guarantee the permanent consistency of the content described in this news release.
Copyright 2022 CyberLink Corp. All rights reserved.
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