DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. DATAFLUCT’s data platform “AirLake” is system-linked with Toshiba Digital Solutions’ “AI OCR character recognition service” and “RECAIUS knowledge platform”

DATAFLUCT’s data platform “AirLake” is system-linked with Toshiba Digital Solutions’ “AI OCR character recognition service” and “RECAIUS knowledge platform”
Combining character recognition and natural language processing to realize a one-stop service from reading document data to organizing, sharing, and utilizing it.

DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hayato Kumemura, hereinafter DATAFLUCT), which solves corporate and social issues with data science, aggregates various internal and external data and unstructured data Our no-code cloud data platform “AirLake”[*2], which has strengths in structuring[*1], and Toshiba Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Shunsuke Okada, hereinafter Toshiba Digital Solutions) will start linking with “AI OCR character recognition service [*3]” and “RECAIUS knowledge platform [*4]” from today. In this collaboration, various data such as forms and paper documents accumulated in “AirLake” will be converted and sorted into digital formats that are easy to use in business using “AI OCR character recognition service” and “RECAIUS knowledge platform”. and accumulate in “AirLake” again. This makes it easier to analyze and utilize the data afterward, contributing to problem solving and operational efficiency.
For example, when used for maintenance and inspection of equipment in the manufacturing industry, the “AI OCR character recognition service” can be used to convert documents and paper documents such as equipment inspection reports aggregated in “AirLake” into text, including free handwritten description fields. Automatic sorting improves the efficiency of inspection result input work. In addition, the RECAIUS Knowledge Platform extracts and accumulates the characteristics of each case from the data in the free-text column, making it easier to search for similar cases. As a result, it will be possible to perform one-stop processing from reading document data to organizing, sharing, and utilizing it, including free handwritten descriptions that were difficult to utilize in the past, contributing to shortening the response time and early resolution when equipment problems occur. is also expected.
This cooperative system can be used in a variety of industries that handle paper documents, including free handwritten descriptions, such as manufacturing, insurance, construction, and infrastructure. [Image 1

Background of collaboration
Our company and Toshiba Digital Solutions will start collaborating through the “Toshiba OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM 2020 [*5]” held by Toshiba Corporation in 2020, and in April 2021, we will develop a “machine that optimizes store-by-store visitor forecasts.” In March 2022, we signed a capital and business alliance agreement to develop the efforts of both companies [*8].
In this system collaboration, DATAFLUCT will receive various technical elements owned by Toshiba Digital Solutions as solution parts, commercialize them as new data utilization services, and quickly provide them to a wide range of markets to help customers grow and succeed. It will be the first collaborative effort after the capital and business alliance, which will be realized.
Details of linked services
1. Cooperation with “AI OCR character recognition service”
After storing paper documents that have been digitized using a multifunction device, etc. in “AirLake”, the documents are read and converted into data by linking with the “AI OCR character recognition service”. In addition to the function of reading handwritten characters including strikethroughs and balloons, as well as the function of reading the entire page, the function of identifying various types of forms, and the workflow function that can flexibly set the number of corrections and checks, etc. contributes to the efficiency of operations. In addition, the read data is accumulated in “AirLake” and can be used for various data analysis.
-Usage example- (Business: Read target)
■ All industries
・Quotation appraisal: Quotation, invoice
・Quality control, safety control: accident report, near-miss report ・Customer service: records of inquiries
・Public relations/advertising: advertising materials
■ Manufacturing
・Manufacturing/factory management: Equipment checklist
・Office in general: invoices, meeting materials, slips
・General payment and management: Inventory table
■ Distribution industry
・Shipping management: unified slips, shipping instructions, delivery slips, purchase slips
■ Construction industry
・Drawing design: drawing data
2. Cooperation with the RECAIUS Knowledge Platform
It is a service that contributes to shortening the response time and early resolution when incidents occur mainly during the operation and operation of factories, facilities, and provided services.
After structuring and analyzing text and voice data such as past incident reports, facility operation and operation manuals, sensor data, and Q&As stored in “AirLake”, they are classified and organized by device, defect, site, treatment, and cause. and manage them as a series of episodes. When an incident occurs, you can search for it using keywords such as location and cause, and you can compare the accumulated cases with the current situation based on the episode, and quickly obtain effective countermeasures even without past knowledge. the next deployment
Going forward, we will continue to contribute to solving corporate and social issues through data science through collaboration with partners who can streamline the processes required for data utilization. Joint booth at the 3rd AI/Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Autumn] to be held in October
[Image 2

A joint booth of DATAFLUCT and Toshiba Digital Solutions will be exhibited at the “3rd AI / Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Autumn]” to be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture from October 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday), 2022. To do. At the booth, we will demonstrate the services jointly developed by both companies and introduce use cases.
[Exhibition overview]
Name: 3rd AI/Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Autumn]
Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Date: October 26th (Wednesday) to October 28th (Friday), 2022 10:00-18:00 *until 17:00 on the last day only.
Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall 3 (5 minutes walk from Kaihin Makuhari Station on the JR Keiyo Line)
Booth location: Booth No. 11-52 (Go straight to the entrance/exit of Hall 3) *1: Arrangement of data (unstructured data), such as images, videos, voices, and documents, that cannot be handled in a fixed form as it is, into a structure that can be analyzed and utilized.
*2: AirLake
*3: AI OCR character recognition service *4: RECAIUS knowledge platform *5: Toshiba Corporation news release announced on July 13, 2020 “Toshiba OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM 2020” Starts collaborative studies with 18 participating companies, and the program starts in earnest Co-creation of business solutions that evolve industry and society, and active support for the expansion and acceleration of participating companies’ businesses *6: Toshiba Corporation Toshiba Clip
Forefront of Open Innovation (Part 1) What is a Healthy Goetsu Doshu?
The front line of open innovation (part 2) When large companies change
The front line of open innovation (Part 2) Towards the
“democratization” of data technology
*7: Announced on April 21, 2021, Toshiba Digital Solutions
Corporation, DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. News Release
Toshiba Digital Solutions and DATAFLUCT announce a machine learning solution that optimizes store visitor forecasts
-By linking cloud data infrastructure and automated machine learning, precise predictions can be made without the need for specialists-
*8: Announced on March 2, 2022 DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. news release Concluded a capital and business alliance with Toshiba Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.
Creation and provision of new data utilization services through collaboration between DATAFLUCT’s data-related full-stack business development capabilities and Toshiba’s cutting-edge technology
* GridDB and RECAIUS are registered trademarks or trademarks of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation in Japan and other countries. *Other company names and product names mentioned in this article may be used as trademarks or registered trademarks by each company.

DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. is a data business partner that creates new value from buried data and solves social issues with the vision of “business with data”. We have strengths in “multimodal data utilization” that is not bound by data formats, including unstructured data, and we realize data collection, storage, processing, and analysis all at once. We also develop our own services that focus on global standard issues such as loss reduction through demand forecasting, sustainable city planning, and behavioral changes for decarbonization, and everyone can make sustainable decisions by effectively using data. We aim to realize a world in which it is possible to 2019 JAXA venture * certified company.
* A venture company funded and established by JAXA staff that conducts business using the intellectual property and business knowledge of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
-company overview-
Head office location: 1-19-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Daiichi Akatsuki Building 6F
Representative: Hayato Kumemura, Representative Director and CEO Established: January 29, 2019
Phone number: 03-6822-5590 (representative)
Capital (as of the end of May): 1,347,120,000 yen (including capital reserve) Business description: Provision of multimodal data utilization services (AI/machine learning/big data analysis), corporate DX support Website:
Details about this release:


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