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Diamond Head Co., Ltd. Released “ROOMMATE (R) Face Steamer RM-205H-PK/WH” compatible with aroma oil and eq uipped with UV light

Diamond Head Co., Ltd.
Released “ROOMMATE (R) Face Steamer RM-205H-PK/WH” with UV light and aroma oil support

Diamond Head Co., Ltd. “Brand name: ROOMMATE (R)” has released “ROOMMATE (R) Face Steamer RM-205H-PK / WH”.
[Image 1d10374-310-12981d50af25adbfaaea-0.jpg&s3=10374-310-a9a80475a1cef090f0df047918bb6e25-3900x2929.jpg
◆ “ROOMMATE (R) Face Steamer RM-205H-PK/WH”
“ROOMMATE (R) Face Steamer RM-205H-PK/WH” softens dry skin
It is a face steamer that warms.
[Image 2d10374-310-26e6d41b518a20c0485c-1.jpg&s3=10374-310-84e8c2ac847961041d9f6ee16baac182-520x346.jpg
◆ Aroma oil compatible
Make your relaxing time more luxurious.
With the heat of the steam and the gentle scent of aroma, you can relax and enjoy your skin care.
[Image 3d10374-310-08dd3295bdec9a1464cc-2.jpg&s3=10374-310-de101a853cbfa00bb8a448059b698822-520x346.jpg
◆Adjustable steam nozzle
The steam nozzle can be adjusted up and down, and if you set it at just the right angle, the steam will spread over your entire face. [Image 4d10374-310-83d0e829ee0429e05718-3.jpg&s3=10374-310-331cacb0a0d0a334b500ae6ae1f64266-520x346.jpg
◆ Nano mist
Autumn and winter are easy to dry, but spring is easy to fluctuate due to pollen and climate change.
It can also be used in summer when it tends to be cooler and dry. [Image 5d10374-310-8a020f06af0ce053adae-4.jpg&s3=10374-310-1daada669ce4fb62dddc88c621d47c83-520x346.jpg
◆Large-capacity water tank
Water tank 160mL
Estimated time
60ml about 10 minutes
120ml about 20 minutes
160ml about 30 minutes
【Product Specifications】
Product Name: Face Steamer
Product number: RM-205H-PK, RM-205H-WH
JAN: 4573596840771 (pink), 4573596840788 (white)
Body size: about W10.5 x D14.3 x H16.8
Weight: about 600g
Accessories: Aroma oil cap, instruction manual
Material: PP resin
Rated voltage: AC100V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Continuous use time: about 20 minutes
Steam temperature: about 38-39℃
Tank capacity: about 160ml
Country of origin: China
Details about this release:

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