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DeNA SOMPO Carlife Co., Ltd. Car flat-rate service “Ride with SOMPO” Cashback equivalent to one month’s lease fee when switching from a car over 10 years old

DeNA SOMPO Carlife Co., Ltd.
Car flat-rate service “SOMPO de Ride” Cashback equivalent to one month’s lease fee when switching from a car over 10 years old Supports switching from old cars to new cars with high safety performance
DeNA SOMPO Carlife Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihisa Mizunuma) offers a fixed-price car service *1 “Ride with SOMPO” ( , We will start a campaign to cash back the equivalent of one month’s lease fee in cash for those who have changed from a car over 10 years old and have made a contract.

Implementation period: From Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Thursday, December 29, 2022 until contract
* Calculated based on the amount at the time of contract completion *Upper limit 30,000 yen
*There are precautions for the campaign. Please check the bottom of this page. ■ Cash back flow
1. Please confirm the age of the car before signing the car lease. Please present a copy/photo of your vehicle inspection certificate in order to confirm the age of your current vehicle (10 years or more since first registration). We plan to submit the form by e-mail, fax, or mail. Please consult the person in charge for details.
2. Fill in the required documents
We will send you a document to fill in the transfer destination, etc., so please fill it out and return it.
*Please make sure that the bank account name for the transfer is the same as the name of the customer who made the contract. It cannot be transferred to another person.
3. Transfer at a later date according to the items entered
Payment will be made at the end of the following month after the vehicle is registered on the 25th. DeNA SOMPO Carlife Co., Ltd. will make a bank transfer.
*If you cancel the contract after the transfer, we will refund the amount of the cashback (transfer fees etc. will be borne by the customer).
■ This campaign link:
■ Efforts to contribute to a safe and secure car life with “SOMPO riding” “SOMPO de Ride” aims to provide a safer and more secure car life, and we are working on measures to support people switching from old cars. The “cash back equivalent to one month’s lease fee” campaign to be implemented this time is also part of this campaign, and it is equivalent to one month’s lease fee so that drivers who drive cars over 10 years old can easily switch to a new car with high safety performance. “Ride with SOMPO” will cash back the amount.
In addition, we are promoting initiatives to make it easier for seniors who drive old vehicles with poor safety performance to switch to new support vehicles equipped with the latest safety equipment. For those who are thinking about returning their license in the future, in principle, using a private car lease that cannot be canceled during the period remains uneasy. *2”, we are working to create a car leasing service that makes it easy for seniors to switch to a new car. In addition, if you ride with SOMPO, we also offer a 9-year plan (initial cost 0 yen, monthly 10,000 yen) that can further reduce the fixed monthly lease fee, so you do not have to spend a lot. You can ride a new car with high safety performance without By supporting the transition from old cars to new cars with high safety performance, we will reduce accidents and extend driving life for the aging society, and will continue to contribute to a safe and secure car life. ■ What is “SOMPO Ride”?
Operated by DeNA SOMPO Carlife, “Ride with SOMPO” is a flat-rate car service that leverages the strengths of Sompo Holdings and DeNA. With a simple rate setting that includes vehicle inspections and insurance premiums, plus the security and safety that only Sompo Holdings can provide, we will deliver a life with an “unpleasant” car. In addition, it is possible to register on the car sharing platform “Anyca”. By reducing maintenance costs through “Anyca”, the chances of owning a higher-grade car will increase.
[Notes regarding this campaign]
*The contents of the campaign are subject to change or end without notice. If there is a major contract change such as a model change after the contract is completed, the monthly lease fee after the change will be eligible for cash back.
*This campaign can only be applied to vehicles under the name of the policyholder of “Ride with Sompo”.
*If automobile insurance is included in the lease contract, we will refund the amount after deducting the amount equivalent to the automobile insurance premium from the one-time lease fee.
* Vehicle age of 10 years or more refers to 10 years or more from the first registration.
*In the unlikely event that fraud is discovered after the cashback amount has been transferred, the transferred amount will be refunded (transfer fees, etc., will be borne by the customer).
*In the case of notification of the completion of the transfer, we will replace the transfer with the cashback amount from our company. * If the documents required for this campaign are not returned by the date specified by our company, we may not be eligible for the campaign. Please note.
*1 Lease terms are 3 years, 5 years, 7 years and 9 years. Your monthly payment amount may vary. In addition, the contract will be a contract with a leasing company designated by us separately. For details, please check the terms and conditions of the leasing company. *2 After 2 years from the start of the contract, the contract can be canceled on the condition that the driver’s license is returned or expired, there are no unpaid lease fees, the vehicle is restored to its original condition*3, and the vehicle is returned. However, if it expires as a penalty such as a traffic violation, it will not be covered.
*3 Subject to vehicle restoration and other conditions. In addition, if the conditions are not met, the customer will be responsible for the cost of restoring the product to its original state.
Details about this release:

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