Don’t Stop Sports The 1252 project won the “2022 Good Design Award”. International Girls’ Day special project Recruiting supporters for posting “1252 posters” to learn about menstruation

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The 1252 project won the 2022 Good Design Award. [International Girls’ Day special project] Recruiting supporters for posting “1252 posters” to learn about menstruation

The 1252 Project, a general incorporated association, has received the 2022 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) in the education and promotion category.
Taking this award as an opportunity, our delegation will further improve information dissemination and educational activities for female student athletes and instructors around them, and contribute to the development of women’s sports science. In addition, from the desire to create opportunities for more students and instructors to casually learn about menstruation and to have open conversations and consultations, we will start the “1252 Poster Posting Supporter Recruitment Campaign” today from International Girls Day. . From October 11th (Tuesday) to October 31st (Monday), 20 people (or schools / groups) will be presented by lottery to those who meet the application conditions on Instagram. Please see the campaign overview for details.
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1252 project
1252 Project Overview
About 12 weeks out of a year (52 weeks), menstruation and associated changes in physical condition are an unavoidable problem for female athletes. For female student athletes and their instructors who feel that there is no correct information or where to consult, we provide various programs such as online transmission and classes to learn necessary information in a fun way. .
Introduction page on the Good Design Award website

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1252 Project Introduction 1.
[Image 4d62031-34-d78a8ca3d25faefae0ac-2.jpg&s3=62031-34-2466d09d4f76e27d5b4fa60a2964ce78-3900x2757.jpg
1252 Project Introduction 2.
Comment from Director Don’t Stop Sports
Takeshi Nozawa / Representative Director / Former Japan National Rugby Team “Physiology x Sports” is a theme that should be known regardless of gender. I believe that the reason why this initiative was recognized by the Good Design Award is because of the support of many people. As a company, we will continue to support the creation of an environment where all student-athletes can shine in their own way, transcending the boundaries of competition and gender.
Hanae Ito / Director, Former Japan National Swimming Team, 1252 Leader Thank you very much for giving us the Good Design Award. Through these awards, we would like to support the future of athletes and create a society where female student athletes can enjoy sports more by providing places and opportunities to talk more about menstruation. For that reason, it is important for women themselves to know their own bodies, and in the future I would like to promote initiatives that involve more male instructors.
Toshiro Hirose / Co-Representative Director, Former Japan National Rugby Team I am very happy that the 1252 project won the Good Design Award. I feel that it is meaningful for everyone to learn and disseminate this theme, not just because they are men. We will continue to take action to make sports more accessible for our friends who love sports. Kota Mogami/Co-Representative Director/Communication Producer I feel that the 1252 project was able to win the Good Design Award thanks to the combined efforts of many educators, athletes, and project members. There are still many issues and problems in the field, but I feel that everyone is evaluating and empathizing with our activities so far. We would like to continue our activities steadily in the future.
Evaluation comments from the Good Design Award Jury
The name of the project is the menstruation period, which is 12 weeks out of 52 weeks a year, and the design is designed to convey the message directly. In recent years, even in the sports world, the idea of ​​depsychiatry is progressing with scientific guidance based on data. This initiative is one of them. A project that focuses on women’s physiology and sports, which has been overlooked so far. By involving top athletes and medical/educational specialists, we highly evaluate the fact that it promotes understanding not only among female students but also among instructors, including male students. What is the Good Design Award?
Carrying on the good design product selection system established in 1957, this is an activity to evaluate and promote Japan’s leading designs. As a global design award in which many companies and organizations in Japan and overseas participate, it is held every year with the aim of improving the quality of life and using design to solve social issues and themes. The award-winning “G Mark” is widely known as a symbol of excellent design.
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good design award logo
1252 poster set
A quiz-style poster set that can be pasted in school gymnasiums, clubrooms, toilets, etc. By making posters that can be pasted at schools, we created them with the aim of updating knowledge about menstruation and creating opportunities for open conversations and consultations.
[Image 6d62031-34-dac7b3f5ea59d739218c-3.jpg&s3=62031-34-9cf24ab26829140d7fabc88e6ef60c6b-1993x1584.jpg
1252 poster set
· Statement poster (A3) … 1 sheet
· 1252 quiz poster (A3) … 5 sheets
· Quiz answer poster (A3) … 1 sheet
1252 poster display supporter recruitment campaign outline
▼ Period: From October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) to October 31, 2022 (Monday) ▼ How to apply: 1. # Let’s learn about menstruation 2. Mention @ 1252project and share or repost the post on stories or feed to complete the application!
*If you don’t know how to repost, you can take a screenshot of the post and post it.
*Implemented on Instagram.
▼Present contents: 1252 posters (A3/7 sheet set) for learning menstruation will be presented to 20 people (or schools / groups) by lottery. A quiz-style poster set that can be pasted in school gymnasiums, clubrooms, toilets, etc.
▼ Winning contact method: Only winners will be contacted by DM on Instagram. Please make sure you are ready to receive DMs.
□1252 project introduction video now available
Click here for 1252 project details and inquiries.
Click here to contact us for interview requests and activity details.
Requests in the press
We ask that the media use our logo, communication logo, or 1252 project logo as much as possible.
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corporate logo
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communication logo
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1252 project logo

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