DISCO Recruitment of 23rd year graduates 71.3% of job offer fulfillment rate, the results show how difficult the company is

[Recruitment of 23 graduates] Job offer fulfillment rate is 71.3%. Disco 2023 Grad Recruitment Trends / 2024 Grad Recruitment Plan Survey
DISCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Masao Shindome) is progressing recruitment activities at the timing of the official lifting of the ban on job offers for 16,170 major companies nationwide, and fulfilling job offers for 23 graduates. I asked about the situation, plans and policies regarding the recruitment of 2024 graduates. (Survey period: September 28 to October 6, 2022, number of responding companies: 1,165)
I. Recruitment of students scheduled to graduate in March 2023 1. Selection end status
47.7% have “completed” the hiring process. Significant decline for two consecutive years. 70% of non-finished companies are unscheduled 2. Sufficient rate of prospective employees and future policy The average job offer rate was 71.3%, lower than the previous year’s survey (76.2%).
3. Satisfaction with job offers
“Satisfied with both quality and quantity” decreased by 11.7 points (37.2% → 25.5%). Conspicuous dissatisfaction with quantity
4. Increase/decrease in job offer declines
41.4% “increased” and 16.6% “decreased” compared to the previous year 5. Follow-up during the informal offer period
“Basically face-to-face” 30.4%, “Basically online” 34.4%. Increasing number of companies conducting face-to-face
II. Recruitment of students scheduled to graduate in March 2024 1. Planned number of hires and budget
22.0% of respondents said that the number of recruits was “expected to increase”, exceeding the number of “decreased” (4.9%). Recruitment budget is also increasing
2. Scheduled start date of recruitment activities
Expected to be faster overall. The peak for interviews starts in March, and the peak for job offers starts in April
3. What to focus on when hiring
“Strengthening relationships with universities” was the most common response. An increasing number of companies are focusing on early measures such as “pre-season activities”
III. Programs such as internships (*)
1. Program implementation status
“Summer,” “Autumn,” and “Winter” are all on the rise. Face-to-face interviews are the main part of multi-day internships.
2. Summer program satisfaction
“Satisfied with both quality and quantity” decreased from the previous year (43.3% → 35.7%)
3. Post-participation follow-up and approach
 Many companies try to keep in touch with the participants, such as follow-up Click here for the report:
https://www.disc.co.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/2023_kigyouchousa_kakuho.pdf 《Survey outline》 *The question was not limited to “internships (multi-day programs with work experience)”, but also included programs of less than one day.
Survey target: 16,170 major companies nationwide Survey period: September 28th to October 6th, 2022
Survey method: Internet survey method Number of responding companies: 1,165 Research agency: Disco Inc. Caritas Research
Chart 1. -23 graduates-selection status
[Image 1

Chart 2. -23 graduates-sufficiency rate of job offers and future policy [Image 2

Chart 3. -23 graduates-Increase or decrease in job offer declines [Image 3

Chart 4. -23 graduates-Follow-up during the informal period
[Image 4

Chart 5. [24 graduates] Planned number of hires and budget
[Image 5d3965-609-78584d0ad40a162b01b1-4.jpg&s3=3965-609-1198c62f285eb437876b175693fbd835-1402x642.jpg

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