Doshisha Co., Ltd. From the “ONVEIL” series that wears warmth, “Thin Foot Heater A Ta Ta Me” will be released in early October

Doshisha Co., Ltd.
“Thin Foot Heater A・Ta・Ta・Me” will be released in early October from the “ONVEIL” series that wears warmth

Doshisha Co., Ltd. (Osaka head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Masayuki Nomura, hereinafter referred to as Doshisha), which plans, develops, and sells daily necessities, has released a new product from the warm “ONVEIL” series. “Thin foot heater A, Ta, Ta, Me” that can be “warmed” will be released in early October through consumer
electronics retailers nationwide, Doshisha’s direct sales site, Doshisha Marche, etc.
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Doshisha Marche: “ONVEIL” is a series of “wearable & mobile electric heaters” that allow you to wear warmth at any time with the switch ON. It provides portable, wearable warmth that allows you to freely and comfortably stay indoors or out during cold weather.
Currently, we have a lineup of “Heat Vest” and “Heat Blanket”, and the “ONVEIL Thin Foot Heater A・Ta・Ta・Me” to be released this time is a thin heater for warming your feet.
The bottom of the toe part has a built-in film heater, so it gradually warms your toes. Perfect for cold winter cold measures. Since the instep is covered, heat is not easily dissipated and heat retention is perfect.
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■Three levels of temperature control
The temperature can be adjusted in 3 stages: high 65°C / medium 50°C / low 40°C, and it has an automatic power off function for 5 hours. ■ Can be used with power supply from USB
It can be powered from a computer or mobile battery.
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■ Can be folded and carried
Since it uses a thin heater, it can be folded and carried, and storage is not a problem.
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■ The insole is washable
The insoles on the soles and insteps can be removed and washed. [ONVEIL Series]
■ “ONVEIL Heat Vest”
The best that can be used for both inner and outer wear.
There is a heater on the upper back of the vest to warm your back. It is a collarless design that is easy to use for town use. The battery can be stored in the inner pocket, and you can wear warmth at any time with a single switch. Available in two colors, black and navy. [Image 6

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■ “ONVEIL Heat Blanket”
A 2-way blanket perfect for relaxing.
It can be used as a stool to warm your stomach, a knee blanket to warm your thighs, or you can wrap it around your neck and fasten a button to use it as a shoulder blanket to warm your back.
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【Product Details】
■ “ONVEIL thin foot heater A・Ta・Ta・Me”
Model name: WHX-F05
Power supply: DC5V USB power supply (5V 0.9A)
Power consumption: (approx.) 4.5W
Heater: Film heater
Safety device: thermostat, automatic power off function (5 hours) Dimensions: (Approx.) Width 32 x Depth 30 x Thickness 4cm (when stored) Mass: (about) 300 g
Accessories: Instruction manual/warranty card x 1, insole x 2 (top and bottom/main unit installed)
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【Company Profile】
Trade name: Doshisha Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masayuki Nomura, President and Representative Director location:
-Osaka Head Office- 1-5-5 Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-8525 -Tokyo head office- 2-21-46 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8573 – Tokyo Head Office No. 1 Building – 1-8-10 Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011
Established: January 1977
Capital: 4,993 million yen
[Inquiries from customers regarding this product]
Doshisha Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office
Phone: 0120-104-481
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