Delivery to the local last mile. Super community-based food delivery “Trimesi” that supports small restau rants To revitalize the local economy and expand smart cities Service will start in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture from October

Axis Co., Ltd.
[Delivery to the local last mile. ] Super community-based food delivery “Trimesi” that supports small restaurants To revitalize the local economy and expand smart cities Service will start in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture from October

While food delivery is spreading nationwide, local restaurants are left behind from platform services, such as limited introduction to major chain stores in rural areas where aging and depopulation are progressing.
Axis Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, CEO: Satoshi Sakamoto), which develops ICT services in the fields of smart cities and renewable energy, will start operating Bird, a super community-based lifestyle platform, in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture from October 2022. We have started the service of “Trimeshi”, a food delivery service specializing in local restaurants.
Going forward, we will continue to develop regional revitalization projects that utilize ICT, while at the same time strengthening our smart city business.
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Abandoned local restaurants. An unknown and unreported problem. While food delivery is becoming more popular due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and people refraining from going out, business opportunities are limited due to the high usage fees at restaurants in rural areas and the disparity in understanding and penetration of IT. I’m here. In particular, Tottori Prefecture has the smallest population of just under 550,000 in Japan. While the number of new immigrants is increasing, with the number of immigrants in 2021 surpassing 2,000, a record high, only major chain stores that operate nationwide have introduced platforms. Opportunities to be In addition, in areas where population decline and depopulation are progressing, there are few people who can become delivery workers, and
decentralized systems that function based on efficiency and economic rationality are currently unable to deliver services to rural areas. Fusion of analog and digital. What is “Trimeshi”, a food delivery service that specializes in local restaurants?

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“Trimeshi” is a food delivery service specializing in local
restaurants, and is one of the services of “Bird”, a super
community-based lifestyle platform that aims to solve problems unique to the region by combining IT and delivery. Instead of digitizing everything, we are close to local merchants, low fees that are easy to introduce, and support on the analog side.
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Eliminates member store registration fees and monthly system usage fees so that local restaurants can start delivery services with as little burden as possible. The service fee generated for each order is 18%, which is much lower than the 30% that is common in the industry, making it a price system that is easy to introduce even for small stores. We have achieved low prices by reducing system development and operation costs by digitizing only the functions required by stores, leaving analog support for areas that franchise stores are not good at.
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At Trimesi, staff hired by Axis used their own distribution network to solve the problem of delivery man shortages due to delivery, efficiency and delivery fee rewards. In addition, a full-time staff will contact the store by phone regarding the date and time of the order, the number of orders, the pick-up arrival time, etc. In urban areas, tablets, automatic notifications, electronic payments, etc. are commonplace, but the owners and staff of member stores in areas where introduction is not progressing due to IT disparity and aging population are responding. We provide services for your convenience.
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A platform specialized for local restaurants such as small stores. Not only online, we also hold occasional festival events where you can enjoy local cuisine for the purpose of supporting the store. When held in April 2022, we will support restaurants in difficult situations through “Trimeshi,” such as some stores recording the highest daily sales in the corona wreck.
Started service in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture
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Trimeshi started service in Tottori City in June 2021. “We used to run our own delivery service, but it has become difficult to continue due to manpower issues,” and “compared to major delivery services, the fees are cheaper.” Some stores have increased sales by 130% compared to before the service was introduced.
This time, we have started the service in Yonago City, which has prospered as a commercial city for a long time and has many cultural exchanges with neighboring prefectures such as Shimane and Okayama. Surrounded by the rich Sea of ​​Japan and Mt. Daisen, the highest mountain in the Chugoku region, Yonago has many young families, and in recent years, the number of immigrants has increased due to its comfortable living. After the service started, we received comments from customers such as “I’m looking forward to it because there was no delivery service in Yonago.”
Super community-based lifestyle platform “Bird”
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“Bird” is a platform service developed by Axis, which develops ICT services in the fields of smart cities and renewable energy, and aims to solve regional issues by integrating IT and delivery. A unique ultra-community-based service that reduces logistics costs by providing three services in one delivery network: online supermarket “Trist” that handles local stores, food delivery service “Trimeshi”, and prescription drug delivery “Trimedi” Life platform.
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From June 2021, we will start full-fledged mainly in Tottori City, and will take advantage of the delivery network to act as a delivery service for retail stores, and “Bird Locker” to respond to absence at the time of delivery. Matsue City (Representative Director Masahiko Tanaka) has implemented the “Tryst Genki Juku” in collaboration with the “Karada Genki Juku” provided by Mr. Masahiko Tanaka, Matsue City, Prefecture), and is also verifying services that provide shopping support for the elderly. Many people, including those who find it difficult to go out due to child-rearing, nursing care, or medical treatment, use it as one of the services that support their daily lives.
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◆ Toristo:
◆ Torimeshi:
About the future ~Towards a platform that enriches local communities and lives~ As of the end of September 2022, the number of registrants exceeded 3,900. Going forward, the goal is to reach 10,000 registrants in Yonago by August 2023, and to expand the service throughout Tottori Prefecture in 2025. , We are striving to expand Bird services, such as expanding member stores, expanding areas, and realizing new delivery services that utilize our delivery network.
In addition, we will start a service such as “Axis Vegetable Regular Delivery” that delivers non-standard and surplus vegetables to companies and individuals in the prefecture, and a part of the profits will be used to support the continuation of the children’s cafeteria. By expanding the service in this way, we aim to enrich the local community and life as an indispensable service for “Bird” to live in Tottori.
About Axis
Strengthen the ICT domain and become a “reframing company” that realizes the next-generation society
[Image 7d61985-7-f50cfa780276f5dfb484-8.jpg&s3=61985-7-771d0b3517172696219240065bc40e1f-2120x1836.jpg
Axis is a “smart city creation company” and is developing renewable energy, a platform service business that integrates IT and reality aiming to solve regional issues, and DX conversion of management as a corporate foundation.
For about 30 years since our founding, we have been working on system development, including solar power generation and finance, IT consulting, infrastructure design construction and operation, and IT human resource development. We have been consistently developing our business in the ICT field, receiving awards and certifications such as receiving the award and certification of the “Management Innovation Grand Prize Technology Innovation Award” from Tottori Prefecture. [Image 8d61985-7-34a1d0271678736e36eb-7.jpg&s3=61985-7-74ef9d1a7c3beb43a05b2bc9d8b97450-800x450.jpg
In 2021, we will conclude a capital alliance agreement with Kajima Corporation to create new value using ICT, such as initiatives related to smart buildings and smart cities. In 2022, the solar monitoring system SPV will be installed in more than 100 locations nationwide, and we are strengthening our business in the decarbonization field, such as supporting the GX League led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. In the future, we will leverage the technological capabilities we have cultivated through system development for a wide range of industries to develop new businesses in the renewable energy field centered on the ecoln series, as well as promote initiatives related to smart cities. We will strengthen our development as a “reframing company” that reconstructs the conventional framework for the realization of society.
Company Profile
[Image 9d61985-7-e7dcd8ea4e6a578da19c-6.png&s3=61985-7-b844337f6fc12641dc2d79bb9cc3ce1a-3000x1680.png
・Company name: Axis Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Satoshi Sakamoto
・Established: 1993
・ Location: 7 Ogimachi, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture Tottori Fukoku Seimei Ekimae Building 7F
・Business: System development, IT consulting,
Infrastructure design, construction and operation, website production, Business process outsourcing, IT school management
・ Official website:

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