Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Started a demonstration experiment aimed at “horizontal recycling” of excess paper from the production of insulating paper cups into the same product

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Started a demonstration experiment aimed at “horizontal recycling” of excess paper from the production of insulating paper cups into the same product

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) uses paper (factory waste paper) that does not become a product, such as margins generated in the manufacturing process of “DNP Insulation Paper Cup HI-CUP (R)” * 1, We have started a demonstration experiment for building a “resource recycling system” that will be commercialized at the factory. This time, all waste paper from the heat insulating paper cups at the Yokohama Plant (Kanagawa Prefecture), which had previously been treated as industrial waste, was used and re-commercialized
(horizontal recycling) as outer packaging paper (waste paper) for the same product, which has a two-layer structure. Aim to do
In 2016, as the first step in the operation of the “resource recycling system,” DNP installed “coasters” at the Tanabe Plant (Kyoto Prefecture), which manufactures packaging materials. We have commercialized * 2 using waste paper, and this time will be the second initiative.
*1 About “DNP insulation paper cup HI-CUP”:
https://www.dnp.co.jp/biz/solution/products/detail/1188759_1567.html *2 Released on September 16, 2016 “Building a Resource Recycling System that Utilizes and Recycles Paper Discarded During Product Manufacturing”: https://www.dnp.co.jp/news/detail/1188143_1587. html [About the background of building a “resource recycling system” and this initiative]
In recent years, the amount of energy consumed in people’s lives and economic activities has increased, and the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of nature due to resource extraction have accelerated. It is In response to these issues, manufacturers of daily necessities, food products, etc. and DNP are actively promoting the use of forest-certified paper (paper made from wood from properly managed forests) and recycled paper in order to prevent deforestation due to overcutting of timber. We are promoting the use of eco-friendly and sustainable paper.
Since 1998, DNP has also been developing and providing “Insulated Paper Cups” that improve heat insulation so that hot food can be eaten as is. This product consists of an inner paper cup with a polyethylene layer and an outer paper. Conventionally, there were no paper manufacturers that could recycle both at the same time, so factory waste paper was incinerated as industrial waste. This time, with the aim of building a “resource recycling system” to solve this problem, we have started a demonstration experiment to reuse the waste paper of the “DNP Insulated Paper Cup HI-CUP” as a resource.
This “resource recycling system” works in collaboration with a paper manufacturing company to re-use factory waste paper from insulating paper cups as part of the pulp raw material for the outer packaging paper of the same product. In paper recycling, there is the problem that the quality of products gradually deteriorates each time used paper is reused. This will lead to the prevention of deterioration of ■ Flow of resource circulation system
1. At DNP factories, waste paper for insulating paper cups is collected 2. Pulp the waste paper from 1. at a paper manufacturer
3. At a paper manufacturer, white paperboard is manufactured using the pulp from 2 as part of the raw material.
4. At the DNP factory, the white paperboard from 3. is recycled as outer packaging paper for insulating paper cups.
■Features of remanufacturing heat-insulating paper cups using a resource recycling system
Factory waste paper for insulation paper cups, which was
conventionally treated as industrial waste, can be recycled. Realization of remanufacturing into “primary packaging materials” that directly package contents such as food and daily necessities Contributing to resolving industry issues such as “quality
deterioration of used paper” in recycling
【the next deployment】
DNP will proceed with demonstration tests to establish this “resource recycling system,” and work to expand it to each of the Group’s factories. In addition, we will always strive to balance business expansion and global environmental conservation, and by strengthening cooperation with various stakeholders, we will further promote initiatives aimed at realizing a sustainable society.
DNP will exhibit at TOKYO PACK 2022 (2022 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition), which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 12 (Wednesday) to 14 (Friday), 2022, to introduce this service.
* Click here for the official website of TOKYO PACK 2022:
* Click here for DNP’s TOKYOPACK 2022 exhibition overview:
https://www.dnp.co.jp/biz/eventseminar/event/10162951_1594.html ■ Related releases
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