Daito Kigyo Co., Ltd. The Daito Kigyo Group, which was founded in 1996, has renewed its corporate site under t he new corporate purpose of “NEXT FOOD CULTURE GLOCALLY.”

Daito Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1996, the “Daito Enterprise Group” has renewed its corporate site under the new corporate purpose of “NEXT FOOD CULTURE GLOCALLY.”
While cherishing the tradition of food culture, we will open up the shape of future food with innovative ideas and passion.

Daito Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takuya Kitao), which operates restaurants such as “Private Kaiseki Kitaoji” mainly in the Ginza area, will renew its corporate website on October 25, 2022. , released the new philosophy system of the Daito Group.
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Background of corporate website renewal
Daito Enterprise has developed its restaurant business mainly in Ginza, and has grown as a long-loved brand with the support of many customers, producers, and business partners.
With the registration of “Washoku” as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, the demand for Japanese food is increasing around the world. In addition, we have renewed our corporate site under the new corporate purpose of “NEXT FOOD CULTURE GLOCALLY”.
We aim to be a food and beverage group that realizes a sustainable society so that we can enhance the appeal of Japanese food culture together with our culinary craftsmanship, disseminate it both domestically and internationally, and revitalize the food and beverage industry affected by the new corona. increase.
Daito Corporate Group Corporate Site
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New purpose, mission and vision
The restaurant brands of Daito companies have grown together with the town of Ginza. In order to continue to please local customers, we will continue to raise the value of Japanese food culture while being proud of ourselves as chefs, contribute to the people of the region and the world through food culture, and tell the story of all food cultures to the next generation. I’m going to spin it.
■Mission: Making local people and society more enjoyable through the skills of chefs who convey Japanese food culture
The Daito Company, which operates restaurants mainly in Ginza, will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary. We will continue to disseminate Japanese food culture with our chef’s craftsmanship and innovative ideas so that local customers will be pleased.
■Vision: Opening up the future of food with the craftsmanship of chefs In order to increase the value of Japanese food culture, we will continue to refine the craftsmanship of our chefs while incorporating new ideas, pursue new ways of sustainable food, and work to solve social problems.

Philosophy system of the Daito corporate group
Purpose of the Daito Group -NEXT FOOD CULTURE GLOCALLY-
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Focusing on Ginza, cherishing local people
take pride in being a professional
Discovering new value as a leader of change
Challenge unexplored areas without being constrained by frameworks HUMANITY
Respect individuality and grow spiritually

A professional community of chefs
Creating an environment where “Japanese food chefs” can work overseas Currently, there is only one overseas store, “Kitaoji Bangkok”, which is operated in Thailand, but we plan to aggressively expand overseas in the future. Bringing Japanese food culture to the world. In order to deliver authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by professional chefs, the Daito Corporate Group is training chefs who can play an active role overseas.
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Kitaoji Bangkok Branch
chef’s inspiration
Professional chefs who have an insatiable curiosity about “food” and value tradition while enhancing the value of Japan’s excellent food culture for the next generation. In the Instagram chef community “creative.itamae” produced by Daito Enterprises, you can see photos of the chefs working at the store and many creative dishes.
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A counter in Ginza where young chefs can play an active role The store only has 10 counter seats. The new branch of “Private Kaiseki Kitaoji”, which is scheduled to open in Ginza next year, will actively employ young chefs at the counter. With the desire to convey Japanese food culture to the next generation, the entire Daito Group will focus on training young chefs.
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Counter seats where you can enjoy conversation with the chef (new store Perth) A 100-year-old company that stands the test of time
All brands of the Daedong Enterprise Group are operated under a long-term prosperity model with a medium- to long-term business plan of more than 10 years. continue. We provide a stable working environment for our employees.
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GLOBAL and LOCAL Towards a sustainable future
Itamae’s skill reflects the delicious ingredients of the four seasons and their charms in the dishes. The Daito Group will develop sustainable initiatives in order to weave this excellent Japanese food culture into the future.
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Original menu development by producers and chefs
At “Private Kaiseki Kitaoji”, as one of our sustainable efforts, we are developing products using vegetables from “Yamasodachi”, a group of organic farmers in Yamanashi Prefecture. We will pass on a sustainable food culture to the next generation by using ingredients filled with the passion of the producers.
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Members of Yamasodachi, an organic farmer group at the southern foot of Yatsugatake, Yamanashi Prefecture

About us
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Company name: Daito Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-5-6 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044
Representative: Takuya Kitao, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: March 1949
Phone number: 03-3257-0211 (representative)
URL: https://www.daitohkigyo.com/
Business: Restaurant planning and management, real estate rental business Details about this release:

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