Dinos sells heating appliances in preparation for severe winter due to the influence of La Niña phenomenon

Dinos sells heating appliances in preparation for severe winter due to the influence of La Niña phenomenon
Suppression of heating costs that put pressure on household finances with spot heating that heats efficiently

DINOS CORPORATION Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo) is selling spot heating and energy-saving heating appliances at the Dinos Online Shop (https://www.dinos.co.jp/). It is said that there is a high possibility that the La Niña phenomenon will continue this winter*1, and the winter-type pressure pattern is expected to become stronger, leading to a severe winter. On the other hand, energy prices continue to rise, and there are concerns that heating costs will increase this winter. One way to reduce heating costs is to combine air conditioning and spot heating, and Dinos has a full lineup of energy-saving appliances and spot heating appliances.
*1 Refer to the October 11 press release by the Japan Meteorological Agency “El Niño Monitoring Bulletin (No.361)”
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Prediction of La Niña continuation
On October 11, 2022, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced in its “El Niño Monitoring Bulletin (No.361)” that “September ocean and atmospheric conditions in the equatorial Pacific show characteristics of a La Niña event. La Niña is likely to continue into the winter (90%), then return to normal by the end of winter (40%), but La Niña is likely to continue is expected to be higher (60%).”
When a La Niña event occurs, the air pressure pattern tends to be high in the west and low in the east in winter around Japan, and the temperature tends to be low.
It looks like we need to be careful of the severe cold this winter as well. Bearing in mind the concerns about the increased burden of heating costs, the keyword for choosing heating appliances this year is… After 2021, energy prices are soaring worldwide. Electricity and gas prices have continued to rise since the beginning of this year, and there are concerns that the burden of heating costs on household budgets will increase in the harsh winter.
It is often said that this year, if you keep these two keywords in mind when choosing heating, you can aim to control the increase in heating costs.
・Energy-saving heating: It is one of the judgments as to whether the energy-saving heating is energy-saving or not.
・Spot heating: By using spot heating in combination with the air conditioner and “spot heating” at the feet or near the window, you can lower the set temperature of the air conditioner and heat efficiently, and you can reduce heating costs.
Energy-saving spot heating recommended by Dinos in 2022
Panel heater “iroco iroko” born from Hokkaido, which is familiar with the cold Originally, it was jointly developed by the manufacturer Nakagawa Industry and the Hokkaido Research Organization in response to requests from consumers in Hokkaido who wanted heaters for toilets that cool. It was planned as a countermeasure against heat shock from the severe cold of Hokkaido. Dinos has also planned and commercialized an 80 cm wide type that can be used in the living room. This product was born in Hokkaido, where it is always cold in winter, so you can wear it all the time. By using aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity, for the panel, the electricity bill is a minimum of 3.2 yen per hour and a maximum of 7.5 yen*2, so we recommend leaving it on. Since it eliminates temperature unevenness, the sensible temperature rises and the air conditioner can be kept at a low temperature. If used as an auxiliary item for heating equipment, it will contribute to energy saving by lowering the set temperature of the heater.
*2Electricity charges are calculated as a guideline unit price as of June 2022: 27 yen (tax included) per 1 kWh.
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Width 80cm type is “Limited sale only for Dinos”
The Dinos original size 80cm size can be placed under the dining table, and the double-sided panel will gradually warm your feet while sitting on the table. If you put it by the window, the cold air from the window will also shut down. It is a limited sale only for dinos. The 50cm type is convenient for warming closed small rooms such as toilets. Width 80cm type (Hokkaido aluminum panel heater icoro)
■ Price including tax: 49,800 yen
Width 50cm type (Hokkaido aluminum panel heater icoro)
■ Price including tax: 38,500 yen
Color: 2 colors in total (brown and white)
Size (approx.): [Width 80cm type (Dinos project)] Width 80 depth 13 height 44cm Weight 6.2kg / [Width 50cm type] Width 50 depth 13 height 44cm Weight 4.5kg
■Materials: Metal part…Aluminum Resin part…Heat-resistant ABS Power consumption: [Width 80cm type (Dinos Planning)] Weak 170W, Strong 275W / [Width 50cm type] Weak 120W, Strong 180W
■Cord length: about 1.8m
■Safety device…Thermostat, thermal fuse, current fuse
■ Manufacturer warranty period 3 years
■ Made in Japan (Hokkaido)
■ URL: https://www.dinos.co.jp/p/1291900323/
Heating & interior appliances recommended by Dinos in 2022 by scene [Image 3d3084-1427-70f42939d81d81d06c58-11.png&s3=3084-1427-dc7cf2933b3894a63700947729183733-256x256.png
heater with motion sensor
As it is a large air volume heater, warm air reaches about 3.7m ahead. An energy-saving type that detects people and quickly turns the power on and off. Recommended for the kitchen. Because it is a blower type, it is safe for small children.
siroca / siroca Large air volume foot heater “POKA CUBE”
■ Price including tax: 13,800 yen
■ Size (about): width 24 depth 23 height 20cm weight 2.5kg
■Materials: ABS, PP, synthetic leather
■Power consumption: 1200W
■Cord length: 1.8m
■Mode…weak warm air, strong warm air, blower
■ On timer: 4, 6, 8 Off timer: 1, 2, 3 hours
Equipped with a human sensor
■ Made in China
■ URL: https://www.dinos.co.jp/p/1359900154/
[Image 4d3084-1427-70a2f49b3d1b4d6488a4-12.png&s3=3084-1427-3706f51d18af553ef1856e90f0dbc042-256x256.png
Starts up in just 0.2 seconds and warms up quickly
It evenly distributes the temperature of the entire heater and cuts wasted power while achieving even warmth. The drip-proof model is recommended for dressing rooms and kitchens.
Aladdin/ Aladdin graphite heater birdcage type
■ Price including tax: 13,200 yen
Color: 2 colors in total (white and green)
■Size: Width 19 depth 19 height 54.8cm, weight about 1.6kg
■Materials: ABS resin, aluminum, stainless steel Heater… Graphite heater ■Cord length 2.3m
■Power consumption 400W (2 steps 400W/200W)
■ Made in China (heater tube made in Japan)
■ URL: https://www.dinos.co.jp/p/1134004282/?id=_Y__2093591
[Image 5d3084-1427-6cf53a91450596ddf355-13.jpg&s3=3084-1427-87f6e75dbd75f560a25f5e9d9693113a-256x256.jpg
Massager with 3 roles in 1 unit that warms and relaxes
A foot massager, a stool, and an ottoman. Recommended design for living as an interior. When using the stool, the heater on the top keeps the seat warm. When using a massage, it warms and relaxes your feet.
Foot massager with heater Resttool
■ Price including tax: 45,100 yen
Color: 3 colors in total (gray, orange, green)
■ Size (approximately): Width 37.2 Depth 43.4 Height 30.7 cm Weight 7.7 kg (including adapter)
■Materials: Body… ABS resin, other upholstery… 100% polyester, foot cover… 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane
■ Cord length about 3m (cord detachable type)
■Power consumption 40W (massage heater 9.4W/cover heater 2.7W) ■ Withstand load of 120 kg or less ■ Corresponding foot size of 28.5 cm or less ■ Controlled medical device certification number 303AHBZX00022000 ■ Made in China
■ URL: https://www.dinos.co.jp/p/1110427480/
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