DIP Online Career Education for Elementary School Students 4th “Baitoru Kids Program” Starts October 21st

Online Career Education for Elementary School Students 4th “Baitoru Kids Program” Starts October 21st
―The largest number of participants ever 770 elementary school students interviewed about their work with the cooperation of 22 companies―

Dip Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will hold the 4th “Baitoru Kids Program” (second term) (hereinafter referred to as “this program”), career education on the theme of work and work, on Friday, October 21st. We will start from
[Image 1d2302-1332-b9d3f29ed81cae27115a-0.png&s3=2302-1332-8f83f334f8c01d28c14dcfcf6a0c2f6f-800x420.png
In career education at elementary schools, it is important to form a foundation for choosing a career path, and it is required to broaden the image of work and work. Therefore, in 2020, we launched the “Baitoru Kids Program”, a career education program for elementary school students, in order to make use of the experience and know-how of human resource services that we have cultivated over many years. We aim to provide an opportunity for children to learn about various jobs and contribute to the development of their way of thinking and values ​​regarding work.
In addition, cooperating companies commented, “It was a valuable time to reconsider why I chose this job and work” and “I felt that I like my current job again”. There are many responses that it will have an impact, and this year we have received cooperation from the largest number of companies ever.
Voices of cooperating company employees interviewed about their work ・When my children asked me, “What do you do in sales at a bank?” It was an opportunity to verbalize my role, and it was an opportunity to reconsider my role and the value of my existence.
・When asked, “Do you enjoy your current job?” By telling the students that I like and enjoy my work to the children who were interested and asked many questions, I was able to feel again that my work is useful to the world.
This program started with the desire to have a positive way of thinking about work after learning that there were many children who had a negative image of “work = hard work.” With the spread of remote work during the corona crisis, there are more opportunities to directly see how parents work and how they work. I don’t think so. As a company that provides job information services, we would like to provide not only children but also adults with experiences that reconfirm that work is fun. We will work to make this program an opportunity for both parties to make new discoveries. (Personnel and General Affairs Division, Organizer of this program, Kana Sekiya) [Image 2d2302-1332-a750cc7bc3b375697a4b-1.png&s3=2302-1332-80957cd31c0f477ca8b7677853f7f0ab-1008x230.png
-Implementation content-
This program is being conducted completely online as many elementary schools and companies will be able to participate regardless of region. In addition, 8 schools and 22 companies are scheduled to participate from October 21 (Friday).
Day 1: Understanding work (lectures about work by our employees) Our employees act as instructors and hold pre-work online classes. In addition to holding classes to deepen your understanding of the origins and work of various jobs in society based on the current employment situation, we will also prepare for job interviews to be conducted on Day 2. Children will play the role of reporters, and we are planning to carry out a work to have them imagine specifically what kind of interview they will do.
Day 2: Work interview experience (elementary school students interview work at cooperating companies)
The children actually played the role of reporters and conducted job interviews with employees working at cooperating companies.
By conducting online interviews with job professionals about why they decided to work and the details of their work, they will deepen their understanding of the job and work.
Day 3: Summary of coverage (announcement of what kind of work and work style you want to do in the future)
A presentation of the work coverage was held.
Based on what they discovered and learned on Day 2, they will present how they want to work in the future and what kind of adults they want to be.
-Implementation school/Implementation schedule- (October 2022 to March 2023) [Image 3d2302-1332-5e7ca2615d5d4fe3300b-2.png&s3=2302-1332-477968b572ef2d8812d146a69c9854ef-1018x577.png
-22 cooperating companies- (in alphabetical order)
Itoki Co., Ltd. / Weather Map Co., Ltd. / NEC Networks & System Integration Co., Ltd. / Kakehi Architects Kiyosumi Kakehi / Geek Pictures Co., Ltd. / Good Partners Inc. / KEEN creative hair / Kokudo Ryokka Co., Ltd. (Green Pocket) / Goldilocks Co., Ltd. / J-Cast Co., Ltd. (J-CAST News, J Town Net) / Shueisha Co., Ltd. (Ribbon Editorial Department) / Sumitomo Fudosan Villa Fontaine Co., Ltd. / Daiso Sangyo Co., Ltd. / TEAM BLUE (Medical Corporation Homura Yamato) Clinic, “Let’s go home. Hospital” / Chiyoda Co., Ltd. / Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. / Fundery Co., Ltd. / BrainPad Co., Ltd. / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / MIRAI Quality Co., Ltd. / Media Gene Co., Ltd. / Dance with Mori Ltd.
* Cooperating companies vary depending on the schedule
Company profile
We operate a human resources service business and a DX business with the vision of a “Labor force solution company” that aims to solve various issues in the labor market and realize a society where everyone can feel the joy and happiness of working. Based on our corporate philosophy, “We at dip will improve society with our dreams, ideas, and passion,” we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities.
Company name: Dip Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideki Tomita (President and CEO)
Head office: Roppongi Grand Tower 31F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-5114-1177 (representative)
Established: March 1997
Capital: 1,085 million yen (as of the end of February 2022)
Number of employees: 2,356 (full-time employees as of April 1, 2022) *excluding contract, part-time, and temporary employees
Business description: Operation of recruitment information sites “Baitoru”, “Baitoru NEXT”, “Baitoru PRO”, “Hatarako Net”, nurse career change support service “Nurse de Tarako”, etc., development and provision of DX service “Cobot”, etc.
Listed stock exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange (prime market)
Sales: Sales of 39.5 billion yen (fiscal year ending February 2022) URL: https://www.dip-net.co.jp/
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