Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. New sweets rebranded from Hokkaido’s famous sweets landed in Tokyo for the first time! Daimaru Tokyo store seasonal sweets

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
New sweets that rebrand Hokkaido’s famous confectionery landed in Tokyo for the first time! Daimaru Tokyo store seasonal sweets November 2nd (Wednesday) to November 8th (Tuesday) / Daimaru Tokyo store basement/first floor Hoppe Town

A new product from Hokkaido’s famous confectionery -Northman-, which has been loved for over 40 years, has landed in Tokyo for the first time! “Nama Norseman”, which is an evolution of Norseman with fresh cream, was released in Hokkaido in October this year and is a popular product that draws long lines every day. In addition, -Chikori-Mura- will be making its first appearance in the Tokyo metropolitan area, “Kurikinton Raw Bread,” which uses 7 chestnuts worth of chestnuts. Introducing the 3 seasonal sweets brands of Daimaru Tokyo.
(Above) Pie manju made with red bean paste from Hokkaido wrapped in a pie to reduce sweetness and create a moist texture. Since its release in 1974, it has been loved for half a century and is a famous confection representing Hokkaido. Appeared in a new package with motifs of textiles and knitting that can feel the northern country culture. (Bottom) Fresh confectionery that has evolved richly by adding plenty of fresh cream made from raw milk from Hokkaido to the original Norseman. You can enjoy a cross-cultural mix of pie dough, red bean paste, and fresh cream, and a harmony of texture and flavor. -Norseman- (Top) Norseman (5 pieces) ¥980, (8 pieces) ¥1,580, (Bottom) Raw Norseman (4 pieces) ¥980/1st floor MAP 2.
* Until 11/15 (Tue)
[Image 1d5342-1721-4504f69b592b1266b3c6-0.jpg&s3=5342-1721-1dbda321a6075354a526a44872445dc7-462x346.jpg
First landing in Tokyo!
[Image 2d5342-1721-260f038f41fb558bdcc9-1.jpg&s3=5342-1721-e8d3b3abd725f4ee702c9a169ed9ec33-520x346.jpg
new package
[Image 3d5342-1721-b41fbf293c8a565ea511-2.jpg&s3=5342-1721-e09e17fd44b0b1dda39652b1d39fa7a7-462x347.jpg
In Nakatsugawa City, the birthplace of chestnut kinton, there is a line every day for raw chestnut kinton bread. It is a popular product that sells more than 1000 bottles a day on busy days. Kurikinton The raw bread made with 7 chestnuts over 2 days is recommended to be eaten as it is. When toasted, you can enjoy the flavor of roasted chestnuts, and it goes well with butter.
– Chikori Village – Chestnut Kinton Raw Bread (1 loaf) 1,800 yen / 1st floor MAP 1.
[Image 4d5342-1721-4ab01ef994279400182a-3.jpg&s3=5342-1721-91511f9e69023ab3f757cf1109d17ab8-465x349.jpg
First appearance in the metropolitan area!
(Top) Chocolate with a new texture made by a special method that includes air. A satisfying chocolate sandwich with thick chocolate and crispy langue de chat. (Bottom) Gama chocolate with a good balance between the rich aroma of cacao and the sweetness of milk. It is a simple and rich grain with just the right amount of sweetness and the flavor of high-quality milk.
-cacaosic- (top) cacaosic pistachio (set of 4) 1,576 yen, (set of 6) 2,365 yen, (set of 8) 3,153 yen, (bottom) raw chocolate milk (9 grains) 2, 197 yen/basement MAP3.
*Until 3/28 (Tue.)
[Image 5d5342-1721-1efb5ce0564d9fce596a-4.jpg&s3=5342-1721-360eb69c2bce0b5cc72f2e9e5704a746-381x286.jpg
[Image 6d5342-1721-87a0cec386b563a474b3-5.jpg&s3=5342-1721-e11dad39801e5391cee618782b3157a9-381x285.jpg
*All prices include tax.
[Image 7d5342-1721-77622f32e4c00311057f-6.jpg&s3=5342-1721-6d222ccb0eb881f763eece4881bb0a61-630x397.jpg
[Image 8d5342-1721-0e5bf5b8b902f817f056-7.jpg&s3=5342-1721-6990743ee9652b9ede0597d718573168-644x406.jpg

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