Do it Theater Enjoy a relaxing movie night on the lawn. Outdoor movie screening event “theGreen Theater vol.5” will be held on November 5th (Sat)

Do it Theater
Enjoy a relaxing movie night on the lawn. Outdoor movie screening event “theGreen Theater vol.5” will be held on November 5th (Sat) The film to be screened is “Back to the Future”. Delorean and clock tower also appeared! !

The theater production team “Do it Theater” (Operating company: Hatch Co., Ltd. / Location: Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo) will open a complex facility in Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture on Saturday, November 5, 2022. We will hold an open theater style screening event “theGreen Theater vol.5” at theGreen.
“theGreen Theater” is a movie screening event that has been held regularly since theGreen opened in 2020. This time, the 5th time, “Back to the Future” will be screened. A huge screen will be set up in the Green’s Shibafu Hiroba, and you can participate for free (advance reservations required). In addition to the screening of movies, there will also be photo spots with motifs of the DeLorean and the clock tower at the venue. A picnic area is set up during the day, and you can enjoy live music and kitchen cars. There are plenty of contents that you can enjoy throughout the day. On the day of the event, a temporary free shuttle bus will also run from Chiba New Town Chuo Station, so please feel free to drop by.
[Ticket reservation] *Ticket reservations are scheduled to start at 18:00 on 10/18 (Tue.). [Image 1

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[“theGreen Theater vol.4” digest movie]
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Film “Back to the Future”
[Image 4

In 1985, high school student Marty McFly helps his best friend, scientist Dr. Emmett Brown (commonly known as Doc), experiment with a time machine that he invented by modifying his beloved DeLorean car. slip. In order to find a way back to his original world, Marty seeks out Doc from 1955 to help him return to the future. However, Marty’s actions interfere with his parents’ fateful meeting, and he is in danger of disappearing. Will Marty be able to restore the fate of his parents before returning to the future?
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson
(C) 1985 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
A venue and production that looks like it came from the world of movies That clock tower and DeLorean appeared at the venue…!?
That clock tower and DeLorean that appear in the work will come to the venue. The clock tower is the entrance gate, and the DeLorean is a photo spot.
[Image 5

I can’t take my eyes off it! chalkboard art performance
A professional illustrator will draw live original illustrations of “Back to the Future” on a large blackboard. You can see the process of gradual completion.
[Image 6

Join us! screen launch show
Prior to the screening of the film, an original character only for this event related to the work will appear, and the screen will be set up with a show in which visitors can participate.
[Image 7

Enjoy all day long! A lot of pre-screening content
kitchen car street
With the theme of “delicious meat and craft beer”, various genres of food and drinks are lined up. You can enjoy the Kuishinbo menu that is perfect for the fall appetite. Please come to the venue with an empty stomach.
We sell jerk chicken and tacos. The homemade sauces and dressings are so delicious that you won’t get tired of eating them every day.
・TT Factory
We offer roast beef and steak lunch boxes and fruit sandwiches.
・Kabab JAPAN
The popular kebabs are made with original umami spices and creative sauces that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
We offer special craft beer tasting sets and freshly fried dishes.
[Image 8

Picnic time (11:00~15:00)
From 11:00 to 15:00, part of the venue Shibafu Hiroba will be set up as a picnic area. Picnic items can be borrowed free of charge at the reception desk in the venue, so you can enjoy a picnic empty-handed. [Image 9

theGreen×bayfm Special Live (13:30~14:10)
We will perform music live using recorders and various musical instruments, mainly movie theme songs, at Shibafu Hiroba. You can listen freely without prior reservation.
chestnut coder quartet
[Image 10

