Degica Co., Ltd. au PAY introduction campaign with payment service KOMOJU

Degica Co., Ltd.
au PAY introduction campaign with payment service KOMOJU
KOMOJU payment fee is offered at a special price for a long time
DEGICA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo, President: Momose Jacques Leon) will launch a campaign for new au PAY registrants on the online payment service KOMOJU (KOMOJU) on October 3 ( It will be implemented from Monday).
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As for the content of the campaign, if you apply for au PAY at KOMOJU by December 31, 2022, we will offer a special price of 3.3% for a long time, instead of the normal 3.5% au PAY settlement fee. Initial and monthly fees are free as usual.
au PAY is a QR code payment service provided by KDDI Corporation, a major telecommunications company that develops the au brand. If you have a dedicated app installed on your smartphone, when you select au PAY at the time of payment, the app will automatically launch and you can pay from the precharged au PAY balance. Even when paying with a PC, you can pay with one tap by reading the QR code. -QR code payment method-
1. If you connect directly to the site on your smartphone and proceed to order and make payment, the app will automatically launch and you can complete the payment.
2. If you access the site on your PC and proceed to place an order and make payment, a QR code will be displayed and you can complete the payment by reading it with your smartphone.
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KOMOJU offers a regular service of “weekly transfer”, in which the sales proceeds of affiliated stores are transferred on a weekly basis, solving the problem of cash flow in online businesses. In addition, KOMOJU offers not only various payment methods in Japan, but also many local payment methods in Korea, China, and Europe, helping to expand the possibilities of business infinitely.
au PAY introduction campaign Click here for details:

「au PAY」リリース記念

[About “au PAY”]
1. Save money with just your smartphone
Pay in-store, online, and bills with your smartphone. Ponta points accumulated at the time of payment can be charged to au PAY and are advantageous. You can use it even if you are not an au subscriber. 2. Compatible with a wide range of charging methods
You can choose from a variety of charging methods, including Ponta points, deposits from banks and credit cards, and cash charging at ATMs, convenience stores, and au shops. If you have an au PAY card, you can earn points by charging. For au/UQ mobile customers, you can add this to your monthly mobile phone bill.
For details on “au PAY”, please see here ( [About “KOMOJU”]
Payment agency services provide payment systems and services to business operators who wish to introduce various payment services such as credit card payments, QR code payments, and convenience store payments. If an e-commerce business operator wants to introduce a payment service individually, it is necessary to carry out a merchant contract, system development, sales management, etc., and the introduction of overseas payment services is often a high hurdle for Japanese companies. However, by contracting with KOMOJU, it is possible to use a variety of payment methods at one stop. In addition to providing many benefits for business operators, it also enables EC users to pay with various payment methods.
KOMOJU Official Website:
[About DEGICA Co., Ltd.]
DEGICA’s mission is to create a fair and global marketplace for goods and services, removing barriers between different markets and making it easier to do business anywhere in the world. DEGICA has built its own payment solutions to sell products to Japanese customers through major platforms in the video game industry. In addition, by directly linking with the world’s major platforms, we have simplified the provision of local payments and other currency payments in each country, leading other companies in the industry. Currently, DEGICA, together with its group company (KOMODO), provides a series of solutions ranging from payments to AI translation and logistics support, enabling overseas companies to directly access the Japanese market, and helping Japanese and Asian companies enter the European and American markets. By enabling entry, we are removing barriers to doing business between nations and creating a global marketplace. *KOMOJU is the name of the payment system operated by DEGICA Co., Ltd. DEGICA Co., Ltd. Official website:
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