DoubleArrow Co., Ltd. Recruitment of voice actor workshop DA-Academy 2023 started

Double Arrow Co., Ltd.
Voice actor workshop DA-Academy 2023 student recruitment started – In order to respond to many inquiries –

DoubleArrow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Nobuyuki Hosoya) will launch in April 2022 to convey “everything that is required of voice actors” to “everyone who aspires to be a voice actor.” We are recruiting students for the 2023 academic year of the workshop DA-Academy (President: Masaki Tsuchiya). Dear members of the press,
October 13, 2022
Double Arrow Co., Ltd.
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DoubleArrow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Nobuyuki Hosoya) will launch in April 2022 to convey “everything that is required of voice actors” to “everyone who aspires to be a voice actor.” We are recruiting students for the 2023 academic year of the workshop DA-Academy (President: Masaki Tsuchiya). Currently, we have students enrolled in the 2022 academic year, but we have received many inquiries since the course began, and have decided to recruit students for the 2023 academic year.
Practical lessons will be given by special instructors who are active voice actors, including front-line sound directors such as Jukucho Masaki Tsuchiya.
[About DA-Academy]
Voice actors called “seiyuu” are expected to do a lot with the times. And it has become one of the dream jobs for many people.
However, many of them have broken their dreams and left this world. What was missing? Of course you need skill, but you also need luck. In order to reduce the lack of things as much as possible and increase the probability of attracting luck even a little,
I will cover everything necessary for the profession called “Voice Actor” and tell you.
Focusing on voice acting lessons, singing, dancing, acting on stage, acting at events and variety shows, etc., are not the only things that performers need.
I would like to tell you about the thoughts of scenario writers, animators, musicians, producers, the origins of businesses, etc., and if you understand them, you will be able to express yourself more if you live in this world. thinking about.
[Ideal for people like this]
Those who want to study again
Those who want to learn things other than acting, and have things they want to know
Those who are working in entertainment but want to study voice acting Those who have just graduated from a vocational school
Aiming to become a voice actor from scratch
[Special Lecturer Profile] (tentative)
Kaori Nazuka
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●TV animation
“Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven” (Eureka) / “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” (Nunally)
“Haikyu!!” (Kiyoko Shimizu) / “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya” (Miyu Edelfelt) “A3!” (Izumi Tachibana), etc.
“This time it’s my wife’s house” (Ranko) /
“Hamlet” (Ophelia), etc.
Chikahiro Kobayashi
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●TV animation
“Golden Kamuy” (Saichi Sugimoto) / “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” (Ranga) / “BEASTARS” (Legoshi)
“Sing Yesterday” (Rikuo Uozumi) / “Good night at the Devil’s Castle” (Red Siberian Kai)
“Hanran THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD” (Hitoshi Kuzuhara) / “Aoashi” (Tatsuya Fukuda), etc.
● Outside painting
“1917 The messenger who risked his life” (Will Scofield) / “Psycho but it’s okay” (Moon Kang Tae), etc.
Ami Koshimizu
[Image 4

Born in Tokyo. In 2003, she made her voice acting debut as Nadja Applefield in “Tomorrow’s Nadja”.
Many representative works such as “Suite PreCure” Cure Melody / Hibiki Hojo. In addition, he is active in a wide range of fields such as games, apps, dubbing, and stage performances.
In 2006, she won the 1st Seiyu Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Shinji Kawada
[Image 5

● dubbing
Eternals (Ikaris) / Roxy Beautiful Avenger (Vincent)
Across the Universe Jude (Jude) / Crush Las Vegas (Ben Campbell) Dean (Dean) / Awake (Clay Beresford) / Red Lagoon Open Water (Luke) Almost Twilight (Edward) / Doubt Game (Mitch Brockden) etc.
● anime
Detective Conan (Tetsuo Taguchi)/Cells at Work!! (Goblet Cell)/Attack on Titan (Oruo Bozad)/Toriko (Johannes)
NARUTO (Abura-onna Shino) / Shaman King (Death Machine / Silva Shield) / SHIROBAKO (Hisamitsu Isokawa), etc.
Kentaro Nakatani
[Image 6

