DMM RESORTS Expansion renewal from DMM Kariyushi Aquarium on 10/17!

Expanded renewal from DMM Kariyushi Aquarium 10/17!
~ Newly added workshop booth and DJ booth! In addition, the cafe area has been expanded and renewed.

DMM RESORTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Daisuke Ichikawa, hereinafter DMM RESORTS), which operates the “DMM Kariyushi Aquarium”, will expand the area in the aquarium from October 17, 2022 (Friday). , will be reopened.
[Image 1d2581-4049-cea7a269a9ac55473597-0.jpg&s3=2581-4049-045b93cce5251e6bbed8eb187bd94def-1260x630.jpg
In this expansion renewal, we have expanded the cafe area and newly established two booths in order to make more effective use of the hall area. The café area has been expanded to about twice the size of the previous one, and has been renewed so that you can relax even more after enjoying the inside of the aquarium.
■ Renewal details
・Establishment of new workshops
We are planning to hold workshops such as coasters and tote bags (* 1). Please try the challenge.
[Image 2d2581-4049-78e5bf8900c0ef9f5f14-2.jpg&s3=2581-4049-499ab68258eb14826badc643dcd93040-1032x688.jpg
・ Newly established DJ booth
A new DJ booth has been set up for use at Toyosaki Music SAKA-Bar (*2). “Music SAKA-Bar”, which is currently being broadcast on RBCi Radio (every Saturday from 19:30 to 20:00), will also be recorded publicly.
[Image 3d2581-4049-495b730580a75af54502-3.jpg&s3=2581-4049-5fa326c6ec6ca5269f3079dd438c0b58-1032x688.jpg
・Expansion of cafe area
After fully enjoying the aquarium, we have expanded and renewed the cafe area where you can relax.
It can also be used as a separate room when reserved by a group. In addition, the cafe menu mainly offers menus using ingredients unique to Okinawa, such as brown sugar churros, Agu pork frankfurters, and red potato smoothies. Please also pay attention to the products that image the atmosphere of the aquarium and the creatures. [Image 4d2581-4049-5aa5606444aecc84c125-1.jpg&s3=2581-4049-24c776dfc4c1cc39ad6bada925d16799-1032x688.jpg
・Change of shop area
Due to the expansion of the cafe area, the location of the shop area has been changed.
There are many fashionable and cute products. We have a wide variety of original goods that can only be obtained here.
[Image 5d2581-4049-744b09d998b27d98144b-4.jpg&s3=2581-4049-af91324e522638094f6f596da0500fe8-3096x2064.jpg
(*1) Products are subject to change.
(*2) Held every Friday to Sunday, the day before holidays, and holidays on the 1st floor of the aquarium. OPEN 19:00-CLOSE 22:00. For details, please check the official website
About DMM Kariyushi Aquarium
DMM RESORTS opened “DMM Kariyushi Aquarium” in Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture on May 25, 2020. With the main theme of “a new type of entertainment aquarium that makes full use of the latest visual expressions and spatial presentations,” it will exhibit a variety of marine life, animals and plants, mainly from the Okinawa region, as well as an open atmosphere that makes it hard to believe that you are in a commercial facility. We will provide you with a unique space performance.
・”DMM Kariyushi Aquarium” official website
We will update the information of DMM Kariyushi Aquarium from time to time on the official page.
We also accept requests for coverage and various inquiries from the form on the site.
・”DMM Kariyushi Aquarium” official account
YouTube: ■ About DMM RESORTS Co., Ltd.
On May 24, 2018, the limited liability company established a joint venture with Okinawa Prefecture in order to work toward the opening of “DMM Kariyushi Aquarium” over the long term with the support and cooperation of local governments and companies in Tomigusuku City and Okinawa Prefecture. We have established a new company “DMM RESORTS Co., Ltd.” as a local subsidiary in Tomigusuku City.

Company name: DMM RESORTS Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-59 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture Representative: Daisuke Ichikawa, Representative Director
Date of establishment: May 24, 2018
Business description: General planning and management of aquariums and entertainment resorts, development of video exhibitions, etc. URL:

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