D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd. Announcing the 12th monthly title of the final “100 titles free” campaign f or the 20th anniversary of “Project EGG”! 7 titles such as “Hydride”, “Fantasia”, “Bolfes and the Five Demons” are f ree!

D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd.
-News- “Project EGG” 20th anniversary campaign final “100 titles free” monthly 12th title announced! 7 titles such as “Hydride”, “Fantasia”, “Bolfes and the Five Demons” are free!

On October 24, 2022 (Monday), D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Naoto Suzuki), which handles reprinting and distribution of retro games, celebrated the 20th anniversary of Project EGG in November last year. To commemorate this, the “20th Anniversary Campaign” is being held. The 20th anniversary is full of highlights, such as increasing the return rate of 1 million AC points and free delivery of a total of 100 titles every month. This time, we are announcing the “12th edition” of the monthly free title! In the 12th and final installment, starting with major works such as “Hydride”, “Fantasia”, and “Super Ray Dock”, we will deliver works that are satisfying enough for free! There are also classic golf games from the early days, so be sure to check them out.
[Image 1

20th anniversary logo
■ The 12th monthly free title!
Some paid titles will be distributed free of charge for a limited time. The title changes every month, and a total of 100 titles are available for free (monthly usage fee for EGG service is charged). [12th lineup (October 24th to November 23rd)] * ​​Scheduled
1) Hydride (T&E SOFT / PC-6601 version / Action RPG / Released in 1985) [Image 2d69696-167-451bbc147f31f1804625-1.jpg&s3=69696-167-77d7a26fce00b24b7b48002c755f2d36-1055x228.jpg
game screen 1
The first in T&E Soft’s masterpiece active role-playing game series, released in 1985.
“Become the brave young Jim, retrieve the lost jewels, defeat the demon Valaris, and restore peace to Fairyland.”
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1787 2) Fantasia (Crystal Soft / PC-8801 / Role Playing Game / Released in 1985) [Image 3d69696-167-e91883ed3ffce2900df6-2.jpg&s3=69696-167-5a87e9c2ccfb38423397dc5b09971ba3-1054x222.jpg
game screen 2
A simple and orthodox RPG released in 1985 that focuses on dungeon exploration and combat.
The great sage Ghazal and his five disciples rushed to Castle Gaillard to destroy the demon king Bill Ades…
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1788 3) Super Raydock Mission Striker (T&E SOFT / X1 version / shooting game / released in 1987)
[Image 4d69696-167-e0573f782dc226333f96-3.jpg&s3=69696-167-b756edd15cfe4f120d7e6db7a88f3096-1056x223.jpg
game screen 3
A sequel to the company’s shooting game series released by T&E Soft in 1987. “Ride the Neo Stormy Gunner and throw yourself into a dogfight with the Gilsen army!”
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1789 4) Jihad (Crystal Soft / PC-8801mkIISR version / Action RPG / Released in 1987) [Image 5d69696-167-09e3d106fd73b239f83e-4.jpg&s3=69696-167-82e991899a1d816ac5137102a00b668e-1052x218.jpg
game screen 4
An action RPG released in 1987 by Crystal Soft, which produced “Phantom Heart”. “Let’s become a young adventurer and set out on an adventure to recover the Ark that was stolen by the Demon King!” You can fight the final boss immediately with the privilege data.
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1790 5) 3D Golf Simulation Super Version (T&E SOFT / PC-6601 version / sports game / released in 1985)
[Image 6d69696-167-46be4203b5ced6a43978-5.jpg&s3=69696-167-2eaad4c3a291768cd78abd4ce2956971-1054x225.jpg
game screen 5
A pioneering title for 3D golf games that is indispensable when talking about golf games in the early days.
This is an enhanced version of the “3D golf simulation”, and is easy to play thanks to its speed-up all-machine language, and supports up to 4-player multiplayer!
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1791 6) Providence (System Sacom / PC-8801mkIISR version / Action RPG / Released in 1989)
[Image 7d69696-167-42c229458073ce48bf5a-6.jpg&s3=69696-167-783f6e8a5910d64da4fd3de4df6088ad-1054x223.jpg
game screen 6
An excellent action RPG released by System Sacom in 1989, with a low-key story and an active adventure!
“Become a young man with a strong sense of justice and set out on an adventure to restore peace to the island!”
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1792 7) Volfes and the Five Devils (Crystal Soft / MSX version / Action RPG / Released in 1987)
[Image 8d69696-167-65d363c79aa7f740bafb-7.jpg&s3=69696-167-0da9b4f64b83c7544a586bd7a8cd9ecb-1053x266.jpg
game screen 7
A masterpiece action RPG released by Crystal Soft in 1987.
Become an apprentice magician Volfes and set out on an adventure to punish the great demon Niken Nikex in grasslands, forests, deserts, lava areas, ice worlds, and castles!
 Product page URL:
 https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/game/?product_id=1793 ■ Scramble for 1 million AC points! Great reduction of up to 50%! Until the total amount of redemption points during the campaign period reaches 1 million AC points, the normal 10% redemption rate will be “up to a maximum of 50%!”
■ Up to 85% off paid titles being distributed by Project EGG! ! During the campaign period, you can get up to 85% off about 800 paid titles being distributed by Project EGG!
■ 20th anniversary special page
A special page commemorating the 20th anniversary has also been released, and comments from nostalgic manufacturers are also posted. If you are a retro game fan, please take a look.
https://www.amusement-center.com/project/egg/landing/#utm_source=EGG%20TOP&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=%E3%83%97%E3%83%AD%E3%82%B8%E3%82% A7%E3%82%AF%E3%83%88EGG%2020%E5%91%A8%E5%B9%B4
■ About D4 Enterprise
Japan-based retro game developer and publisher. A pioneer in the retro game business, we have been reprinting and distributing retro games for 20 years. So far, we have reprinted nearly 2,000 titles on platforms such as Windows, Nintendo Wii, WiiU, 3DS, iPhone, and Android, and you can enjoy various retro games at Project EGG operated by the company.
“Project EGG” official website:
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