●CN narration
Setagaya Natural Foods/Softbank/Nissin/Toshin High School/Sega Sammy Holdings/Ameba
Bandai Namco/Happy Elements/Nojima/Janpara/Otona no Healing, etc. ● Program narration
“Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENSE Seven Charms Thoroughly Dissected Special” / “Blog Queen” / “Webtama” etc.

Daisuke Hirakawa
[Image 7

Born on June 4/From Niigata Prefecture/Free
●TV animation
“Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Last Quarter Ichi Enmu) / “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders” (Noriaki Kakyoin)
“Free!” series (Rei Ryugasaki), etc.
Foreign movies
“Avengers” series (Loki) / “Lord of the Rings” “Hobbit” series (Legolas), etc.

[Lecturer profile]
Masaki Tsuchiya (President)
●Sound director
GJ-bu/Nobunagan/Fate/kaleid liner/Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
The case where I got a “commoner’s sample” at a school for young ladies / Plastic Memories / Sansha Sanha
NEW GAME!/Restaurant in Another World/Busou Shoujo
Machiavellianism/Butlers ~1000 Year Story~
Love is Hard for Otaku/Kenja no Mago/Azur Lane/Do-class Formation Exeros/Ikebukuro West Gate Park
The world’s greatest assassin, reincarnated as a noble in another world/Slow loop/Ultramarine fanfare, etc.
Hiromi Kikuta
●Sound director
Konjiki no Corda ~primo passo~ / Love Angel Angelique ~When the Heart Awakens~ Big Furikabutte/THE IDOLM@STER/Aikatsu! /Shirokuma Cafe/Wake Up, Girls!/Haikyu!! Osomatsu-san/BEATLESS/Blue Period, etc.
[Recruitment overview]
[Image 8

Workshop name DA-Academy
PeriodApril 2023-February 2024
Lesson time 2 hours every Saturday
(It may be shortened or extended depending on the lesson content.) Lesson location near Ikebukuro Station
Capacity 10 people x 2 slots = 20 people
Participation conditions Healthy people over the age of 18 who aim to become voice actors Experienced, inexperienced, regardless of age Tuition fee 350,000 yen (one year, lump-sum payment)
*Please note that the tuition fee you have paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
[About President Masanori Tsuchiya]
1986 Joined Prosen Studio
As an MA studio mixer, he is in charge of numerous TV programs, VPs, commercials, animations, dubbing, etc.
In 2005, he left Procence Studio and became independent as a freelance sound engineer.
Started activities as a sound director.
In 2009, he established Tonfa Breek Co., Ltd., a sound company. In 2020, he established Double Arrow Co., Ltd., an anime planning company in collaboration with Nobuyuki Hosoya.
Currently working as a sound engineer and sound director.
[About DoubleArrow Co., Ltd.]
With Nobuyuki Hosoya who was in charge of numerous animation producers at TV Tokyo,
Established in June 2020 by Masaki Tsuchiya, who is active mainly in dubbing anime and foreign movies.
Produces various contents centered on the animation production business. In January 2021, “Nerima Entertainment Anime Bar 〇〇〇〇 Arrow” (Nerima Station) will open.
2022 Launch of management department.
【Company Profile】
[Image 9

Company name: Double Arrow Co., Ltd.
Location: Toshima Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Nobuyuki Hosoya
Established: June 25, 2020
Business: Animation production, video/radio/audio content production, voice actor office management, consulting,
Management of Nerima entertainment anime bar “〇〇〇〇Arrow”
[Contact information for inquiries]
[Contact for news and coverage inquiries regarding this release] Nobuyuki Hosoya, CEO of DoubleArrow Co., Ltd.

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