Formed in 1994. An instrumental band that is familiar with NHK E-tele “Pythagora Switch” and commonly known as “Motivationless Darth Vader’s Theme”. Over 100 participating CDs, including songs for movies, TV, stage, and commercials. In recent years, he has performed many performances in Japan and overseas, appearing in various fields such as family concerts, rock festivals, and classical music events where people from 0 years old to senior citizens gather, and is welcomed by all walks of life. This time, four people will perform with Koji Ataka, a guitarist who is active in world standards and others. Moderator: Yuki Sato (bayfm reporter)
October 21st (Friday) Streaming Netflix series “ONI ~ Kamigamiyama no Ori” 1st episode special screening
From around 18:10, the first episode (Japanese version) of the feature-length animation “ONI ~ Kamigamiyama no Ori” by the animation studio “Tonko House”, which was jointly established by two Pixar art directors, will be screened on the screen.
[Image 11

Onari, a free-spirited tomboy, lives in a world of gods and youkai that appear in Japanese folklore. Aspiring to become a legendary hero, he works hard at training to become a new hero, but his father, Naridon, is a strange god and won’t teach him anything. As the threat of “ONI”, which has been feared by the gods of the mountains since ancient times, is approaching, you must face the truth that you do not know yet.
[Image 12

Original/Director: Daisuke Tsutsumi
Screenplay: Mari Okada
Animation Production: Tonko House
1 out of 4 episodes (total 154 minutes) will be screened
Worldwide distribution starts on Friday, October 21st on Netflix (C)︎2022 Netflix
Overview of “theGreen Theater vol.5”
Date and time: November 5, 2022 (Sat) 11: 00-21: 30
・Picnic Time (11:00-15:00) | Free
・Kitchen car street (11:00-20:00) | Chargeable
・Photo spot (11:00-20:00) | Free
・Live music (13:30-14:10) | Free
・Pre-screening performance (1.16:00 / 2.17:00) | Free
・Special Screening “ONI ~ Kamigamiyama no Ori” (18:10~18:50) | Free, advance reservations required
・Film Screening “Back to the Future” (19:05-21:00) | Free, advance reservations required
Venue: theGreen Shibafu Hiroba (5-1 Kaguro Minami, Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture 276-1369)
Organizer: theGreen (
Planning and operation: theGreen management office
Theater Producer: Do it Theater (Hatch Co., Ltd.)
Cooperation: Tonko House
Temporary bus guidance
A temporary free shuttle bus will be operated for this event participants. 1. Direct flight from Chiba New Town Chuo Station to theGreen (11:40 departure / 12:40 departure / 15:45 departure / 17:15 departure / 18:00 departure)
2. Direct flight from the Green to Chiba New Town Chuo Station (21:10 departure / 21:40 departure)
Event implementation
○Ticket application is required to participate. Click here for ticket details Please check from the ticket site Peatix
○ Due to future social conditions, the event content may be changed or postponed without notice. Please check theGreen’s SNS account for the latest information.
○ All content will be postponed in case of rain or stormy weather (postponement date undecided). In the event of a natural disaster, strong wind, heavy rain, etc. during the screening, the screening may be temporarily suspended or canceled for safety reasons.
○ The decision to cancel or postpone due to rain or stormy weather will be announced on the website and SNS at 18:00 on Friday, November 4, the day before.
○ In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please cooperate with wearing a mask, measuring your temperature in advance, and disinfecting your hands when visiting each venue. ○ For details on the event content, please check the website or ticket site below.
[Ticket reservation] *Ticket reservations are scheduled to start at 18:00 on 10/18 (Tue.). About Do it Theater
Do it Theater is a theater production team that aims to provide the best theater experience ever, with the slogan “A new scene starts with the theater”. Considering the theater as a “new communication space where people with intentions gather”, we aim to create a theater and culture that is not bound by conventional concepts.
Since the revival of drive-in theaters in Japan with “Drive-in Theater Hamamatsu” in the fall of 2014, we have created numerous theater events in Japan.
“SEASIDE CINEMA”, which holds outdoor screenings at multiple venues in Minato Mirai, such as the outdoor theater “Shinagawa Open Theater”, which has been visited by more than 60,000 people, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Marine and Walk Yokohama, etc., and nationwide for the purpose of supporting mini theaters. We are creating a new style theater experience nationwide that is not just watching movies, such as the crowdfunding project “Drive-in Theater 2020” held in caravans in 5 locations.
Official website:
Official SNS
Brand movie:
Details about this release:

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