Diesel’s latest fragrance “D by Diesel” The brand’s first gender-free fragrance, supervised by Creative Director Glenn Martins for the first time, appears

Diesel Japan Co., Ltd.
Diesel’s latest fragrance “D by Diesel” The brand’s first gender-free fragrance, supervised by Creative Director Glenn Martins for the first time, appears

The latest fragrance “D by
Diesel” will be released on Thursday, October 20th. This is the brand’s first gender-free fragrance.
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Diesel’s creative director Glenn Martins will release the latest fragrance “D by Diesel” for the first time on October 20th (Thursday). The brand’s first gender-free fragrance.
D is the scent of today
“D by Diesel” is a fragrance that hopes that modern generations will connect and share their values. It is designed with the hope that people will come together and act for a better future.
The Campaign
The campaign movie expresses the celebration of freedom and youth. The iconic red logo transforms into a giant D-bottle and flies around the world, moving from pristine jungles to bustling cityscapes. It captures attention, evokes energy and passion, and leads to a daydream rave party scene. Curated by Glenn Martins, the campaign is a portrait of a new generation of creative connections and features a cast including artist and transgender rights activist Ella Snyder, 13 Reasons Why’s actor Deaken Bluman, TikToker’s Nathan Hopkinson aka Curlyfrysfeed, and image maker, DJ and rapper Omizs.
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The Fragrance
Created by Givaudan perfumers Nisrine Grillie, Shyamala Maisondieu and Louise Turner, D by Diesel is Diesel’s first gender-free fragrance. The fragrance of fine fougere amber is fresh and dynamic,
intoxicating. This eau de toilette uses two sustainably sourced ingredients, Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and Diva Lavender from Provence, both made for Diesel. Also, no animal-derived ingredients are used. The scent of “D by Diesel” evolves in harmony with the skin. At first, you feel the energy of spicy ginger and aromatic lavender. After that, the freshness of denim, like cotton, gives a pleasant scent to the skin. Over time, it transforms into the sensual and warm scent of bourbon vanilla.
Top notes ginger, bergamot
Middle note denim cotton, lavender
Base note bourbon vanilla
The Packaging
The “D by Diesel” bottle is designed to look like the “Diesel For Successful Living” logo has been squeezed with a fist, with the image of leaving a mark of oneself. Playful and symbolic in contrast to the iconic fist bottle of Diesel’s first scent, Only The Brave. Diesel denim rivets are designed on the bottle cap. Diesel is committed to innovation for a more responsible future. The packaging has adopted a more eco-friendly design without compromising on quality. 25% of the bottle material is recycled clear glass, and for the first time refillable. The vivid red “D” mark on the outer box and the red logo that is the icon of diesel are impressive. Outer boxes are made from up to 55% post-consumer recycled material while ensuring the product’s airtightness and safety. We are also working to reduce the use of plastic by eliminating cellophane packaging for outer boxes. [Image 4

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“D by Diesel” will be released on October 20th (Thursday) at diesel stores nationwide and diesel official online stores.
▶ Special site https://www.diesel.co.jp/en/d-by-diesel/
#DbyDiesel #ForSuccessfulLiving @diesel
D by Diesel (Product name: Diesel D eau de toilette)
100mL ¥13,200, 50mL ¥9,900, 30mL ¥6,600, Refill (150mL) ¥14,300 *All prices include tax, manufacturer’s suggested retail price [Customer Inquiries] Diesel Japan TEL: 0120-55-1978

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