DINOS CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Dinos starts supplement business in Taiwan

Dinos starts supplement business in Taiwan
-Pre-sales start on October 6th on Taiwan’s popular crowdfunding site-
DINOS CORPORATION Co., Ltd. (head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo) has started selling its original supplement series “dinos supplement” in Taiwan. As the first step, it will be pre-sold from October 6, 2022 (Thursday) on the popular crowdfunding platform “Two-Two”
(https://www.zeczec.com/) in Taiwan.
This release is available in PDF format here.
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In recent years, in Taiwan, the demand for Japanese supplements has increased as part of the rising health consciousness. In light of this situation, we have taken advantage of our many years of experience in the field of beauty and health products, which is one of the main genres of our mail-order brand Dinos. We planned and developed “dinos supplement”.
All products in this series are manufactured at JAS-certified factories in Japan, and are subject to quality control equivalent to standard pharmaceutical products. Clear the GMP that is. This time, we have a lineup of 6 items (vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, fish collagen, iron, bifidobacterium + oligo, turmeric) for women who are highly conscious of beauty and health, and are affordable considering the market price of supplements in Taiwan. We have set a reasonable price. In addition, the product concept uses the “amulet”, which is known overseas as a motif that symbolizes Japan. In order to promote the image of “made in Japan” and “health protection”, colorful designs are incorporated into the package.
As the first step, pre-sales at a special price will start on October 6th on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform “TwoTwo”. After that, on November 28th (Monday) this year, we plan to further expand the product lineup and expand to EC malls in Taiwan and retail stores such as drugstores.
Development Overview of Supplement Series “dinos supplement” for the Taiwanese Market
Number of products released this time: 6 items (vitamin C, fish collagen, coenzyme Q10, bifidobacterium + oligo, turmeric, iron) ■Price range: Single item…NT$719, 3-item set (advance purchase project special set price)…NT$1980
■ Implementation details of advance purchase project:
-Site name…zeczec /https://www.zeczec.com/projects/dinos_beauty -Implementation period: October 6th (Thursday) 20:00 to November 18th (Friday) 24:00 Taiwan time (44 days in total)
*This product is not scheduled to be sold in Japan.

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