# Digital learning campaign will be held from 10/8! Find your favorite place on REDEE and post it.

Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd.
# Digital learning campaign will be held from 10/8! Find your favorite place on REDEE and post it.
-Post photos on SNS and receive luxurious prizes by lottery-
Japan’s largest digital educational facility “REDEE” (located in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, operated by Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as REDEE) will be rebranded on August 1, 2022. From Sunday (Saturday), we will carry out the “# Digital Learning” campaign.
If you find your favorite place in the REDEE building and post it with “#learn digitally” and “#REDEE”, you will win a gorgeous prize in a lottery every month. The period is three months from Saturday, October 8th to Saturday, December 31st.
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Search for your desired occupation from among over 30 types of digital experiences. What are you aiming for!?
On August 1, 2022, REDEE, one of Japan’s largest digital educational facilities, has further enhanced its position as a digital educational facility, strengthened its role as an edutainment facility, and enhanced content that matches the desired occupation. .
The three occupations you can choose from are “Engineer”, “Creator”, and “Pro Gamer”. All of them are occupations related to games that are popular with children, and we have prepared a total of more than 30 types of content that you can learn by specializing in fields that interest you more. Among them are existing content such as Metaverse, gaming English conversation, drone programming, etc., which are popular among REDEE membership members, as well as new content such as creating illustrations using a pen tablet and creating your own avatar in the Metaverse space. . In addition, it is now possible to participate in the classroom-style REDEE camp without a reservation (limited to weekends and holidays, first-come-first-served basis), which until now could not be attended without a reservation in advance, greatly expanding the range of digital experiences. Rebrand commemorative “#” campaign held. Post your best spot!! To commemorate the rebrand, the “#” campaign will be held from Saturday, October 8th.
There are several recommended photo spots in the museum. Items such as photo props and SNS panels are installed in the hall, so you can use them freely. Search for your favorite places other than photo spots and post wonderful scenes.
If you show your post screen at REDEE Cafe, we will give Redbull to the first 300 people. In addition, we will present a gorgeous prize to each person by lottery from those who have posted every month. Winners will be announced on REDEE official Twitter and Instagram.
Submitted photos will be introduced on the REDEE official website and official SNS. Please keep posting.
■ Campaign overview
Implementation period: Saturday, October 8, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022 Rules: Find several photo spots or your favorite spots in the REDEE building, take a photo, and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the words “#learn digitally” and “#REDEE”. There is no limit to the number of times you can post.
Application conditions:
・Follow either of the REDEE official accounts (Instagram:
@redee_esports_osaka / Twitter: @esports_redee)
・Posting photos or videos of the inside of REDEE
・Must be posted with the specified hashtags “#REDEE” and “#digital learning” within the application period and with the official account ID (Instagram: @redee_esports_osaka / Twitter: @esports_redee) ・Your account must be public
-October-Pentab (board tab)
– Nov – Logitech Headset G335
-December-Assorted Minecraft goods
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[REDEE is Japan’s largest digital education facility]
[Image 3

“REDEE” is Japan’s largest digital facility opened on March 1, 2020 in EXPOCITY in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, as a facility for acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills, including digital technology, through the experience of games. Educational facility. Rebranded on August 1, 2022, it has been further enhanced as a facility where you can experience more than 30 digital contents in one day. In the professional gamer experience area of ​​the theater with 258 seats, it is a facility where anyone can enjoy and learn easily, such as experiences like participants in e-sports competitions, Metaverse and VR experiences, drone experiences, programming classes, etc. It is a very popular spot for field trips and school trips, and many groups have visited even during the corona crisis.
Official site: https://redee.game/
Address: 2-1 Senribanpaku Park, Suita City, Osaka 565-0826
Access: About 2 minutes on foot from Osaka Monorail
“Bampaku-kinen-koen Station”, inside LaLaport EXPOCITY
Facility area: 1,457 tsubo
Operating company: Redhorse Corporation Co., Ltd.
[Red Horse Corporation Co., Ltd.]
Head office: KOKUGIKAN FRONT BUILDING 2nd floor, 1-10-5 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015
Established: March 1964
Representative: Representative Executive Officer, Group COO Takaharu Miyamoto Business: Regional industry support and revitalization business, consumer business, edutainment business (esports), gift business URL: https://www.redhorse.co.jp/
[Inquiries from customers]
Phone: 06-6155-7299
e-mail: contact@redee.game
[Inquiries from the press regarding this release]
Person in charge: Mihara
Phone number: 070-1608-2531
e-mail: service-info@redhorse.co.jp

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