Daicel Corporation Ballpoint pens using our cellulose acetate resin are adopted in a project adopted by the Ministry of the Environment

Daicel Corporation
A ballpoint pen using our cellulose acetate resin was adopted in a project adopted by the Ministry of the Environment.
-Starting distribution as a novelty at the Sogo Hiroshima store from October 4-
Daicel Corporation (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshimi Ogawa) is conducting a project (Ministry of the Environment’s “2022 Local We are pleased to inform you that a ballpoint pen using our cellulose acetate resin has been adopted as a novelty for the Blue Ocean Vision Promotion Project.
This project will use the Sogo Hiroshima store as a base for raising awareness and disseminating information on marine litter, providing opportunities to select ethical*1 products more closely, conducting environmental learning, and introducing advanced initiatives by companies and organizations. is what you do. It is expected to be an “advanced initiative” that promotes understanding of the marine litter problem and leads to behavioral change. As a member of the “GREEN SEA Setouchi Hiroshima Platform” (abbreviated as “GSHIP”), we will exhibit a panel in this project, and we will provide a ballpoint pen using our cellulose acetate resin adopted this time as a novelty. .
Ballpoint pens using cellulose acetate resin
Cellulose acetate is an eco-friendly plastic that is made from trees and returns to nature. Since it has been confirmed to biodegrade in seawater, it has been attracting attention in recent years as one of the materials that contributes to solving the problem of marine litter. Daicel made a ballpoint pen using this cellulose acetate resin.
About the Local Blue Ocean Vision Promotion Project
GREEN SEA Setouchi Hiroshima Platform (abbreviated as “GSHIP”) https://www.pref.hiroshima.lg.jp/site/eco/greenseaplatform.html *1 Thoughts and actions that consider people, the global environment, society, and the region
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