D-SHiPS32 The 4th Nagano Prefectural Parasports Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 22nd! Let’s enjoy para sports together!

-Make sports more accessible-The 4th Nagano Prefectural Parasports Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 22nd! Let’s enjoy para sports together!
Would you like to share “time”, “place” and “experience” with para sports?
NPO D-SHiPS32 will hold the prefectural parasports tournament, which is being rolled out nationwide, for the 4th time in Nagano Prefecture. When people hear the word “sports for the disabled” (para sports), many people have a stereotyped notion that it is a sport that only disabled people can do. It is a sport that you can enjoy. Why don’t you share “time”, “place” and “experience” through such para sports? D-SHiPS32 believes that sharing “experiences” is necessary for a symbiotic society.
■The event will be Boccia!
Boccia was an official event at the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. From small children to the elderly, it is a sport that even beginners can enjoy immediately. Let’s share “experience” in boccia! Sponsor: You can see various activities conducted by NPO D-SHiPS32 and past competitions from the following page.
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■ NPO corporation D-SHiPS32 HP: https://d-ships32.com/
■ NPO corporation D-SHiPS32 Event information:
■ NPO D-SHiPS32 Voyage Diary: https://note.com/dships32/m/maf3bc99aee6a [Image 2d26926-18-114450096a184eff2f93-1.jpg&s3=26926-18-e4b3ae998829a5cb8378c9351389690a-1000x666.jpg
《Overview of the 4th Nagano Prefectural Parasports Tournament》 Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022
■ Time: Scheduled from 0:30 pm to 4:00 pm (Reception starts at 12:00 pm) ■ Place: Nagano City Big Hat (inside the industrial fair)
3-22-2 Wakasato, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture 380-0928
*For information and inquiries regarding access, parking, etc., please use the link below.
■ Event: Boccia
■ Organizer: NPO corporation D-SHiPS32
Co-sponsored by: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Institute of Physical Education and Medicine
■ Special cooperation: NEC
■ Supported by: Nagano City, Nagano Chamber of Commerce and Industry ■ Participation qualifications: None in particular. The team consists of people who have experience in parasports, as well as people who want to learn more about parasports and people who want to support it. *Please apply with 3 to 10 people per team (2 or more teams from the same company, school, local government, professional sports team, etc. can participate)
Application method: Access the application form from Google form (https://forms.gle/T1swUBu9HdWBQoJz8) or the QR code on the leaflet, enter the team name, number of participants, representative
information, etc., October 14 Please apply by Sunday (Friday). *We will close as soon as we reach the capacity.
*We are also looking for volunteer staff through the above form! [Image 3d26926-18-69904cfd72248d1799f3-2.jpg&s3=26926-18-cf22b03f67a42a71f4990dc5f5fe08e9-1000x666.jpg
・As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, we will check your physical condition and measure your temperature at the reception on the day.
・If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, or if you are not feeling well, we will refuse your participation.
・Please wear a mask. (Excluding those who have difficulty wearing it due to health reasons)
In addition, depending on the situation of the spread of infection, it may be postponed or canceled. Please note.
We hope that it will help spread and develop parasports, create a movement for the future, and expand the circle of local communities. Please feel free to join us!
[Image 4d26926-18-6532ad5e1f5ea3318dbe-3.jpg&s3=26926-18-392ff35579e721cbd3f3944a2559853c-1000x666.jpg
《Regarding the tournament organizer: D-SHiPS32, a non-profit organization》 Representative Uehara retired after winning the silver medal at the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics. We are planning para sports competitions in various places where able-bodied people and people with
disabilities share the same time and place, and planning camps where families of children with disabilities can participate.
[Image 5d26926-18-2ccf03f555062d8548a1-4.jpg&s3=26926-18-a1e800d23f1e916d1e4de3c9f2c4553a-1000x666.jpg

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