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Directly selected 3-day internship ~Create a business that will evolve the world in 10 years~

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
-SKY PerfecTV JSAT- [Direct selection type] 3-day internship ~Create a business that will evolve the world in 10 years~
Employees working at the forefront earnestly support and provide feedback for the commercialization of “thoughts”

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SKY Perfect JSAT) will hold a 3-day internship this year [directly selected type]. The first day will be held online, and the second and third days will be held at the Akasaka headquarters.
It is a content that you can know more about our corporate culture and employees.
*Transportation expenses will be paid in full, and if you come from afar, we will arrange accommodation for you.
In this internship, you will experience the process of commercializing “my thoughts”,
It is a program that leads to valuable experiences for everyone through three stimulating days where you can make full use of your mind with your friends.
We look forward to receiving your application!
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[Video 2:] In addition, this press release supports the “Recruitment Makers” project and sends out the voices of recruiters who are “Recruitment Creators” themselves.
[Directly connected to selection] 3-day internship ~Create a business that will evolve the world in 10 years~
In order to realize the group mission “Space for your Smile”, A project is starting to deliver value to every “Space”.
The 3DAYS internship is a program where you can experience the commercialization process of “my thoughts”.
An exciting 3 days to make full use of your mind with your friends. On the final day, you should be able to meet a new you.
Let’s create a “business that will evolve the world 10 years from now” that can only be realized by SKY Perfect JSAT.
What is SKY Perfect JSAT?
The SKY Perfect JSAT Group, centered on SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, We are developing businesses that make the most of our hybrid strengths, which are the twin pillars of the space business and the media business.
In the space business, we consider every space from space to the ocean as our business field.
We are doing business by utilizing infrastructure such as Asia’s largest geostationary orbit satellites, low-orbit satellites, and drones.
In addition to providing satellite communication services, we utilize various data obtained from those infrastructures,
We are creating a new space business.
In the media business, in addition to pay satellite multi-channel broadcasting “SKY PerfecTV!” and video distribution service “SPOOX,” We are responding to various viewing needs, such as providing viewing services via the Internet and fiber-optic lines.
Based on a customer base of about 3 million customers, we propose services that are closely related to the lives of our customers and deliver a richer time.
Thoughts of recruiters on internships
[Image 1d43483-12-3023833271db04a1cc82-1.jpg&s3=43483-12-7e859f806312d2f9b753907c1bfdf064-2025x2700.jpg
Human Resources Department Recruiter Hirono Taniguchi * New graduates joined in 2020
Many of the internships that job hunting students experience Case studies, business proposals that will generate profits in a few years, etc. It seems that the program is becoming more conscious of profits. Of course, such a perspective is also important, and in our internship, we ask you to formulate a business model and business plan for new business planning.
However, there are some things that are just as important. That is your “thought” in business planning.
In our internships, we not only ask ourselves, “Is this possible? Will we be able to make a profit?”, but also “Why do we want to make this happen?” Now experience it.
Our company has actually launched various new projects, but what all the leaders have in common is the attitude of working on the business with the same passion. In this way, we are creating an internship program not just for business planning, but to provide job hunting students with the difficulty of logically communicating their thoughts and gaining empathy, and above all, the fun.
In addition, internships will be held with the appearance of young, mid-career, management, and executives. I would be very happy if you could learn about the corporate culture of SKY Perfect JSAT through employees of various years.
Overview of this internship
1. Propose new business as a group to evolve the world
2. A “Pitch Contest” will be held on the final day, and employees working on the front lines will judge
3. The team that collects the most investment amount wins
Features of this internship
1. Experience the process of commercializing “my thoughts”
2. Employees working on the front lines provide “serious” support and feedback for 3 days
3. Group work where you can discover your strengths and weaknesses and “grow” with your colleagues
*Participants who participate in the 3DAYS internship for all dates are exempted from the first screening of this selection.
Recruitment overview *As of October 13
-Holding period-3rd November 11th (Friday) to November 13th (Sunday), 2022 -Schedule-Day 1 9:30-17:30 @Zoom
    2nd day 9:30-18:30 @ Akasaka head office
     3rd day 9:30-18:30 @ Akasaka head office
– Number of people recruited – about 30 people each time
-Participation qualifications- Those who are enrolled in a graduate school or a four-year university
-Recruitment deadline-October 25th (Tuesday) 10:00 deadline
[Image 2d43483-12-11ecca91d463fb9c9716-0.png&s3=43483-12-019a11103f70d21a1e3228b4198d4c4d-705x476.png

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