Design Association NPO October is Chiharu Muto’s four weeks! Appeared with 1st album “Why not?” and “Vegetables (?)”! “Why isn’t everyone doing this?”

Design Association NPO
October is Chiharu Muto’s 4th week! Appeared with 1st album “Why not?” and “Vegetables (?)”! “Why isn’t everyone doing this?”
IMAGINEZUniversity with Discovery

“IMAGINEZ University with Discovery” (Friday 20: 00-21: 00 / SKY PerfecTV! Chiharu Muto, whose 1st album “why not? as a guest. (You can also watch it for free on Design Association Youtube.) Please look forward to it.
[Program provided] ABLE Co., Ltd. / JT / Shimizu Corporation [Creators and their funny friends]
Kenichiro Motegi is also a stamp! Muto Chiharu’s charisma made even Trauden Naomi lean forward. Find pleasant companions and their charms. [Image 1

With vegetables from the field of Chiharu Muto
[Image 2

Appeared with a new album produced by DJTARO
[Image 3

With Yoshihisa Imoto’s excellent soybean cream cheese
On October 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th (Friday), “IMAGINEZ University with Discovery” will feature the singer, life brand {ASAMAYA] representative, artist, producer, and other multifaceted 1st album “why not ”” in September, from leaving E-giels to living in two bases in Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture and Tokyo, farming, singers, and radio DJs. I will listen to secret stories and inside stories with my friends
In the first week (10/7), why did Chiharu Muto start farming in two bases, Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture and Tokyo? While eating fresh vegetables “Muto Veg” that are actually made
Talk about exchanges with people in Nagano and the passion of Chiharu Muto. In the second week (10/14), DJ TARO will appear as a pleasant companion. While Chiharu Muto is also a radio DJ at J-wave, he talked about the sound project he started with DJ TARO, who is also the president of the office, and his 1st album “why not?”. From the process of making music, from humming to making a song, he performed in the studio. Must see!
Week 3 (October 21st) Happy companion is Yoshihisa Imoto,
representative of The CAMPus BASE. It is eye-opening to see a “compact farming life” where you think about agriculture from the point of view of what you want to sell, instead of selling it after making it. Week 4 (10/28) is about Chiharu Muto and everyone’s future. Anything you want to do? Are you patient? If you can think of it, let’s get started!
This program cannot be created by any creator alone. Creativity develops dramatically through exchanges and bonds with friends. It is a content where creators from various fields and their pleasant friends are invited to cross talk and learn the seeds of ideas. MC: Kenichiro Motegi (brain scientist) / Naomi Trauden (talent model) [Content 2: Lecture at Imagine University]
[Image 4

Lectures by IMAGINEZ university lecturers. “To you who want to be
____” makes you realize what genre is suitable for you and the world you didn’t know. “My school days” when top creators were once young people. “My presentation” is how to appeal to yourself and your work when you go out into society. “New self-discovery” lectures on many other themes.
[Lecturer in October]
Butterfly Flower Tower Momoka (comic storyteller)
Masataka Haba (book director)
Sueo Miki (Executive Director, Mizuma Art Gallery)
ISSEI (break dancer)
Koike Amiigo (illustrator)
Takahiro Otsuki (Cinema Manager/Film Producer)
Ryosuke Sakuma (Camp Creator)
Kiyosumi Nishihata (Plant Hunter)
Tetsuo Kobori (Architect)
Yoshiko Ikoma (fashion journalist)
Mitsuna Satooka (Personal Quality Consultant)
Kyoko Fushimi (stylist)
[Image 5

[October 2022 monthly guest]
October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
[Image 6

Muto Chiharu
Producer of apparel brand “BLIXZY”
Representative of Agricultural Life Brand “ASAMAYA” / Radio DJ / Komoro City Agricultural Life Ambassador
Born in 1995. Born in Tokyo.
From 2015, a new attempt called men’s fashion sent by girls
Performed the total production of the unisex street brand “BLIXZY”, Planning, design, PR, modeling, etc.
Currently living in two bases in Tokyo and Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture Work on growing vegetables and grapes for wine in the field. Launched the agricultural life brand “ASAMAYA” in 2021,
In the following year, he became Komoro City Agricultural Life Ambassador. Aiming to solve the food loss problem while conveying the charm of farming life and the region / farmers
We are constantly expanding the range of activities, such as rescuing waste vegetables, and transmitting new ways of life and values. from 2022
Started artist activities under the name of “CHIHARU”.
-happy friends-
Appeared on October 14
[Image 7

Club Radio DJ, Narrator
Trilingual in Japanese, English and Portuguese.
Since 1998, he has been a navigator at the FM radio station “J-WAVE”. Currently, he is also active as a narrator and interviewer for TV key stations such as TBS “King’s Brunch” and Fuji TV “TUNE”. As an event MC, he is well received for his stable performance at various events such as movie Japan premieres, red carpets, and sports-related events. In particular, the style of playing and progressing while DJing is highly evaluated, and he also appears in sports competitions such as the Tokyo Marathon and the Saitama International Marathon every year. As a sound producer, he has produced and remixed music for many artists, mainly dance music, and as a sound selector, he has selected the sounds of concept stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. of famous overseas brands.
-happy friends-
Appeared on October 21
[Image 8

Yoshihisa Imoto
Branding Producer, CEO of The CAMPus BASE Co., Ltd.
Born in a rice farm in a marginal village in Hiroshima. After graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture, he entered the advertising industry. Started business at the age of 26.
Established a communication design company and worked on branding for various companies.
Started restaurant business in 2012.
In 2014, when his wife got cancer, he became interested in healthy food and began visiting farms.
In 2016, he held a marché on the rooftop of Shinjuku Station that connected the city and the region, attracting a total of 100,000 people. In 2017, he started the agricultural community The CAMPus with the theme of “making the world interesting through agriculture”. Dissemination of information on successful farmers nationwide to approximately 2,000 members as a one-coin paid web magazine.
Since 2020, he has presided over the “Compact Agricultural Life School”, which specializes in fostering small-scale farmers. Furthermore, from 2021, he will also preside over “NOU ONLINE SALON”, which explores the interestingness of agricultural living. In 2022, the “TAMARIBA PROJECT”, an initiative to revitalize marginal settlements, is scheduled to start. Book “Business Person’s New Part-time Farmer Theory (Cross Media Publishing)”
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